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Help with dairy and gluten-free diet please?

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hobnob57 · 23/01/2010 21:11

I've been off dairy since Christmas, and am now adding gluten to the list to see if DD2's (2mths) abdominal pains and mucusy nappies improve (on GP's advice). I've done this before for DD1, but would like some new ideas for things to eat. Especially for those need-to-pig-out urges one gets when BF.

So, if you're in a similar situation or are coeliac, what have you had to eat today?

OP posts:
CMOTdibbler · 23/01/2010 21:17

I had Doves Farm cereal flakes for breakfast (pretend Special K and v nice), char sui noodle soup (with rice noodles) for lunch, and a bratwurst and salad for dinner.

My top gf things are Genius gf bread - you can even have sandwiches with it !, and Rizopia pasta. And gf fish fingers

It's not that bad these days - just go to a largish supermarket and find the Free From bit. If you stand there for long enough you can get personal recommendations from other shoppers

tatt · 24/01/2010 08:58

Sometimes I make gluten-free bread. Use a panasonic breadmaker (got one on Amazon recently) and the problem is resisting the bread.

For pigging out Sainsburys dark chocolate in the free from area is lovely as are Mrs Crimbles chocolate chip cookies - although you might need to get a health food store to order them in for you. After Eights are OK. You can also make gluten-free cake in the breadmaker. Sainsburys do frozen pizza so you could have a slice of that or munch on dates or dried fruit. Buckwheat pancakes are quick and easy to make and lovely with jam.

Breakfast for me is often rice cakes and egg - boiled or scrambled. Lunch would be something like smoked salmon salad or if I'm in a rush tinned soup. There aren't a lot that are gluten free but Heinz tomato and some of the Sainsburys bean soups are. Baked potatoes with cheese or baked beans are good - sainsburys or heinz beans are OK. You can also do gluten free pasta although you need to be very careful not to overcook it.

When we aren't eating roast dinners it's often rice, the remains of the joint and stir-fry veg. Obviously you need to be careful with sauces - either make your own or look at tomato based ones. Ragu are often good and so is Sainsburys Peking Lemon.

Have to stop writing this - I'm trying to lose weight gained at Christmas and its making me feel hungry.....

tatt · 24/01/2010 09:18

Ooops - Sainsburys pizza is obviously not dairy-fre, sorry . The other things are though and so are some of sainsburys beef-burgers, although they aren't really pigging out food.

Friendlypizzaeater · 24/01/2010 09:36

DS (7) is.

Breakfast Oz puffs (like sugar puffs)

Dinner : roast lamb, yorkshire pud (90g cornflour, 3 eggs, milk to double cream thickness, mix and cook as normal) veg

Tea : sandwich (genius bread - really quite nice) and cold yorkshire pudding with jam

Of course assorted fruit etc in there but this is the main meals

Friendlypizzaeater · 24/01/2010 09:38

Big soup - Steak & pot is GF, this is brill in am emergency !

Friendlypizzaeater · 24/01/2010 09:40

I 2nd standing in the free from aisle and pouncing on anyone else stood there, I have done that a few times now (DS only been diagonosed a couple of months)

OurLadyOfPerpetualSupper · 24/01/2010 09:50

'Healthy Gluten Free Eating' has great recipes, including a really nice pastry which is usually difficult to make successfully when gluten free.

I think Waitrose do the Mrs Crimble's cookies.

I actually found a lot of foreign foods were easy to adapt -things like Thai chicken curry with coconut milk, or stir-fries with rice or rice noodles.

I used to make my own muesli with spoonfuls of oats, cornflakes, dried fruit and loads of nuts, with rice milk.

And I'm sure they've improved now from a few years ago, but the bread was always better toasted.

post · 24/01/2010 09:55

Oats do have some gluten, depends how gf you need to be

DeirdreB · 24/01/2010 10:04

I've been off dairy, wheat and sugar since October as breastfeeding food sensitive baby. The village bakery do a fab ginger cake (which I ate in one sitting!). Mrs Crimbles free from everything apple cake and ginger cakes are good. Swedish Glace ice cream was good before I excluded sugar as well! I have eaten my body weight in dates and seed bars - Lyme Regis seed and nut bars with cranberroes are my favourite!

pagwatch · 24/01/2010 10:17

swedish glace do ice cream bars like the Magnum ones.
DS2 still won't touch them but DD will. Sweet popcorn feels indulgent if sugar isn't a thing.

You can also - if you wantto be really naughty make this recipe by converting butter to sunflower marg and using GFCF biscuits of your choice it is one of those rare recipes that tastes better made with plain.
My children eat it as fast as I can make it...

