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To think that swans are awful creatures?

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SkinittingFluffyBunnyBonnets · 09/04/2011 21:02

I was walking along the canal today....ours is quite picturesque with barges, lots of reedy plants and duckies with their ducklings etc. There have always been a pair of swans on the long as I've lived here (most of my life) I remember seeing them....well today I heard an awful noise as I walked and I saw this swan shoving through some reeds on the other side of the canal and this duck freaking out...and the swan put it's head into the reeds and came out with a tiny, wriggling ducklng in it's beak! Sad

It has STOLEN it from the nest and the poor thing was wriggling and the Mother was freaking and the swan dipped it into the water over and over and drowned it.

I walked away but lots of people stood and stared in shock...and when I looked back it had it's horrible big swanny neck and head stuck BACK IN the reeds and was after another one to drown.

Sad WHY did it do this? They don't eat meat do they? Was it after the nsting spot or something?

It really disturbed me.

OP posts:

blinks · 09/04/2011 21:03

well i'm not going to defend this swan in particular, what with it's drowning ways, but i'm sure swannies are no worse than any other creature.


FlamingJamie · 09/04/2011 21:05

It's "nature red in teeth an claw" innit

Upsetting to see. Like when cats play with mice


Bringonthegoat · 09/04/2011 21:05

I really dislike swans too - they seem so territorial and bullyish. YANBU


Reality · 09/04/2011 21:06

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AtYourCrucifix · 09/04/2011 21:08

once saw a moorhen do just the same Sad territory and protecting their own babies though. if we lived in africa it would be lions eating baby antelopes and stuff.


SkinittingFluffyBunnyBonnets · 09/04/2011 21:09

I always loved I can just see that image in my mind. Horrid thing. They're so mean!

OP posts:

MogTheForgetfulCat · 09/04/2011 21:15

I once saw a swan attack another swan by the side of a lake - it grabbed the second swan behind the head with its beak and slammed its head repeatedly into the ground - ugh. I thought at first that they were having sex Blush but then realised it was just a horrible attack. They are mean, with mean little beady eyes. The second swan escaped, btw, but was still horrible to see.


Thingumy · 09/04/2011 21:19

It's nature and all that.

They are rather stunning creatures and mate for life.

I worked somewhere where we had a a mating pair,the female died and the male was left pinning for her-he is still on the lake and still without a new partner.



Virgowoo · 09/04/2011 21:22

I am not a fan per se (quite frightened of birds of most types) but have seen a pair a swans nesting today and it was quite lovely.

Mum swan was sitting in her enormous nest of reeds rearranging bits to her design while Dad swan was swimming around collecting bits to add to it. There's a co-operative relationship for you.

Horrible about the duckling drowning, but what can you do?


hellymelly · 09/04/2011 21:22

they are very territorial when they are nesting,that is why it was attacking the other nest. I lived on a canal boat for a decade and a half and saw alot of this sort of thing,by coots mostly (they are very bad-tempered and aggressive,even with their own babies).I have never seen a swan actually get hold of a duckling,usually they get well out of the way.


sphil · 09/04/2011 21:41

I saw a swan drown a duckling once - it was really shocking. I think they look beautiful but I'm not keen on the hissing and flapping that goes on when you walk past them. DH hates them!


SkinittingFluffyBunnyBonnets · 09/04/2011 21:42

It WAS shocking sphil. One woman laughed...through nervous shock...and then she wailed "I laughed! I laughed!"

OP posts:

cornsilkily · 09/04/2011 21:43

it's perfectly natural for an animal to defend it's territory


TartyMcFarty · 09/04/2011 21:44

Vile creatures. Have been chase by them on more than one occasion and that story makes me hate the bastards even more. When running, I used to pick up a big stick as I headed onto the canal towpath!


CurrySpice · 09/04/2011 21:44

Oooo they TOTALLY creep me out!! Shock


SkinittingFluffyBunnyBonnets · 09/04/2011 21:45

I know cornsilk I know. But it was a baby!

OP posts:

EmmaBemma · 09/04/2011 21:46

That is sad, and does sound very shocking to watch, but as others have said swans are very territorial. Lots of animals do "nasty" things to other animals in the interests of their own survival and that of their young.


TaudrieTattoo · 09/04/2011 21:46

I only like controlled nature.

Little fuckers, swans. Can break a man's arm with that neck, apparently...


sethstarkaddersmackerel · 09/04/2011 21:47

swans are evil. The worst ones are the ones that do aggressive begging when you are trying to have a picnic on the bank.

I think we should eat them more, personally.


cornsilkily · 09/04/2011 21:48

Blackbirds chuck their own babies out of their nests. Now that's nasty!


Thingumy · 09/04/2011 21:50

what about cuckoos?

Some sick bastard has been killing swans here in Somerset

They aren't evil or cruel,they are territorial when nesting.


FlaminGreatResurrection · 09/04/2011 21:52

Swans really are terrible beings. Canadian geese are too. It's the looooong neck, I'm sure of it. Guinea pigs have hardly any neck at all and they wouldn't hurt a fly. I've never been chased screaming from the duck-pond with a stroller by a guinea pig

Neck length: evil ratio.

My best mate lived on a smallholding and the geese would chase us when we were getting out of the car I'd eat swans too but I don't like meat.


Thingumy · 09/04/2011 21:54

Geese are fabulous 'guard dogs'.


cloudedyellow · 09/04/2011 21:54

seth Grin


ilovemyhens · 09/04/2011 21:56

I keep chickens and they can be pretty cruel as well, esp. if they get hold of an injured bird.

Birds are descended from dinosaurs and are very primal in their instincts. It's just the way they are.

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