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DD bitten by dog

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iamwhoops · 31/07/2009 00:18

Dd (5) was bitten by the neighbours dog at the weekend. It came into our garden as someone had left their gate open and we had cleared the hedge that seperated the gardens in preperation for a new fence being put up.
It is a big dog and barks lots, so when dd saw it she screamed and ran away from it, we don't know if she fell or the dog knocked her over but it managed to bite her on the lower back.
The neighbour is devestated and I told her we wouldn't report it as there is now a 6ft fence between the gardens (our border but they paid for it) and they are getting a dog trainer to help them again.
I keep worrying though that it could have been far worse than it actually was.
I really wish I could report it without them knowing so that it is on record in the event it did happen again.
it's difficult as I don't like conflict and have to see them most days but feel that I have a duty to dd to keep her safe

OP posts:
StinkyFart · 31/07/2009 00:20

you need to report it

hmc · 31/07/2009 00:21

As a dog owner I think you should report it. What if they are walking the dog off lead some day and it attacks another child.

Dogs shouldn't bite. Those that bite are problem dogs and will do it again.

If either of my dogs had ever bitten anybody it would be curtains for them.

hmc · 31/07/2009 00:21

StinkyF - you have the most enchanting name

FluffyBunnyGoneBad · 31/07/2009 00:22

I agree, you really do need to report it, it's gone too far.

Poor DD Did she need stitches?

OrangeFish · 31/07/2009 00:22

What is that of "The neighbour is devestated and I told her we wouldn't report it as there is now a 6ft fence between the gardens (our border but they paid for it) and they are getting a dog trainer to help them again."

I'm afraid you have to report it. For the sake of your child and others. I may not report it if it had been a small bite in one leg by a Chihuahua who has been teased by a child. But for a big dog who has bitten a child in the lower back, sorry... too much of a risk.

OrangeFish · 31/07/2009 00:24

By the way, the dog needs to bite 2 or 3 people before being destroyed. So it is not that it's going to be taken from the neighbours, but it will be good to start counting just in case.

iamwhoops · 31/07/2009 00:25

no luckily she didn't, there was one puncture wound and the rest were superficial (sp?)
people keep telling me now it has tasted blood that it won't be the same again.
They have never had a problem with it before, they have their grandchildren round a lot too I will ring police enquiries and find out if it can go on record without them needing the neighbour being spoken to

OP posts:
iamwhoops · 31/07/2009 00:26

i've taken pictures of the bite too so that we have it for any future reference

OP posts:
hmc · 31/07/2009 00:26

Dogs should not bite - they really shouldn't. I can't stress this enough.

FluffyBunnyGoneBad · 31/07/2009 00:28

Something must have triggered this in the dog, it's dangerous, if it attacks another child they may be scared for life or worse. It's too much of a risk. Your own child is going to be frightened of it now, for her and your peace of mind it needs reporting.

helpYOUiWILL · 01/08/2009 18:55

did you take your dd to hospital to have the wound washed out? Dog bites no matter how small must be treated.

CarGirl · 01/08/2009 18:59

just want to second she needs to be treated for the puncture wound dd's went absolutely foul and stinky even on antibiotics.

Ripeberry · 01/08/2009 19:04

Get her to casualty as she will need a Tetanus shot and maybe antibiotics. All that saliva...yuck!
Keep a record of all incidents and just be grateful the dog did not go for your DD's neck or head.
Big dogs that get exited by screaming kids is a disaster waiting to happen as they just react on instinct.

sarah293 · 01/08/2009 19:06

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

sobloodystupid · 01/08/2009 19:40

I'm afraid I would report it and look for the dog to be destroyed or suitably removed from (especially)children. Like iamwhoops, I always understood that once a dog tasted blood, then there was no stopping ...

MovingOutOfBlighty · 01/08/2009 19:44

It bit her more than once? You certainly need to go to your neighbour next door and explain that you need to report it as you would never forgive yourself if it happened to another child.

I have assisted in sewing up some awful dog bite injuries, including on children. The only link with all of them is that the dog was 'good', up until the bite.

ilovemydogandmrobama · 01/08/2009 19:58

Definitely report it. It isn't normal for a dog to bite a child.

Don't worry about neighbor relations. I love dogs, but if any dog (including my own) ever bit any of the DCs, it would be time for drastic action.

lou031205 · 01/08/2009 19:58 Antibiotics not needed if wound more than 2 days old and no sign of infection.

Are you sure it was a bite, or could it have been a 'grab'? I ask because if a big dog wants to bite, it will, and will leave more than a puncture mark and superficial wounds.

LovelyTinOfSpam · 01/08/2009 20:06

Deffo check DD tetanus are up to date.

What a dilemma. Can't help you I'm afraid. Although you should probably report it.

whoops · 01/08/2009 22:54

I did take her to the walk in clinic as soon as it happened, we were given antibiotics for her and they put a dressing on the wound with a special iodine type gauze on it. And we were told that as her immunisations were up to date a tetanus is not needed.
Moving it only bit her once
I have seen the neighbour everyday and yesterday they had a dog trainer in, I was invited round to speak to him as he wanted me to come in as part of his session with the dogs. He has seen them before in different situations and said that it was probably part of the pack instinct trying to round his pack up as she was running away screaming. I said to him about the taste of blood thing and he doesn't seem to think it would be a problem
I also spoke to a friend who is in the police and he has said that I can call police enquiries and have it logged without the neighbour knowing.
lou I wasn't there at the time neither was dh, dd was going outside to play with her brother and the neighbours grandson, so don't know if it was a grab or a bite

BCNS · 01/08/2009 22:57

I really love dogs.. but.. this should be reported..

if it were my dog that did this.. i wouldn't be getting a trainer.. It would be put down.. end of. can't have a dog that bites.

limonchik · 01/08/2009 23:03

I also think the "taste of blood" thing is rubbish.

No dog should bite - at least the neighbour is taking it seriously and getting the trainer in though. The trainer may be right about the reasons the dog bit your DD - if it had wanted to hurt her no doubt there would be more damage.

You MUST report it and have the police log it though. If the dog bites anyone again they need to have all the facts.

lou031205 · 01/08/2009 23:27

I think that the dog needs benefit of the doubt, tbh. It wasn't seen, and the injury wasn't severe, which given the size of the dog indicates that it didn't mean real harm. A big dog 'grabbing' could easily cause those injuries. I hope the situation is resolved for you all.

edam · 02/08/2009 00:14

whoops, I agree with limon, you should report this so it is on record if (God forbid) the dog ever attacks again.

Good that your neighbours are taking this seriously though, sounds as if they are doing the right things.

whoops · 02/08/2009 09:33

Thanks everyone I will ring the police tomorrow when dh isn't about, he didn't want to report as the neighbours have taken action over dealing with the situation.
I have put a picture of the bite mark as some of you are say about grabbing being different to biting and I wouldn't know the difference.
like some of you have said what if it did attack again and I keep thinking what if it was her face, neck etc

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