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to wonder why it seems to be acceptable to be so negative about people from the North?

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TeacupTempest · 11/04/2011 17:52

Every day on here I see references to people from the North being less educated, less literate, less fashionable and so on.

How is that acceptable?

There are so many sweeping generalisations going on.

It's ignorant and it winds me up

OP posts:

ladyintheradiator · 11/04/2011 17:52

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

YouaretooniceNOT · 11/04/2011 17:53

North of? Lands End? Or London?


Saffra · 11/04/2011 17:53

It's usually when people are trying to be tongue in cheek and 'a bit controversial', I find. You're right though, it is a bit ignorant.


hardhatdonned · 11/04/2011 17:54

I'll answer when you can tell me why it's ok for those in the North to be so down on those in the South :)


usualsuspect · 11/04/2011 17:55

Doesn't everyone who posts on MN live in London?

You would think it sometimes

anyway I live in the Midlands ,so I have an identity crisis Grin


Goblinchild · 11/04/2011 17:56

In folk ballads and stories, all the Bad Things come from the North.
It's tradition.


diabolo · 11/04/2011 17:56

There are some comments on the "I am Sitting Here" thread nearby: "Grim up North" etc.

Yes and the whole, entire South of England is a bed of pretty, lightly scented roses.

These sort of comments do happen quite a lot. Possibly these comments are from people who have only ever been to Chapetown in Leeds. It is a bit grim there I'll grant you.


hocuspontas · 11/04/2011 17:56

That's weird. If anything I would have said it's the other way round.


MrsBananaGrabber · 11/04/2011 17:57

Have you been reading the supermarket thread.


diabolo · 11/04/2011 17:57

That should be Chapeltown sorry.

PS - I used to live in Leeds, but am now "down't South!".


TeacupTempest · 11/04/2011 17:57

I don't want to link as I don't want this to be a personal attack on anyone. It just seems that there are often comments about the "North" that are less than complimentary in very stereotypical way.

OP posts:

Insomnia11 · 11/04/2011 17:57

It happens the other way too. My ex boxfriend who had a slight North London accent got called a "cockney wanker" when we were out in Manchester (where I'm from). Grin


Tokyotwist · 11/04/2011 17:59

It's about 50:50 in my opinion, which is much better than being ignored if you are neither from the North or London [Sigh].


GreenEyesandHam · 11/04/2011 17:59

I don't take it too seriously tbh, though I'm a Northerner and fiercely proud of it. I live in the most beautiful part of the world, but I'm fully aware that some people think it must look like Corrie, with pigeons and whippet shit everywhere, in a house valued at £12.50


strandedbear · 11/04/2011 17:59

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Tokyotwist · 11/04/2011 18:02

or nor

before the grammar police come and get me for that appalling misuse of the English language.


EvenLessNarkyPuffin · 11/04/2011 18:02

Was he a cockney wanker Insomnia11?


RogerMelly · 11/04/2011 18:03

would you like to come to my secret supper club?


hardhatdonned · 11/04/2011 18:04

So is southerner bashing ok then strandedbear? because i've seen a LOT of that going on!


thefirstMrsDeVere · 11/04/2011 18:05

Really? I think its seems far more acceptable to go on about people from the South being soft/wankers/rich/snobby/ignorant etc.

I am a southerner and am hard/nonwankerish/poor/liberal and very clever.

So of course I just laugh those comments off ha ha ha ha Grin


JenniL1977 · 11/04/2011 18:05

It's because everyone's jealous of us. Northerners rule :)

Chapeltown isn't that bad any more. Now, Gipton... That's rough.


diabolo · 11/04/2011 18:07

Jenni... - I learned to drive on the streets of Gipton. Someone tried to smash the car windscreen when I was stopped at a T-junction.


Insomnia11 · 11/04/2011 18:09


Not a cockney anyway.

Read North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell. Or better still watch the DVD with Richard Armitage swoon. Explains a lot. I did the opposite to the heroine and left the "dark satanic mills" for the leafy rural south.


MaundyBra · 11/04/2011 18:10

This is going to degenerate into a North/South slanging match, isn't it? I don't think I've seen any of these comments either way on MN. Unless the OP can give concrete examples then I think it's a non argument.


EGGceptionalbeEGGleeyes · 11/04/2011 18:12

Well, as a neutral Scot I think it's a bit 50/50 but I see it as more lighthearted than anything else.
I've had family in Sussex and Yorkshire btw and used to go down and visit often and liked both places as much as the other.

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