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You know the ad for Scotland where the famous Scots sing?

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cocolepew · 25/03/2009 19:52

Well every time Lulu comes on I want to punch the telly. Singing in her scottish accent, when any other time she talks faux American. Gah!
She must only be Scottish again when she's being paid.

OP posts:
nickytwotimes · 25/03/2009 19:54

Totally with you.
I hate her accent.

Also get at Sean Connery. Can't belive his biog is called "Being A Scot". He is a twat too.

Saltire · 25/03/2009 19:54

I haven't seen it , for some reason they aren't showing it in England - or any country outside Scotland Lulu has that effect on me as well though. So does Catherine "I'm Welsh when it suits me" Zeta Jones Douglas.

Curiousmama · 25/03/2009 19:55

Yes agree with you about Lulu, or if she's talking to someone Scottish.

Saltire · 25/03/2009 19:55

Does Sean Connery sing as well then! They haven't got that awful Jackie Burd woman on it have they

dragonbutter · 25/03/2009 19:56

not seen it.
is it only shown in scotland then?
that's stupid.

cocolepew · 25/03/2009 19:56

I'm in Northern Ireland and it's never off the telly. I don't know why, I'm sure Scotland has more visitors from here than anywhere else

OP posts:
Curiousmama · 25/03/2009 19:57

So does Cilla Black, talks quite posh sometimes then full on scouse when talking to the likes of Paul O Grady.

cocolepew · 25/03/2009 19:57

Rod Stewart, he's another one.

OP posts:
nickytwotimes · 25/03/2009 19:57
yama · 25/03/2009 19:58

Lulu makes my blood boil.

Saltire · 25/03/2009 19:59

it's here unfortunately you only get to see Chris Hoy from the chest up

cocolepew · 25/03/2009 19:59

Ha! I was yelling at an ad with Cilla on it the other day,her accent was outrageous.

OP posts:
Curiousmama · 25/03/2009 19:59

here it is I hadn't seen it either.

Curiousmama · 25/03/2009 19:59

You beat me to it Saltire

Saltire · 25/03/2009 20:00

I haven't seen it in England, but there could be reason for that

Saltire · 25/03/2009 20:01

It's for that Homecoming thing isn't it? my mum was on about it, saying that Dumfries and Galloway don't seem to be doing as much as other places

dragonbutter · 25/03/2009 20:03

dumfries and galloway like to keep themselves to themselves

that advert is shit and makes me want to cancel my trip home.

Saltire · 25/03/2009 20:07

Oh yes, but I do get annoyed that The Borders is so called, when half of it is nearer Edinburgh! and they claim to be the first in Scotland, well there's 2 roads over the Border in Dum and Gal as well

HolyGuacamole · 25/03/2009 20:07

Surprised Billy Connelly isn't on it, at least he still has a Scottish accent. Lulu is so shit.

I've heard it said that in Scotland we build up Scottish people till they get too big then we hate them and bring them for being too famous/rich/smug/whatever? Dunno if that's true?

Saltire · 25/03/2009 20:09

and while I'm on a rant (sorry for hijacking thread) they cannot even get things factually correct

this for example is wrong. There are only 4 Common Ridings in Southern Scotland, 1 in Dumfries and Gallowaya nd 3 in the Borders

katiepotatie · 25/03/2009 20:09

I was saying the exact same thing to DH last night...Lulu and Connery don't even live in Scotland! I also think she's recorded her bit again coz the first version I saw she was even more chronic!
Apparently it's only being shown in Scotland, which is a bit pointless, coz we are already home!!!!!arrrgghhhhh!

AuraofDora · 25/03/2009 20:12

have seen it here in london
its horror
lulu is pure shoite i agree coco

it's like a really bad version of that perfect day that bbc did imho

utter shoite cringy too

Macdog · 26/03/2009 08:32

So glad it's not just me who hates the Sean/Lulu bits

Tinker · 26/03/2009 09:07

Oh dear at Lulu - gruesome. Brian Cox is a big Hollywood luvvy as well though, bet he's never in Scotland much

Nancy66 · 27/03/2009 12:59

They all love Scotland so much that none of them lives there...

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