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Allergies and intolerances

Shall we all introduce ourselves?

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bobthebaby · 28/01/2004 00:48

Hi, I have one ds who is 11 months old and has eczema. He is allergic to dairy, eggs and peanuts. Both my husband and I were allergic children so we were expecting it really.

My pet hate is people who say "what's wrong with his face?"

Okay over to you...

OP posts:
coppertop · 28/01/2004 08:04

I have 2 ds's. The eldest is 3.6yrs and has asthma. He's been in hospital twice because of it and we're hoping to avoid a third visit. We're not sure about what he's allergic to. The asthma is under control atm so we're unlikely to need allergy-testing just yet. However, both me and dh have a history of allergies and ds1 has already been found to be allergic to the pertussis vaccine so we know that allergy is a possibility. I'm also asthmatic myself.

That's me!

madgirl · 28/01/2004 08:22

I have a ds who is 3 next month- who had terrible eczema from 4 months until around 2.4 years- and IT'S GONE. just wanted to share that with mums with kids with eczema, there is often light at the end of the tunnel. ds still obviously still has very pale and sensitive skin (like me) but it's so wonderful, really, to see it clear of eczema. it used to really p**s me off people looking at his little face too, bobthebaby. he still has egg allergy......

misdee · 28/01/2004 08:42

dd1 has eczema and asthma. main trigger for her is cats, tht can set her asthma off in minutes and also makes her itchy. we are off for allergy testing next week, after almost 4 years of battling for referrals we finally have an appointment. she also see's a specialist for her skin who has told us that in 2 years she should be free of eczema as the skin on her arms between the patches is lovely nad smooth, so here's hoping. dh still has asthma and ezcema even tho they are mainly under control.

Jenie · 28/01/2004 08:44

Dd is allergic to eggs and peanuts but as time goes on we're finding this easier to cope with birthday parties and school parties are a nightmare still but everyday stuff is fine now we've adapted.

Ds has eczema don't know exactly what causes it but it does get worse with milk or dairy in general, not that I've completly stopped giving it to him just cut back. He can get to be a bit smelly though as he only gets bathed at the moment once a week due to a nasty flare up. I've found moisturising frequently to keep ontop of the flare ups and dry patches helps us to not use steroids too often.

I think the worst part of dd's allergies are when parents who are going to hold a part invite her then won't accept the medications she needs (just incase) and also don't want parents to stay Show them an epi-pen and they run a mile!

With ds the worst is people assuming if he's in a bad mood that it must be because of the eczema itching and not just because he's in a bad mood! Then they coo over him saying things like "oh dear is that nasty eczema itching you" grrrrrrrrrr. Would rather it wasn't made such an issue. Sometimes his hands are realy bad and every so often you get a parent at a toddler group who won't let their child play with a toy after ds - ITS NOT CONTAGIOUS!!!

Oh well a bit of a long introduction but thats me

M2T · 28/01/2004 08:46

My ds is 2.7yrs. He has excema and a 'tendency to wheeeeeeeeeze', but we don't yet know what he is allergic too. I have had various allergies that have appeared and disappeared throughout my life so it wasn't a surprise that ds is prone to them to. The main allergies are Hay Fever and a tomato allergy!!

misdee · 28/01/2004 08:55

funniest bad memory for me (if u can call it that) was when we were at the docs surgery after dd1 had a very bad skin reaction and was very red and blotchy. she was only about 18months old and was going thro a stage of showing her belly off to everyone as it was summer. she went to play with a little girl and i saw her dad recoil in horror when dd1 lifted her top and showed off her blotches. i heard him whisper loudly to his daughter to 'get away from her you dont know what she's got'. i just picked up dd1 and said very loudly 'lets get that allergic reaction sorted out when the doc calls us' i have never seen anyone look so emabressed in there lives as that man when i shot him a dirty look.

and i also hate it when people ask if dd has 'something wrong with her face/arms/legs' i remember someone looking into her pram and instead of saying what a lovely baby they said 'whats wrong with her face' i just said 'nothing' and walked off.

Janstar · 28/01/2004 09:00

I'm allergic to housework, recalcitrant children, pooey nappies and mornings.

robinw · 28/01/2004 09:18

message withdrawn

suedonim · 28/01/2004 14:07

Four children with asthma in varying severity, three have/have had mild eczema. Ds2, allergies to fish, colourings, oranges, dust, dogs, cats, elephants(!), feathers and so on. Mostly grown out of them now, although the dog sets him off. Dd1 allergic to moulds, feathers and some trees. Dh used to have eczema, now has several types of psoriasis and is allergic to dogs, grass and almonds.

DSW · 28/01/2004 14:12

1 dd with an allergy to Peanut - have allergy clinic on February 11th - and hopefully they won't find anything else she is allergic to!! She is 19mths old.

lalaa · 28/01/2004 14:38

One dd, 15 mths, with eczema and allergic to egg. Dh and I both had/have eczema so not surprised about that one. The allergy to egg was just one difficult night (good old scrambled egg.....) now just means her diet is a bit boring. Am also reluctant to try exotic things!

linzoid · 28/01/2004 15:09

hi, my ds has asthma, excema and very bad hayfever. He's also allergic to dogs and the sun is a disaster for his skin. I am particularly interested to hear from anyone who has a child with hayfever ( not at the moment of course) as we have tried all antihistamines etc and nothing works. He's nearly 5.

hmb · 28/01/2004 15:19

My Two have eczema which is thankfully getting better as they get older. Ds is almost 4 and is allergic to penicillin and reacts very badly to cats. At the moment he is 'query' asthmatic.

