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DD bitten by dog

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iamwhoops · 31/07/2009 00:18

Dd (5) was bitten by the neighbours dog at the weekend. It came into our garden as someone had left their gate open and we had cleared the hedge that seperated the gardens in preperation for a new fence being put up.
It is a big dog and barks lots, so when dd saw it she screamed and ran away from it, we don't know if she fell or the dog knocked her over but it managed to bite her on the lower back.
The neighbour is devestated and I told her we wouldn't report it as there is now a 6ft fence between the gardens (our border but they paid for it) and they are getting a dog trainer to help them again.
I keep worrying though that it could have been far worse than it actually was.
I really wish I could report it without them knowing so that it is on record in the event it did happen again.
it's difficult as I don't like conflict and have to see them most days but feel that I have a duty to dd to keep her safe

OP posts:
skidoodle · 02/08/2009 09:42

I can't believe they asked you not to report it. That undoes any reassurance their getting in a trainer might otherwise have given me. Trying to keep an attack like that a secret is not responsible.

RumourOfAHurricane · 02/08/2009 09:43

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

RumourOfAHurricane · 02/08/2009 09:45

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

whoops · 02/08/2009 09:58

they didn't ask us not to report it, we had decided not to as it is the first time it has done anything like this, they have their young grandchildren round and also go to horse shows and the shore where lots of families go (not a sunbathing beach but has a play area)
Yes we're confident the dog can't get into the garden as there is now a huge 6ft fence across the border

lou031205 · 02/08/2009 11:47

Your poor DD, whoops. I still feel that had it wanted to hurt your DD the injury would be more severe than that, but regardless, it is going to be sore for a while.

skidoodle · 02/08/2009 11:57

So the fact that the child wasn't severely mauled is to be taken as evidence that the dog is safe?

How can you possibly know what the dog's "intentions" were when you haven't even seen a picture of it, never mind know its temperament?

Sorry op, I thought they had asked you not to say anything. I think it would be very irresponsible not to report the incident, regardless of subsequent action. Do you think they would be angry to know you had done so? Wouldn't they just expect it?

bella21 · 02/08/2009 12:09

Report it - to police and to your local dog warden (via council).

Best of luck & hope dd is okay.

lou031205 · 02/08/2009 13:16

skidoodle, not at all, but the fact that the dog has frequent exposure to children, horses, etc. and that the bite was not severe, combined with the incident not being witnessed, and the owners seeking immediate advice, stacks up to give enough doubt that the dog should be given the benefit of that, imo. But the OP is within her rights to report it, and should do if she feels it is warranted.

alardi · 02/08/2009 19:31

I am with Lou, I probably wouldn't report it. But it's an individual decision. I hope that it all works out ok for you, OP.

hmc · 04/08/2009 19:36

So did you report it?

Please tell me you did (have seen the photo - unacceptable)

hippipotamiHasLost54lbs · 04/08/2009 19:43

As a dog lover, and a mother of two children, I would say report it.
No matter the reasons - the dog punctured the skin. Wether it intended to bite or not, it is unacceptable behaviour. And having seen the picture I have to add it looks too much of a bite for an 'accidental, harmless nibble)

If it was my dog he would be put down, no question. No way would I want to own a dog which may bite.

And even if your dd 'provoked' it by running away, a dog should know never ever to lay his/her teeth on a human.

Incidentally, you say in your OP that the neighbours have to get the dog trainer in again? What was the reason they had the dog trainer in before?

mumandlovingit · 05/08/2009 09:14

i was bitten on my chest by a rottweiler and i still corss over the road if i see a big dog coming towards me now. i hope your daughter isn't too traumatised by it all. i havent read all of the posts but how does she feel about going in the garden and playing knowing the dog is next door?

ive looked at the picture and that isnt a playful nip, its a bit and a big one for the size of her.

personally i would report it, just to make your own mind at rest and so that even if nothing is done against the dog at present, if it ever happened again there would be a record of it.

god forbid if it had got her face instead of her back, that's how i look at it. a bite is a bite. running away is not provoking the dog, what would happen if the dog was in a park and there were kids playing games and running?

its entirely your family's decision and what you're happy with and your daughter is happy with but i know that if one of mine was bitten, no matter who the dog belonged to, it would be reported. id never forgive myself if it did it again and i hadn't said anything.

i hope your daughter recovers soon and doesnt let this incident scare her away from the hundreds of friendly dogs there are

StillSquiffy · 05/08/2009 09:50

We have kept dogs all of my life and had no problems with any of them.

Except a fabulous weinerama who we adored - cheerful and playful and affectionate and no hint of trouble. Until at 3 years old, he turned round and punctured the hand of an adult. This was a day after he unexpecedly growled at someone (something which at the time we were stunned by, and we had spent the evening before 'the bite incident' trying to work out the reason). After the bite, we spoke to a Vet friend, a police dog handler, and we googled a lot, and the consensus seems to be that because it was soooooo out of character, he was probably in pain from an illness or tumour or something, and couldn't cope with the stress of the pain and being approached by a stranger.

All very understandable of course, but the outcome has to be the same, regardless of reason or justification or excuse. A dog that has bitten is a dog that cannot be trusted ever again. And if it cannot be muzzled and kept out of contact with anyone other than it's owners, then it needs to be put down. And I speak as someone who sobbed my heart out doing exactly that to my healthy, loving, friendly, family pet.

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