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Alcohol support


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ncsad · 25/01/2021 07:23

Oh god. I need to stop drinking.

I feel so sad today. How is this my life. I hate myself

OP posts:

FastFood · 25/01/2021 15:39

Special events are a bit...I won't say hard, but dull at first, until the next morning when you're the only one waking up without a hangover.

The first night out was ok but I wasn't as relaxed as if I had a drink.
The second one was better. The third one ever better and so on.

I realised something very important after 6 months (would have happened before if we didn't have a lockdown): social events are fun because of people, not because of alcohol. We just rely on alcohol to make us comfortable and approachable, but we can get there without alcohol, it just requires a bit of training.

Recently, I've been to a wedding abroad, I don't even remember me not drinking, I remember the food, the decor, seeing my friends, having fun, dancing (didn't know I would dance sober one day!) making the bride cry with my speech etc...

Now I can say that special events are 10x better, because I approach them from a place where i know I won't be the drunk drama queen, I won't embarrass myself, I won't lose my phone, I won't wake up wondering what I've done etc...
I'm just way more relaxed before, during and after the event.


ncsad · 25/01/2021 17:57

Oh god I can't even imagine a sober wedding! I'm very socially awkward anyway, alcohol just about helps me to manage to socialise. Argh. I'm going to have to work on that. Confused

OP posts:

Mumwithissue · 29/01/2021 09:39

Me too


Mumwithissue · 29/01/2021 09:40

I feel the same. I have had problems with alchohol in the past, went through the first quarantine without a sip, and now I am all over the place. I do not know what to do.


Mumwithissue · 29/01/2021 09:44

I so get you


Mumwithissue · 29/01/2021 09:46

How can I access the Dry thread?


Msfoxy17 · 02/02/2021 22:14

Hope you are ok, OP? I think there are so many of us in a similar position. You only need look at the number of threads about alcohol to see this.
I've lurked on a fair few of them over the last year but am only this year actually trying to tackle this (Jan was dry apart from 2 evenings so a massive improvement on last year...)
Hope things get better for you. The Leave Alcohol behind thread is massively inspiring.


tonystarksrighthand · 27/02/2021 18:40

OP how are you doing?

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