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to ask a question about newborn baby clothes?

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Icelollycraving · 31/03/2011 18:50

hi,having my first baby in a couple of months. Got lots of clothes shopping over last few days. Now,sadly not being psychic I don't know how big he will be or for how long... What size is best? Know this may sound dim but don't want to end up with things he can never use etc. Some are by weight others by months.

OP posts:

Violethill · 31/03/2011 18:54

YANBU to ask a question about baby clothes!

Anyway.... I wouldn't buy a huge amount before the baby arrives. Stick to babygros and a couple of cardis. Maybe a couple of newborn size, but if you have a big baby, they may be more comfortable in the next size up right from birth. Remember, a slightly too big babygro is fine, but squeezing a baby into something too small is uncomfy. My dc1 was big, and grew out of each size of clothing within 2 or 3 weeks in those early days


buttonmooncup · 31/03/2011 18:54

I had quite big babies so put them straight into 0-3. I would get some smaller sizes but keep the receipts in case you don't use them.


NinkyNonker · 31/03/2011 18:55

Get a couple of basics in newborn, a few more in 0-3 (enough for a couple if changes a day for.week say) and one or two in 3-6. Stick to basics (sleepsuits and vests) as people will prob buy you impractical cute outfits as gifts!

You can always buy more once they're here.

Then a cardi or similar outerwear in 0-3, sleeves can be rolled up etc. Weight depending on season, summer for you? Also a pramsuit type thing in 0-3 if you're going to be out and about. Dd is an Aug baby and I didn't have one till Autumn though.

Sun hats and some warmer cotton ones.


MillsAndDoom · 31/03/2011 18:56

Average newborn is somewhere in the region of 7lb if that is what you were wondering.

They tend to loose a bit of weight in the first few weeks but then quickly regain.

My DCs had outgrown 0-3 months by 6 weeks


LindyHemming · 31/03/2011 18:56

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

NinkyNonker · 31/03/2011 18:56

You could try looking for some bundles on eBay too.


NinkyNonker · 31/03/2011 18:57

Oh, and ice lollies were my only craving too!


suzikettles · 31/03/2011 18:59

I bought newborn and they were quite roomy on ds (7lbs 12oz).

We actually ran out of clean sleepsuits while I was in hospital and I sent dh to buy more. He came back with a pack of 0-3 and ds could have just about fitted into one of the legs!

It so depends on the baby - but I suppose if you buy a mixture and keep the receipts you can always take the too small ones back.


sickoftheholidays · 31/03/2011 19:01

crikey, seems everyone has huge babies except me! I bought loads of 0-3 months on my mothers advice and when DS (my first) was born at 7lb14 oz they were huge on him. I had to send clueless and sleep deprived DH out to buy newborn size the day after he was born. He was in newborn until about 5 weeks old, then into 0-3 month.
DD on the other hand, I was well prepared, I bought plenty of newborn stuff, knowing I would need it (only sleepsuits and vests) and a couple of prem 5-7lb bits as I knew she was much smaller than DS, and she was born at 6lb6oz and had clothes that were the right size. She eventually outgrew newborn stuff at about 8 weeks by which time the 6 sleepsuits and 12 vests had been washed to death and were rather stained around the bum


Firawla · 31/03/2011 19:01

if you want to buy more newborn stuff but not sure if your baby will be too big or get the chance to use it then maybe leave the tags on most so if he doesn't get the chance to fit into it, take it back and change it?
sometimes tempting to take all the tags off and wash everything to keep it ready but can be a better idea to de-tag and wash just a couple until you know the size you are getting. or just buy few and get more when they are born.
it is quite hard to know. with my 1st i got mainly 0-3 thinking they grow out of them quick and would hardly be in newborn, but had to go out and get newborn stuff as the 0-3 was drowning him. 2nd one i bought plenty of newborn because of that previous experience but he came out massive!


mmmerangue · 31/03/2011 19:01

My son was born at 7 pound 4 oz, loads smaller than we were expecting since partner and I were both pretty big babies... Had to send granny on an emergency run for smaller clothes!

If in doubt, buy bigger, he will soon grow into them... Son came out of the hospital looking very baggy but at 5 weeks has already grown out of his NB/tiny baby stuff, having put on 2lb, and is now into 0-3months (and baggy again)! Check the weight/lengths when buying clothes as well, because in some shops 'newborn' is up to 10 or 11lb which is pretty big for a newborn really, and they were calling my healthy 7lb-4oz-er a 'tiny baby'!

Also, everything shrinks in the dryer. Which is half of why we had to go shopping again. Look forward to many shopping trips for cute lovely things. If money is an issue get on Ebay, I found some total bargains incuding 6 beautiful, posh newborn sets that had barely been worn (one still had the tags on!) I got the whole lot for less than what one of the outfits must have cost!


