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What's the best sleb secret you know part 2!

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HolyGuacamole · 16/07/2009 21:17

Argh, went to post and it was full!

Mrs Mattie, does the boxer have a lisp?

OP posts:
hf128219 · 19/07/2009 20:09

Funnily enough my story was a lot more salacious.....

LoveBeingAMummy · 19/07/2009 20:23

come on then.....

margotfonteyn · 19/07/2009 20:47

That chap who has just been convicted of some fraud charge, who was a Royal Protection officer, has spilt the beans as to What Goes On In Royal Circles.

I reckon the newspapers have had a gagging order or something slapped on them to stop them reporting all these goings on....(conspiracy theory emoticon).

UnquietDad · 19/07/2009 21:25

Did he penetrate Prince Edward's intimate circle?

Owls · 20/07/2009 08:29

UQD. No, it's Prince Andrew's intimate circle apparently..... we've had this conversation on here before!

Right off to google SS. I will work this one out.

Come on HF!

hf128219 · 21/07/2009 23:12

Famous MNetter's are going to be outed in the Sunday Mirror. Brace yourself.

EachPeachPearMum · 22/07/2009 21:14

that is a joke... right?
The Mirror... who reads such a paper?
Now if you'd said The Mail on Sunday....

hf128219 · 22/07/2009 21:42

Oh it is so true. Watch frantic name changing.

margotfonteyn · 23/07/2009 15:57

Do you mean famous in RL or 'famous' as their mumsnet persona?

BettyTurnip · 23/07/2009 16:43

What on earth can they be outed for? Being on Mumsnet?? Hardly on a par with cocaine fuelled gay orgies garnished with S&M and satanic sacrifices..

hf128219 · 23/07/2009 16:57

More like 'Dubonnet' is revealed as HM. And has been posting in AIBU about unruly possible future daugher- in -law and her common, drug addled relative.

llareggub · 23/07/2009 17:11

You really intrigue me hf!

EachPeachPearMum · 23/07/2009 19:29

Weird- I always thought Emma Thompson was a mner... but she namechanged, and I haven't 'seen' her again since...

I find it highly unlikely HM is a mner though!

BettyTurnip · 23/07/2009 23:36

What was the name you thought belonged to ET, EPPM?

(obviously... wouldn't be reading this thread if I wasn't nosey, d'oh)

hf128219 · 25/07/2009 19:03

Fasten your seatbelts ladies and gentlemen. More salacious news tomorrow.

AlistairSim · 25/07/2009 22:08

Give us a clue at least, you big meanie.

hf128219 · 25/07/2009 22:50

IVF clinic and a former PM

flier · 26/07/2009 10:16

i havent seen the papers yet - did it go in?

llareggub · 26/07/2009 10:17

I can't find anything.

letsgostrawberrypicking · 26/07/2009 10:28

Me neither - unless their lead story of GB opening his heart to the mirror is more interesting than it sounds!!

muggglewump · 26/07/2009 22:08

I thought I'd read on here that the IVF was TB?

llareggub · 26/07/2009 22:21

Why would IVF be such a big deal?

Owls · 27/07/2009 21:31

Muggle, yes that's been mentioned before I think.

So was there any gossip from the papers then or did I miss it?

SixtyFootDoll · 04/11/2009 21:37

hf - its about time you gave us some more eh?

moodlum · 04/11/2009 21:42

This thread is surprising salacious given I understand about 20% of it.

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