CMOTdibbler · 24/01/2010 15:43

You need to watch Mrs Crimbles - some of their cakes (and I think the apple one is an offender) are wheat free but not gluten free.

Lots of the Eat Natural cereal bars are GF

hobnob57 · 24/01/2010 19:51

mmmm time to go shopping methinks. Sainsbury's is miles away for us and our Tesco free from aisle is more limited I think (and so expensive!) so GFDF 'normal' foods like some beefburgers are good to know about. It's all slowly coming back to me how I lived off steak burgers on hols last time . Will investigate soup tins and ragu. Top tip about popcorn - I'd forgotten about that. friendly does your yorkie recipe work for pancakes too?

ATM I'm tending to eat a lot of nuts or peanut butter to 'fill up' IYSWIM so ideas to vary this are great. I found some GF museli today so am looking forward to a change from omelette for brekkie tomorrow. Have any of you tried/had trouble with Oatly oat milk? It's so much nicer than rice milk and without the arsenic but isn't certified GF.

Sorry if this sounds dim, but is cocoa butter DF?

OP posts:
Friendlypizzaeater · 24/01/2010 20:12

Yes works for pancakes too. The best sausages I have found are Black Farmer (but not sure about dairy for these)

Most of our meals are meat and veg type. A lot of oven chips aren't GF so be careful. We do have a lot of "brunch" breakfasts, sausage, bacon, mush, toms, beans, eggs and hash brownies

Friendlypizzaeater · 24/01/2010 20:14

DS eats lot of celery and peanut butter

we make a lot of spag bol type things and I add lentils to the meat mix. You could make your own onion bhajas with gram flour. Poppadoms are GF as well as most tortilla chips and salsa

hobnob57 · 24/01/2010 21:02

ok, so on the dinner menu this week we have:

  • GF spag bol
  • home made fajitas with nacho crisps instead of tortillas
  • baked spuds with beans and salad
  • chicken stir fry
  • chorizo risotto
  • prob pasta & veg with tomato sauce

...unless you've got better ideas?
OP posts:
Friendlypizzaeater · 24/01/2010 21:16

That looks fine

Curry and rice ?
I make a sausage casserole

Instead of roast today I made a chicken in tom sauce and mash pots & veg

savoury pancakes (mince) or even cook them and roll them for the fajitas ??

Will have a think

tatt · 25/01/2010 18:05

More apologies - the tomato soup has dairy in it. However Heinz carrot and lentil doesn't, nor does Sainsburys spring vegetable. I'm afraid I never shop in TEsco.

Mince and sausages need to be chosen carefully to get gluten free varieties. I checked Birds eye quarter-pounders and they were gf/df.

Kallo organic beef stock cubes are GF/DF. e don't have to be DF now but I think I had bisto best onion gravy granules when we were.

CantSleepWontSleep · 25/01/2010 18:13

lol tatt - I was just reading through the thread and was going to point out that the heinz tomato soup is not dairy free. I love it but have been unable to have it for aaaages now.

ilovemydogandmrobama · 25/01/2010 18:21

chicken enchilada (corn tortillas)
veg chilli
salmon fishcakes
risotto (is this gluten free?)

CantSleepWontSleep · 25/01/2010 18:26

Awww - risotto just neeeeeeds cheese to make it yummy!

I have a good recipe for sweet potato falafel though - allegedly the one they use in Leon restaurants. Would you like it?

CantSleepWontSleep · 25/01/2010 18:29

Oh, and if you want to make cakes and the like which are gf and df then you absolutely must buy this book. I'm sure I must be responsible for a surge in sales of this book by now, but I just can't rate it highly enough. Uses veg instead of fat, and rice flour.

Friendlypizzaeater · 25/01/2010 19:16

OOOOOh looks fab, just ordered it for me to bake cakes for DS - ty


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tartyhighheels · 25/01/2010 19:25

Seconding or thirding the genius bread - amazing

don't forget you can still eat heinz and branston baked beans (not usre about own brand) heinz tom soup (who doesn't like a bit of red soup eh?)

You can buy doves farm gf flour both plain and self raising which is really excellent

In my opinion stick to corn pasta, it seems to hold together better and for goodness sakes do not overcook it!

Pancakes with aforementioned four is the biggest winner in our house - lovely comfort food for us.

If you want chips macain are gf and chip shops (unless otherwise stated) - gf fishfingers are a massive winner

tartyhighheels · 25/01/2010 19:27

of and chocolate snack a jacks - amazing - a huge advance in rice cake technology

CantSleepWontSleep · 25/01/2010 19:44

tarty - we've just discussed how she can't use heinz tom soup as it contains dairy!!!

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