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Robot Vacuum Cleaners

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dragonseal · 04/11/2023 20:49

Do you have one? Is it good? I have so many questions!

Is it noisy? Can it handle being upstairs in the day and downstairs at night? Does it fall down the stairs? How often do you empty it? Do you run it every day? Does it do the corners of the room?

OP posts:
NoCloudsAllowed · 25/11/2023 10:21

The other thing mine does that's gross is spit up little bundles of carpet wool matted up with hair, like cat hairballs. And it always seems to find dd's discarded hair ties, bracelets, necklaces, random bits of string etc and get in a big tangle with those.

whoami24601 · 25/11/2023 14:20

NoCloudsAllowed · 25/11/2023 10:17

I have an ageing fairly cheap eufy. I wouldn't be without it but it's not the answer to all things!

It is good for dust and hair, but doesn't always pick up larger bits so you still need a trad hoover to do a once over every now and then. And to do skirting boards, corners, hard to reach bits.

Depending how tidy you are, there's a bit of prep to clear the floor and get wires and anything dangling out of the way.

The battery doesn't last that long, I let mine go until it conks out but sometimes that happens in an inconvenient place like under the bed.

I wouldn't leave it unsupervised, it does fairly often get stuck on things and needs to be freed. Never falls downstairs.

We have an ongoing moth problem and it's a big help to be able to get under beds and sofa. I empty it every time or the chamber becomes a moth farm 😖

If it died I'd probably get another slightly more sophisticated one.

The one we've got maps your house and plans it's route. It also knows when it's losing power and takes itself home to charge, then continues where it stopped once it's fully charged. It's already my favourite thing in my house and its not even here yet 😁

SerendipityJane · 25/11/2023 14:42

I find the mapping invaluable as it lets you create exclude zones where the poor thing can struggle.

Is there anything more heart wrenching than a little robot vacuum saying "Help ! I am suspended." ?

Anyone taken advantage of the feature some have to reprogram the voice responses ?

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