Psammead · 31/03/2011 19:02

We put DD into 0-3. You'll only really need vests and babygros.


NinkyNonker · 31/03/2011 19:06

I kind of knew dd would not be huge (7lbs) as I had some growth scans at 36 wks plus, so bought a couple of newborn packs in the supermarket. Thank god I did, even they practically fell off her! DH and I had been expecting a big un as he is very tall and I was a large, 10lb+ baby, but she was petite.

She's made up for it now at 8 mo though, I pulled a muscle rocking her in the middle of the night last night. Confused


EmmaBemma · 31/03/2011 19:07

My first daughter, I bought all newborn stuff; she was nearly 9lb and too big for most of it. My second daughter, I bought 0-3 months stuff; she was 7 lb 8 and was absolutely lost in them. My husband had to do a dash to the shops to pick up a couple of newborn vests and babygros. She didn't fit properly into the 0-3 month stuff until she was about 6 weeks old!

So, with benefit of my own experience, I say buy a couple of the newborn size, and more of the 0-3 months size, as you'll definitely need the latter at some stage.


Icelollycraving · 31/03/2011 19:10

I bought a mixture of newborn & 0-3,but as he won't be wearing them yet I wouldn't be able to return them? Due v early July. The lady in mothercare said get newborn,you aren't planning on having a 14 pound baby so they will last a little while. All I could say was 'Jesus I hope not' while going v v pale lol

OP posts:

tortilla · 31/03/2011 19:12

Both my DCs were 9lb and were in Newborn size for the first 4 weeks and then in 0-3. Most 0-3 would have completely drowned them at the start even though they were big babies, partic M&S and Next which seem to come up really big. So you can never tell - a big baby may not fit in Newborn or may do for a while.

I think I had about 5 vest and 5 babygros in Newborn size and a couple of cardigans. Nothing fancier than that until they were in 0-3 and even then I ony had babygros for them and any outfits were presents.

I would probably make sure I had a pack of vests and a pack of babygros in Newborn to begin with and you'll soon see if you need a few more of if you can use the 0-3 from early on.


mmmerangue · 31/03/2011 19:17

If you find you get things, he can't wear them and it's too late to return them, then put them on eBay and some other mum who misjudged too will gladly take them off your hands!

God I sound like an eBay ad. Seriously though it is a godsend especially as you can shop at 4am with one arm occupied by crying baby, and don't even need to get out of your jimjams


lazylula · 31/03/2011 19:17

I had a 9lb 15.5 and 9lbs 10.5 and they both fitted newborn stuff for a few weeks, but I only had a couple of bits, I went mainly for 0 to 3 month clothes.


mamatomany · 31/03/2011 19:22

I bought one packet of three newborn grows and DS at 8.5lb's was out of them in 10 days. He didn't last much longer in 0-3 months tbh.


Zippylovesgeorge · 31/03/2011 19:23

Whilst mine were supposed to fit newborn size they were too long for them and so went straight into 0-3 months.

Sorry OP its probably a piece of string question - best option get a few of each size - newborn & 0-3 and then arrange for someone useful to get you more of the right size.


BornToFolk · 31/03/2011 19:23

My DS was 8lbs and 6oz but he wore the newborn stuff for a good few weeks. I think it's because he's stocky rather than tall, IYKWIM.

Don't buy too much whatever you do! People love to buy baby clothes and you'll probably find that you are given loads. I barely had to buy anything for DS until he was about 6 months! And supermarkets sell packs of vests/babygros so you can easily pick more up if needed.


ladyintheradiator · 31/03/2011 19:24

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

misdee · 31/03/2011 19:25

after having 1 small baby girl 11yrs ago, and the next 3 dd's being 9lb+ or there abouts, for ds i bought everything in 0-3. and he arrived weighing 6lb 15. so had to send requests out for newborn clothes which he wore until recently when he outgrew the length but not the width as he is a long baby. all legs like his dad :)


EauRouge · 31/03/2011 19:26

Yes, definitely get lots of baby grows and vests and leave the impractical outfits for the grandparents Grin I found a poncho much better than a coat for a tiny baby as you don't have to faff about getting their arms in the sleeves.

Size also depends on the shape of the baby too, DD2 has massive feet and long legs and is already in 3-6 mo baby grows at 4 weeks. DD1 was in newborn stuff for at least 6 weeks.


MorticiaAddams · 31/03/2011 20:36

We bought the up to 11lb and 0-3 months for the first but when he was born Gomez also bought a few smaller bits as it was nice to have something that fitted him properly.

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