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What is it about Tilda Swinton that gets right up my nose?

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peggotty · 22/03/2010 10:11

I can't quite put my finger on it, but she does. SHe seems so po-faced, similar to Annie Lennox, who also gets up my nose. PArt of me thinks I might be quite jealous of her oh-so-arty and bohemian lifestyle and her home in the highlands, while I schlep around as a humdrum housewife in the suburbs. Hmm, think I might have answered my own question...

OP posts:
expatinscotland · 22/03/2010 10:12

I think she's a weirdo.

peggotty · 22/03/2010 10:15

And she's always described as 'androgynous'. Can't say I'm jealous of that I must admit, although I did used to get mistaken for a boy sometimes shen I was a young teenager .

Expat, don't you already live in the highlands ?

OP posts:
Doodleydoo · 22/03/2010 10:16

I too think she is slightly odder than average. Perhaps it is the v pale eyelashes - no problem when you are at home alone but on the red carpet? Peculiar.

Curiousmama · 22/03/2010 10:19

She's 50 this year

I didn't know who she was by the name so googled her. I liked her in Benjamin Button. She was good in Burn after reading although hated the movie.

BariatricObama · 22/03/2010 10:21

i love her

expatinscotland · 22/03/2010 10:22

Yes, in the West. The Eastern Highlands where Tilda lives are a bit different in flavour.

She lives outside Nairn.

peggotty · 22/03/2010 10:24

Are you anywhere near Torridon, expat? We got married up there, asbsolutely beautiful place.

OP posts:
Doodleydoo · 22/03/2010 10:25

No way - 50? Looking good for 50 but still strange. Perhaps we are too used to the over groomed practically perfect in everyway Hollywood Stereotype?

expatinscotland · 22/03/2010 10:27

No. I have no idea where that is.

BendyBob · 22/03/2010 10:32

I quite like her. She looks sort of minimal, angular and confident. An excellent snow queen in Narnia I thought.

BariatricObama · 22/03/2010 11:29

no one does ethereal meanie quite like tilda

tralalaa · 23/03/2010 13:06

good actress no doubt. michael clayton esp.
but i'm with you she's annoying and a bit peculiar. she's clearly above wearing masscara for starters.

Wanderingsheep · 23/03/2010 13:12

I wished she'd put a bit of slap on. Dunno why that annoys me.

winnybella · 23/03/2010 13:20

I have met her and she's lovely. Very nice and not weird at all.

DebiNewberry · 23/03/2010 13:22

I don't know. I think she is fabulous.

bran · 23/03/2010 13:29

I can't form an opinion about her at all, she just doesn't seem to have a public persona. Which, in itself, is quite admirable for a well-known actress.

I suppose I do have warmer (or at least fewer negative) feelings for people in the public eye who simply don't feel the need to share their opinion on children/fashion/relationships/the environment when they have no specialist knowledge on the topic.

motherinferior · 23/03/2010 13:34

I love her. Especially the combo of respectable older husband and young bloke. And she is also incredibly beautiful in a f*ck-you kind of way.

BariatricObama · 23/03/2010 13:37

the media don't know wha tto do with her so they mutter about her sex life and then just shuffle off

DebiNewberry · 23/03/2010 13:38


BariatricObama · 23/03/2010 13:42

hi motherinferior not see you about in ages and ages.

squeaver · 23/03/2010 13:51

She's a wonderful actress but I think she's cold.

After I read her interview in the S Times, I thought "I just can't imagine you hanging out with your kids".

Maybe I'll start a thread on that.

She's not been a couple with John Byrne for years btw, and they were never married.

motherinferior · 23/03/2010 14:04

Ooh, never married, I like her even more. What on earth about that interview suggests in any way what she is like with her kids? It hardly mentions them. Apart from the fact she sends them to a Steiner school and doesn't have a telly (which suggests she spends rather more time than I do with, say, my two, frankly. Any mother who doesn't want to spend time with her children does not chuck the telly out). She may be a laugh a minute hanging out in a gorilla suit with them every day, for all we know.

She's extremely bright, she's quite bonkers, she's done arty things and she has bright red hair. What's not to adore?

squeaver · 23/03/2010 14:21

I know it didn't mention the kids, she's just a very serious sort of person I think.

winnybella · 23/03/2010 14:33

She's very down to earth, as well.

motherinferior · 23/03/2010 14:34

But it also says - that Times article - 'She might look severe, scary almost, but Swinton is not in the least po-faced. If other stars hunker down in their sump­tuous privacy, complaining of tax and intrusion, she is a community activist at heart, taking arty movies in a mobile cinema to remote rural villages, and now inaugurating her 8½ Foundation to establish an 8½th birthday, marked on the day with a child?s chosen film'.

Which sounds pretty people-centred AND child-centred to me. She sounds lovely.

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