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adoption hearing tomorrow

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OurMiracle1106 · 15/06/2014 10:38

just that really. I know it's going to be emotional. Not helped by the fact that I was up most the night being sick and with belly pains.

I know this is security for my son and closure for me but please forgive a falling tear.

OP posts:
GirlsWhoWearGlasses · 15/06/2014 10:54

Sorry you're not well Miracle.

Are you planning on attending the Hearing tomorrow?

Catlover2014 · 15/06/2014 10:56

Just wanted to say I'm sorry. Can't imagine how hard it must be. I am sure he will get a happy family and future. Hugs xxx

hackneyLass · 15/06/2014 11:09

My heart goes out to you. My family have gone through something similar. I hope everyone in court is kind to you tomorrow. We'll be thinking of you. Hugs too

OurMiracle1106 · 15/06/2014 11:22

I am going I've been there all the way through so I'm not going to avoid the last hearing

OP posts:
HappySunflower · 15/06/2014 11:25

Thinking of you, Miracle. I can only imagine how you must be feeling xx

Lilka · 15/06/2014 11:43

Oh Miracle, my heart goes out to you. I am thinking of you and will be tomorrow Thanks xx

Haffdonga · 15/06/2014 13:17

Miracle I haven't 'spoken' to you before but I genuinely think you are one of the bravest people I have ever enountered. My thoughts will be with you tomorrow and going forwards. Thanks

prumarth · 15/06/2014 13:19

Miracle, I hope you are ok tomorrow. If you need us, we will be here for you.

oldnewmummy · 15/06/2014 13:20

Thinking of you Miracle. You are so brave and so loving.

Polkadotpatty · 15/06/2014 15:27

You are truly amazing. I hope your sickness soon goes, and will be thinking of you as you (as always) bravely do what's best for your lovely Miracle. Take care of yourself, and go very gently.

MerryInthechelseahotel · 15/06/2014 15:58

Thinking of you miracle Thanks it is wonderful you are thinking of your birth son's security. We all know you love him very much and will for ever and ever. I hope you do get some closure. Hope you have rl support ready for you.

Italiangreyhound · 15/06/2014 23:06

Hugs to you Miracle.

64x32x24 · 16/06/2014 09:31

Thinking of you today, OurMiracle.

OurMiracle1106 · 16/06/2014 14:09

Thank you for your support. I've just got back from court. It was the hardest day of my life. I'm no longer a mum. I know I did the right thing today but that doesnt mean I don't have the right to hurt. I need to grieve the loss of my child and learn to live without him.

OP posts:
Italiangreyhound · 16/06/2014 14:27

Miracle you are his birth mum, you were, are and always will be. Please be kind to yourself. You have done all you can for now, you put him first.

Please make your life exactly what you want it to be, in the best possible way. Work, home, hobbies, life, relationships, the best they can be, because you are worth it.

When he is older, if/when he finds you, be in the best possible place you can be. That is all you can do now for your little one, and I hope you will make the very best of your life for your sake and for his.

When my little one is older and starts to think of his birth mum, I sincerely hope she will be doing just that.Making the very best of her life i na positive way.

Really, truly you will always be his birth mum.

wonderpants · 16/06/2014 15:47

Just wanted to hold your hand Miracle. Bigs hugs to you xxx

AcrossthePond55 · 16/06/2014 15:57

Miracle, I am an adopted child. I just want to say 'Thank You'. I have obviously never been able to say this to my own birth mother, so please, may I say it to you on behalf of your child?

You have sacrificed a piece of your heart to see that he has a better life than you could provide for him, just as my mother did for me many, many years ago and I have been forever grateful and in my heart have honoured her, and now I honour you, for that sacrifice.

Go ahead and grieve, it's ok with me (not that you need my ok). It helps me to know that my own mother surely grieved for me even as she knew it was the right thing to do. And even if you never meet again, as my mother and I have never met, please remember that the piece of your heart that you lost today will be carried in his heart forever as gratitude to you.

Lilka · 16/06/2014 16:15

Thanks I hope everyone at the court was kind to you. You will always be a mother, one of his mother's, and nothing will change that xxx

Hels20 · 16/06/2014 16:45

Oh Miracle - how brave of you to go. Your son will know this. How hard for you.

You are a Mum - just a Mum without PR.

Sending you Thanks

RhinosAreFatUnicorns · 16/06/2014 18:14

You will always be his mum. You have the right to feel hurt.

Sending you Flowers Miracle. X

PootlewasthebestFlump · 16/06/2014 22:20

Thinking of you xx

OurMiracle1106 · 17/06/2014 07:22

Thank you for everyones support. Yesterday was the hardest day of my life and those were the hardest words I ever had to say. Now I have to find a new identity. I am no longer a wife, mother and daughter. I lost my mum and my marriage and now my son so I need to find something to concentrate on and that I think needs to be me. I'm continuing my therapy and am considering doing an accountancy course in September.

OP posts:
KristinaM · 17/06/2014 09:22

I'm sorry for all your losses. I commend you for your courage and your focus on the future.

I hope you are able to go on building a new life for yourself, and when the time is right, you find someone to share it with. But you are right, now you have to give your love and energy to yourself . You have youth, health, determination, a good brain and a kind heart . You can do it.

KristinaM · 18/06/2014 08:00

How are you feeling today miracle?

OurMiracle1106 · 18/06/2014 11:35

Thank you for asking. I feel quite fragile. I'm doing my best to put on a front and seem okay but I'm struggling. I've been doctors this morning and they have increased my anti depressants and I'm doing therapy but other than that I've just got to deal with it. I'm doing all I can to get better and hopefully it will pay off. I think it's just a process I have to deal with and get through

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