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Why can’t I drink alcohol as I get older?!

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Holidaytime8 · 09/07/2023 22:05

Anyone else?

I’m mid-forties and can’t even drink a glass of wine without feeling rubbish the next day (headache, feel a little nauseous, also feel anxious).

I miss the buzz of having one glass of something! And the social tension I felt like a g&t or a glass of wine broke for me (I’m v shy).

Anything I can do to get the ability to drink back?! I have some lovely social events coming up in the next month, and I’d like to be able to have a small drink at one or two of them without ruining the following day.

OP posts:
Badbudgeter · 09/07/2023 22:09

In my experience no. I’m 43 and have had one drink since January ( just a mini bottle of Prosecco) and it made me feel like shit afterwards.

I used to love booze so it’s a bit gutting.

MotherOfCatBoy · 09/07/2023 22:11

Nope. Sorry. My tolerance has got less and less and it’s not for the want of trying! I was never a big drinker but enjoyed parties and nights out, I could drink fizz or G&T all night. Not once I hit menopause. Body says No.
Like you, one glass is enough now and I go whole weeks without. I am probably close to calling it quits and just going teetotal.

Holidaytime8 · 09/07/2023 22:12

It’s so disappointing! I also feel a little less fun - and I think I am. I go home earlier, and go out less often. I never drank much, but I really miss the bit I did drink.

OP posts:
JobzaGoodun · 09/07/2023 22:15

It's 'cos all those inner organs are not the pink, fresh and perky organs they once were.

Beaverbridge · 09/07/2023 22:17

Same here, just can't do it anymore. Probably for the best. I used to guzzle it too much!.

DanceMumTaxi · 09/07/2023 22:18

Me too. Almost 42 and I rarely drink now. If I do it’s usually only 1 glass of wine or a G&T. I suppose it’s a good thing really.

Indiaplain · 09/07/2023 22:18

I got some 'clean wine spray', and it helps with reducing headachy fuzzy feeling after wine. Only about £8 on Amazon, you just spray it in the glass before putting the wine in. Worth a try!

Williehollobooby · 09/07/2023 22:21

Me neither. Just can't cope with it any more. Trouble is, it seems to be just me amongst my friends. I'm happy to just sip one for the night, but do feel a massive pressure. I dont want make everyone else feel uncomfortable.

Whattheactualwhatnow · 09/07/2023 22:24

Honestly I could’ve written this. Dunno when it happened but all of sudden realised I was drinking less (mostly not at all) because couldn’t face the after effects (terrible sleep, anxiety, racing heart, write off the next day) after more than a glass. The spirit is still so willing but the body is not having it

user1477249785 · 09/07/2023 22:28

Me too. I'm umming and ahing about whether to try this after reading a brilliant review. Anyone here tried it?

WaitingForSunnyDays · 09/07/2023 22:30

I have decided I prefer lunchtime drinking, then home to nap in the afternoon, then I don't feel rubbish the next day ! I keep meaning to buy some milk thistle to see if that helps - I used it years ago and may have been placebo but did seem to reduce the hangover.

Hedonism · 09/07/2023 22:31

😭 this is me too. I'm 44, my tolerance has completely gone. So disappointing. I've also gone off the taste of red wine, which I used to really enjoy.

None of my older relatives seem to have this problem, it's so unfair 😅😥

ClemFandango1 · 10/07/2023 08:22

I'm 40 and one person got me fairly drunk the other night. Just 3 years ago I had a heavy night and felt fine in the morning!

Holidaytime8 · 10/07/2023 10:14

Oh this is so disappointing!! I suppose I just have to quit because the effects the next day are not worth it. No magic cure then? No supplement I can take?! 😅

OP posts:
enjoyingscience · 10/07/2023 10:18

Same here - handovers are no longer worth it. Don’t even need to be tipsy to be completely wiped out the next day now.

it’s healthier I guess, as I really hardly drink at all nowadays

WildFlowerBees · 10/07/2023 10:20

Your liver enzymes decrease with age so don't metabolise alcohol as well.

I'm done on one glass of wine these days so have to make it a spritzer or have a cup of tea!

Colliewobblerr23 · 10/07/2023 10:23


SparklestheUnicorn · 15/07/2023 09:26

I’m the same(43). Although for me the worst thing is the anxiety the next day. I can have one drink but any more than that and I suffer. I used to be a binge drinking queen in my younger days 😂

NoraLuka · 15/07/2023 09:31

Are men ever affected like this? DP and friends are mostly between 35-45 and drink like they always did! I’m ok with 2 glasses of wine, any more than that and I feel rubbish the next day.

user123212 · 15/07/2023 09:40

Same at 44! Can do one sip, that's it. Get horrible swelling feeling of my throat, probably related to reflux. I miss beer, so might try non-alc stuff. If anyone else is drinking i ask to give theirs a good sniff 😅

Oioicaptain · 15/07/2023 09:41

Your ability to process alcohol changes as you go through the perimenopause. Not many people know this. Unfortunately it can increase the chances of liver failure if you are an alcoholic woman around this age.

DustyLee123 · 15/07/2023 09:41

No, this happened to me too. And then I started to get allergy symptoms after two sips, so I don’t drink at all now.

BrucieBru · 15/07/2023 09:41

My sister discovered that she is intolerant to alcohol. She takes an antihistamine before she drinks and it’s done wonders for her hangovers. Obviously keep hydrated and eat well before drinking too.

OiCatThatsMySeat · 15/07/2023 09:52

This is definitely a thing, unfortunately. I limit myself to 2 drinks now, and more often none at all unless it's a special celebration. Clear spirits are better than wine in terms of how I feel the next day.

Brrrrrrrrrrrr · 15/07/2023 09:52

I’d say it’s your body’s way of telling you please don’t have this it’s really not good for you. I can never understand anyone 50+ getting drunk because the effects must be felt days after. There’s plenty of great alcohol free options…

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