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Ok, so whose job was it to close the bathroom window

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Leopardino · 29/03/2011 11:03

This is a minor thing, I just wanted to hear the MN Jury.

I shower this morning first thing and make breakfast, then DH. I then go in briefly to brush teeth and leave for work. DH leaves 10 mins later. Whose job is it to make sure the bathroom window is closed?

I hope we're not burgled when we get home.

OP posts:
Leopardino · 29/03/2011 15:06


I just want to make point this isn't a random window opening, when we shower, (or afterwards if it's cold) we leave the window open to let the steam out. It's not a case of having random windows open all over the house. It's equivalent to turning the extractor fan on when you shower

OP posts:
differentnameforthis · 31/03/2011 03:33

No ones in particular, I wouldn't have thought. You see it open, if it needs to be closed, you close it!

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