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Just heard the best quote on Bono

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TheRealMrsJohnSimm · 23/01/2009 22:28

Am watching Grumpy Old Men....waiting for JR to start on BBC1.....and Nigel Havers has just described Bono as "Bono. Oh farking hell. He really is the bollocks bollocks, isn't he?"! I know its mean but I love anything slagging off Bono because he is such a twunt.



OP posts:
harpomarx · 23/01/2009 22:30

is the bollocks bollocks bad then? Not like better than the dogs bollocks?

TheRealMrsJohnSimm · 23/01/2009 22:31

Yes, bad.

OP posts:
kidcreoleandthecoconuts · 23/01/2009 22:32

I really dislike Bono too.

He's just so full of his own self importance isnt he?

It's like get a've written/sung a few okayish mostly shit havent discovered the secret to world peace, get over yourself!!

MmeLindt · 23/01/2009 22:36

He is so incredibly poncey. He is the Prince of Ponce.

lou33 · 23/01/2009 22:40

i like the new u2 song tho

francagoestohollywood · 23/01/2009 22:43

I liked the U2 in the early 80s.
But I dislike Bono too.

TheCrackFox · 24/01/2009 18:01

Bono is indeed a twat. He once had his hat flown first class because he had forgotten it. Twunt.

ScottishMummy · 24/01/2009 18:16

bonner is a total chop

NoBiggy · 24/01/2009 18:21

I'm sure the hat enjoyed the extra leg room and complementary nibbles.


VeronicaMars · 24/01/2009 18:37

It was in the paper last week that there is a lot of cars parks around Dublin that are notorious for 'dogging' couples and singles. One of them was down the road from Bono's house in the very posh area of Dalkey!

MrsMattie · 24/01/2009 18:39

He is a twat. And he's so botoxed lately, too.

policywonk · 24/01/2009 18:53

I like Bono. Never really understood the vitriol directed at him. Uses his considerable influence for good. Lord knows there are worse people in the world.

MrsMattie · 24/01/2009 18:54

Never trust anyone who wears sunglasses indoors.

bananapaddlepop · 24/01/2009 18:57

I'm with you policywonk, I like Bono and I love U2.

mamalino · 24/01/2009 18:59

I read a great quote from louis walsh recently:
What's the difference between god and Bono?
God doesn't walk down Grafton street thinking he's Bono!

mamalino · 24/01/2009 18:59

I read a great quote from louis walsh recently:
What's the difference between god and Bono?
God doesn't walk down Grafton street thinking he's Bono!

TwoIfBySea · 24/01/2009 19:01

Bono has that disease that so many rich, celeb types have. Where they feel that they can lecture us on saving the world by giving all our money yet they do not practice what they preach. And yes, while they do give "something" I find it sticks in my craw when they warble on, making ordinary mortals feel guilty for having been born in the so-called developed world - then they trot off to their multiple houses and ginormous carbon footprint.

policywonk · 24/01/2009 19:06

But does he really say those things? Doesn't he just believe that people should do their bit? Which he definitely does, if you ask me.

I'm not going to try to claim that he's perfect - not particularly impressed by the tax exile stuff - but I've never really understood why pop stars aren't allowed to express political opinions. He talks a lot less shite than Louis Walsh, for instance

TwoIfBySea · 24/01/2009 19:08

It was great when he and his bandmates were doing things like protesting on the beach near Sellafield. Yes, that was worthwhile and not at all preachy.

But he, as well as his counterparts, have jumped the shark I'm afraid.

bran · 24/01/2009 19:11

I agree with 2ibs, there's definitely a touch of the Scherezade Goldsmith's about Bono in the way that he lectures us lesser mortals. His views on third world debt are irritatingly simplistic too.

I'm not sure which is more annoying, the Paris Hilton model of rich celeb who is removed from the real world but doesn't really care or the do-gooder rich celeb who thinks the whole world should focus on their cause (debt/indigenous peoples/being green) and lectures endlessly about it as though general public had no problems of their own.

TheStatueOfLiffey · 24/01/2009 19:12

I find him quite annoying, so opinionated and yet such a tax dodger, and as for him wanting to turn a beautiful period home into some kind of glass pyramid, that fekks me off, that house will be there long after he's dead, on the coast for future generations to look at from the outside, whether they own it or not!!

Anyway, was reading something in an Irish supplement magazine and the drummer, the one who kept the lowest profile really, was asked "are you still friends with Bono?" and he said "not friends, no, he makes me cringe"

That from somebody who knows him very well. Can't believe more wasn't made of it.

ScottishMummy · 24/01/2009 19:18

bono has that smug i earn gazillions and i can deign to tell the little folk how to live disease(much like other smug gits chris martin and gwynnie)

get right on my wick,that pseudo-moralising preachy everyone listen to me attitude

policywonk · 24/01/2009 19:22

I didn't really understand the crucifixion of Schewotsit either.

Do people think that once you have a certain amount of money - say, £5 million - you should renounce all political views?

I'm very interested in the causes Bono espouses (developing countries, sustainability), which is perhaps why I have a lot of time for him. Lots of other 'ordinary' people are interested in them too.

Chris Martin is alright with me too. (I'll get my coat shall I?)

ScottishMummy · 24/01/2009 19:25

it is the delivery of the message i object to,rather than the topic.bono et al are smug megalomaniac's

mosschops30 · 24/01/2009 19:28

Urgh is despise Bono, dh once dragged me to a U2 concert and he spent most the night prattling on about world starvation etc etc. (add your own worldy cause here).

Yes we appreciate that Bono but we paid £100 to hear you play your songs not harp on about the state of the world

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