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To wonder why people go on holiday to Dubai

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AllFallDown · 30/03/2011 19:57

I realise every country has its ethical issues. But Dubai? How can people bear to go to a place being built on slave labour - and not the slave labour of 150 years ago, but right now.

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GreenEyesandHam · 30/03/2011 19:58

The shopping?


AllFallDown · 30/03/2011 19:59

Is the shopping a good enough reason? There's good shopping in many places without de facto slave labour.

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Sweetpea215 · 30/03/2011 20:00

Because some people just get on with enjoying life....and don't take things too seriously.


saffy85 · 30/03/2011 20:00

I would never go there myself, mainly due to the way they treat women. I know it's their culture and stuff but I would never want to be treated like that so I stay away. Different strokes for different folks I suppose.


mumblechum1 · 30/03/2011 20:02

I've never understood it either. Looks horrible, a combination of chavishness (huge vulgar shopping centres) and unbearable heat.


Sweetpea215 · 30/03/2011 20:02

People would never go anywhere if they worried about all of the ethical issues regarding a place. I'm sure this country has funded harsh regimes and abhorant 'cultures' but do we up and leave?


Lizzylou · 30/03/2011 20:04

I wouldn't go because it just looks false and deathly dull, just man made and ostentatious.

I have friends who rave about Dubai though.

Each to their own.


GreenEyesandHam · 30/03/2011 20:04

I've no idea about the shopping, never been myself (but that's what I've heard)

Actually I'm just waiting for more people to post about it and educate me :o


Selks · 30/03/2011 20:04

I share your sentiments, AllFallDown.


AllFallDown · 30/03/2011 20:05

I say that in the OP, Sweetpea215. But most country's don't operate slave labour camps and market themselves as luxury resorts. Dubai is qualitatively different in that respect to more or less anywhere else in the world. Those who can "just get on with enjoying life and not [take] things too seriously" knowing that someone was enslaved in order for them to have a nice hotel room truly baffles me.

OP posts:

nijinsky · 30/03/2011 20:05

I have often wondered this myself. A concrete jungle built in the desert. I like to run, what would happen if I donned my usual hot weather clothes ie vest and shorts and went out for a run there? Not much fun, I shouldn't think!


LaurieFairyCake · 30/03/2011 20:06

Because rich westerners can sometimes be very self centred and utterly loathsome and stupid.

The 'slaves' are migrant workers living in cardboard huts building the hotels for about 20 quid a day.

It's abhorrent but is common in most parts of the world.


Thandeka · 30/03/2011 20:06

I hate it and have had to go a couple of times as inlaws live there. Most soulless place ever.


MikeOxstiff · 30/03/2011 20:08

Shopping is when you wander around shops looking at nice things that you would like. you choose the thing you would like then take it to a special person and pay them for it thing and then take it home


GreenEyesandHam · 30/03/2011 20:09

:o Thank you Mike, I've always wondered


jonicomelately · 30/03/2011 20:09

Just realised that of all our friends who've been to Dubai are from Indian, Pakistani or Sri Lankan backgrounds. Not sure it appeals to me personally but it seems to be vv popular with British Asians.


backwardpossom · 30/03/2011 20:10

I went 5 years ago and I had a great holiday, but I wouldn't go back. I just kind of wanted to see it for myself. The weather was wonderful and it was pure relaxation/luxury. Not usually what I want from a holiday which is why I probably wouldn't go back, but it was fine at the time.


Sweetpea215 · 30/03/2011 20:10

I didn't say that people know about the slave connection...most are probably I was.


westerngirl · 30/03/2011 20:11

I'd first find if they lock you up in jail if you report being raped as per U.A.E. Don't think it'd be much fun then.

Pity, as i'd love to see the middle east. Think it was the Lonely Planet that had a section for women in one of their books about Saudi Arabia. It said 'don't bother'. Guess this was 'cos women wouldn't be free to see it in any sense of the word and protection under the law would be dodgy.


oggybags · 30/03/2011 20:11

whilst I agree in theory (I have been to dubs to see friends) I would be interested to know where you think doesn't have migrant slave labour issues
every large 'developed' country in the world has a hidden population of poorly paid immigrants. its hideous.... and happens in th uk, youd be very naive to think otherwise...


hocuspontas · 30/03/2011 20:11

I completely agree AllFallDown. And I like to think that Sweetpea just isn't aware of the terrible treatment of the underclass of Dubai. Anyone who does and still goes, well, words fail me.


firstsupermum · 30/03/2011 20:15

thats way all the bussines billionaire goes there just to have a sleves.


MikeOxstiff · 30/03/2011 20:15

What about the goods on sale in this country made with slave/child labour?
People still buy them


Sweetpea215 · 30/03/2011 20:17

I don't like to go anywhere where I don't feel free to do as I please.

Went to Egypt and stayed in a luxury complex on the coast of the red sea....but it was more like a glorified prison..didn't feel free or safe to wander around (even tho I respected the customs of cover up).

Dubai seems all about money...and shopping...just not my cup of tea.

BUT....everyone I do know who's been has really loved it.


Pixielovescake · 30/03/2011 20:21

I agree with allfalldown. How anyone can visit a country that treats people like slaves and women as property is something i cannot understand. I woulnt go there until this changes. Just the same as i wouldnt visit uganda until they accept homosexuality. I realise this probably means i will never get to visit but (shrugs).

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