I had eczema as a child, as did dh, so I was expecting problems with the children.

DSW · 28/01/2004 15:24

linzoid - contact me through contact another talker. I can hopefully help you out with the hayfever thing - you need to tell me where abouts you are in the world tho!!

Loobie · 28/01/2004 19:49

ds1 has mild eczema,asthma,hay fever and a nut allergy for which he carries an epipen,oh and his big one is he's autistic,dd is dairy intolerant and is starting to get really blotchy face after eating banana's,but as she loves them so much i hope nothing is going to come of it, and as for ds2 he is just a typical 5 year old middle child!!

cocococo · 28/01/2004 21:19

DS, 2.5, tested postive to milk, eggs & peanuts today. He's a dairy junkie so we found the milk one a real surprise.

Chinchilla · 28/01/2004 22:40

Ds has allergy to egg, suffers from eczema and asthma (both mildly, although eczema was bad as a young babe)

KatieMac · 29/01/2004 10:05

Do you let Food Intolerancese in as well???

I can't have artificial sweetners at all - they make me so ill Which means I get full sugar everything

And I have skin allergy to rubber and plastics (welly boot, trainers, elastoplast, rubber gloves , Cheap shoes etc) and also to metal that isn't gold (great for jewellry bad for glasses)

Jimjams · 29/01/2004 11:35

ds1 had very severe eczema following eczema herpeticum at 11 months. His skin (now 4 and half) is pretty good now. We haven't had to wet wrap for years and he's just a bit patchy at times (like now). Fish oils helped as well- his skin is very dry.

He is gluten, msg, aspartame, yeast extract free- but that's to do with his autism rather than his eczema. He is milk reduced but I think we will be told to go milk free soon (we have started with nutri-link who do lots of tests and sort out supplements diet etc).

DS2 has so far escaped (he's 2). Bit puffy most of the time and gets woken up coughing quite often so am pondering asthma (gp mentioned it last time I saw him). Was hoping that by not vaccinating him we would be escaping allthis (ds1's eczema started straihgt after baby jabs- and as for his autism we won;t go into that). Anyway fingers crossed he's fine. If he is a bit puffy its ceretainly a minor problem at the moment anyway- hoping he'll just grwo out of it as his airways get bigger. We've escaped autism anyway (none of those comments are meant to be inflammatory btw just the world as we see it in this family).

Anyway spend a lot of time making gluten free bread- can offer recipes to anyone who needs one.

Jimjams · 29/01/2004 11:47

Should mention ds2 is on the same diet as ds1. We were advised by the autism research unit if we wanted to be extra cautious to keep him gluten free until about 5. He seems fine though and I don't worry if he has some gluten. He also has a normal amount of milk.

slug · 29/01/2004 15:36

Both Dh and I are allergic to fish though he is able to eat seafood and I can't. As of yet we have not tried dd (aged 26 months) on seafood, the advice being the later the better as there's a strong possibility of her inheriting our common allergy.

So no fish fingers for her then!

sibble · 29/01/2004 18:17

wow there are so many of us. Ds (4 next week - where does time go) is allergic to tree nuts. He wasn't tested for seeds last year so we are also avoiding them until he is tested this year. I am not sure if I have an allergy or intolerence to milk but avoid it at all costs and always have done. (Soya milk as baby). My mother is allergic to brazil nuts so guess that's where it stems from.
It amazes me how good he is even at such a young age - if we are out he always asks before he eats anythign and tells everybody "nuts make me poorly - does this have nuts". Sometimes it makes me want to cry.


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polly28 · 30/01/2004 01:25

Hi,I have a ds 16months who is probably allergic to eggs,peanuts and has excema.He has an appointment next week to be tested which is at 5:40 in the evening (very helpful! )

Utka · 30/01/2004 16:45

DD (nearly 3) is allergic to banana, kiwi, raw egg and possibly nuts - we're waiting for the test results on the latter. The banana is a real pain as it's often used to bulk out other foods, and it seems such a simple pudding - also, it's not that common so you have to warn other parents. Fortunately, dd knows what she can't eat and avoids most stuff herself. She's also not faddy, which helps us to get other stuff down her.

For her the reaction is a skin one, rather than breathing - raised white nettle rash - although she also gets a bit hyper. She seems to get it also from polyester (fleece tops and blankets are bad), pollen and feathers.

She's had eczema really badly since this time last year, but it does seem to be getting better now, touch wood (thanks for that earlier post about things improving!!). We're currently avoiding cows milk to drink (goats milk seems fine), but haven't been told to avoid yoghurt or other dairy products. Not sure why - is this because of the way it's produced?

DH is allergic to some animals and is also asthmatic, so I suppose we shouldn't be surprised. We were told though that there isn't any real link between the eczema and the allergies ie. the one doesn't cause the other - it's down to genes. Have other people been told the same? I used to worry that it was my fault for using sweet almond oil to sort her cradle cap out at 4 months, that had caused it.

alison222 · 30/01/2004 19:09

DS (3) is allergic to eggs, white fish, sesame and almonds. He has however outgrown the soya allergy at the last appointment we had in October, and his excema has gone -at about the age of 2 which is great. so far DD (nearly 1) seems to be ok

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