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Allergies and intolerances

Growing Out of Allergies- Does it actually happen?

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whelk · 19/12/2009 19:46

Its a bit of a holy grail isn't it? ...... and everyone says so but does anyone have any actual experience of it?

OP posts:
IBlameThePMT · 19/12/2009 19:48

My DS1 seems to have outgrown (an admittedly mild-ish) peanut allergy. And has also outgrown bad eczema, not exactly an allergy I know, but soemtimes seems to affect allergic types.

JJ · 19/12/2009 19:52

Yes! My eldest grew out of a milk allergy (anaphylactic reactions - needing epi pen jabs and emergency hospital visits when he was little) when he was 5 1/2 years old. He also grew out of a milder soya allergy. Still really allergic to peanuts, though, damn.

MissAnneElk · 19/12/2009 19:53

DD2 has grown out of her egg allergy.

IblamethePMT, she also had eczema and although she now has an occasional patch, I'd say it's gone too.

DaftApeth · 19/12/2009 19:54

Yes, it does happen!

Ds outgrew his egg allergy this year. He is just 8.

Last year he was within normal on RAST but reacted to skin prick test but this year was fine with skin prick and passed the oral challenge in hospital.

He eats egg products with no problems but hates eggs cooked on their own, lol

He is still allergic to peanuts and hazelnuts.

strawberrycornetto · 19/12/2009 19:54

My son was allergic to milk and eggs at 6 months and outgrew both by 16 months. The egg was really minor but he had quite a full on milk allergy - came up in hives with just a tiny bit of skin contact. However, he then developed cat and grass allergy and asthma. I guess some you win some you lose!

tatt · 19/12/2009 22:20

friends child grew out of soy allergy and milk intolerance. It's more often intolerances that disappear but children do outgrow some allergies. Unfortunately severe allergies are less likely to be outgrown.

Kaloki · 19/12/2009 22:48

I did. According to my mum I was lactose intolerant. Now I love anything milky. Not sure how severe it was though.

coral · 20/12/2009 15:55

My dd, dairy ang egg allergic from very small outgrew egg anaphylaxis when she was 5 but still intolerant. Still sadly very allergic to milk at the grand old age of 12 and. as she has hit puberty, the hospital say that is it and she will probably have to live with it According to her consultant, it's extremely unusual/unlucky to take milk anaphylaxis through to adulthood if you have experienced it since birth. Its usually the allergies you develop later in life eg nuts from age 5 for example that "live" with you. My new paranoia is boyfriends and kissing and her not being under my control anymore like she was when she was little.

Picante · 20/12/2009 16:00

Yep, ds grown out of dairy allergy (he's 3), but still allergic to egg.

drosophila · 20/12/2009 16:05

DS grew out of cow's milk allergy and prick test suggests he may have grown out of egg but challeng due in Feb,

wb · 20/12/2009 16:12

Ds1 outgrew a mild dairy allergy by age 3. His peanut allergy appears to be lessening so we'll see with that one.

I outgrew a dairy allergy at age 12/13 and also a fish allergy, though that one took 20 years and I am still allergic to some shellfish.

My environmental allergies, esp. to animal fur, are as bad if not worse than when I was young, though.

whelk · 20/12/2009 20:38

Thanks guys. Its lovely to hear some positive stories and sorry to those of you whose dds haven't outgrown theirs. Its a bummer isn't it (both my dd's allergic to egg, dd2 also allergic to dairy)

OP posts:
babybarrister · 21/12/2009 13:54

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

confuddledDOTcom · 21/12/2009 14:02

I don't know full details but my brother and I were both no milk no eggs as children, so much so that we didn't have our immunisations because we were allergic to them. I now don't have a problem, he's not supposed to have milk but does although it's not as serious as it was when we were little.

bruffin · 21/12/2009 14:08

DS grew out of peanut allergy by 12, but still allergic to other treenuts and seseme.

TinselPixel · 21/12/2009 14:12

My DD outgrew her cow's milk protein allergy by 2, though still gets the occasional bout of eczema. She does love milk and cheese though, so probably has a bit more than she should.

Her initial reaction to dairy at around 12 weeks and then 6 months old was severe vomiting. We gradually reintroduced dairy from around 18 months - 2 yrs with no more symptoms apart from the eczema.

rachw1 · 21/12/2009 14:16

I outgrew allergy to peppers. My contact allergies with dust and animal hair etc. have reduced to the point where I can have a cat, and as long as he doesn't sleep on the bed I am fine.

However in the last year or so I have developed an allergy to kiwi fruit and aubergine! (I'm 34)

whelk · 21/12/2009 19:14

Rach I have heard that you get another peak of developing allergies in your mid thirties. My sister suddenly developed a few when she was 35!

OP posts:
edam · 21/12/2009 19:18

ds had atopic eczema as a baby, very severely at one point (dh also has atopic eczema and asthma so I thought we were in for the long haul...). But he grew out of it by the time he was two, thankfully. And never got dh's asthma, even more thankfully.

Dh on the other hand has never grown out of any of his hundreds of flipping allergies to everything except food...

gigglebells · 21/12/2009 19:26

very interesting thread - thanks all it makes [hopeful] interesting reading
ds1 now more allergic to dairy than he was, he's 9
ds2 less intolerant to dairy and asthma improving, 6yo. can have the occasional bit of 'normal' cake or biscuit.
dd increasing [still quite minute] amounts of dairy now, is ok. we are still very careful with it and would only be a little less choosy over reading every label. She is looking hopeful though, and she's pinching my maltesers on a regular basis with no apparent ill effects

Acekicker · 23/12/2009 13:31

For those with dd's another ray of hope can be if they get pregnant . I was allergic to milk and when I got pg it went away. I found out by walking round Tescos at about 16 weeks obsessed by the thought of buying cheese - I'd never been tempted to have any dairy and in fact had hated it all my life even before diagnosis. I was fixated on it to the extent I bought some as I was prepared to put up with the hives/rash and as I was throwing up 5 times a day at least I figured once more wouldn't make a difference!

The GP told me that pregnancy can have wacky effects on the immune system and it was perfectly possible for this to happen but to brace myself for it perhaps returning after giving birth/stopping breast-feeding. Luckily it didn't and 5 years down the line I can eat dairy with no problemts. I do now get an allergic reaction to Elastoplasts which I never did before getting pregnant but I'll take that over not eating cheese any day .

Mistletoesnowman · 23/12/2009 13:44

My DD has pretty much outgrown her cows milk protein allergy at 16m. She also suffered with horrendous vomiting but now seems to have no problems eating cheese and cooked milk (e.g. in sauces). She does seem to get a rash when she has raw cows milk but I'm hopeful that this will disappear too.


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trixymalixy · 23/12/2009 23:03

Ds outgrew soya, chickpea and sesame allergiesand the lentil skin prick was so small that they think he will outgrow that too.

he is still allergic to dairy and eggs, but living in hope!!

kittybrown · 24/12/2009 11:53

I grew out of milk and egg allergy just before I was 5. I then grew out of hay fever and mould allergies at around 10.

However I was the opposite of Acekicker. I got terrible hay fever whilst pregnant with ds (now 10)that has stayed with me. I'm also now allergic to dogs, grapefruit, certain wines and certain fabrics.

My Dr. said the same thing about hormones and immune system. He also said that you don't technically grow out of an allergy you go into remission of symptoms. The allergic tendency stays. You may develop the same symptoms again or a different allergy later on in life.

Friendlypizzaeater · 24/12/2009 11:55

Ds almost grown out of egg allergy (age 7) but just been diagonised cealiac instead

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