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You know the ad for Scotland where the famous Scots sing?

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cocolepew · 25/03/2009 19:52

Well every time Lulu comes on I want to punch the telly. Singing in her scottish accent, when any other time she talks faux American. Gah!
She must only be Scottish again when she's being paid.

OP posts:
Fimbo · 27/03/2009 13:13

Arrgh Jackie Burd hasn't changed. I am a Scot living in Norfolk, thankfully it's not broadcast down here.

Saltire · 27/03/2009 13:17

Fimbo, you can get Reproting Glasgow Scotland through Sky on channel 971 you know? DH watches it for the football, but I don't know why because he's a Jambo so of course they don't get mentionedBBC Scotland thinks theere are only 2 teams football in Scotland

Fimbo · 27/03/2009 13:22

Alas we don't have Sky. We are going back for Easter though...... Dh will be happy as he is a big Celtic fan and dd wants the kit

GentleOtter · 27/03/2009 13:28

Oh Christ. I have just seen the advert for the first time. and it makes you feel like you have just eaten ten slabs of tablet.
< nips Lulu for singing soulfully with her eyes shut >

Tamarto · 27/03/2009 13:32

Ads like this are the reason i really really love my sky plus.

deste · 27/03/2009 22:15

I agree with the fake accent and that awfull warbling being cringeworthy, what is going on there? Anyone else think that if Lulu was on X-Factor she would have been torn to shreds.

EsmeWeatherwax · 27/03/2009 22:46

Fimbo, that isn't Jackie Burd. Its Eddie Reader. They seem to be merging into some horrible pod twin entity.

It is a fecking crap advert. Lulu is horrendous!

Saltire · 27/03/2009 23:41

I knew it wasn't the Burd woman of Alcatraz, cos that woman in the clip can sing. I did wonder who Fimbo was on about when she mentioned JB, but I thought perhaps she had seen a different advert!

squeaver · 30/03/2009 14:09

Saw this last night. GentleOtter nails it.

It makes me want to chew off my arm in embarrassment.

Dh said "and there's yet another reason why we'll never move back".

wintera · 30/03/2009 20:58

It is being shown in England. I live in the North West and I saw it this morning. Almost threw something at the tele when Lulu came on! Its so nice to come on here and see that other people don't like Sean Connery!!! I can't stand him but when I tell people they get really offended and say he is a National Treasure etc . . Bloody Lulu makes my blood boil too!!!

allytjd · 19/04/2009 19:39

I hate to say it but the original song from the tennents advert back in the early nineties (and the poster of Luskentyre beach in tube stations) used to bring a tear to my eye and DID contribute to me moving back up. Not keen on the new advert though, being famous and being a genuine scottish Scot are two states that do not co-exist easily.

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