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Two bottles of wine every weekend... ?

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HuckingFellHire · 05/07/2023 17:49

How bad is that, so 18/20 units per week. One and a half every Friday or Saturday night the other half the day after so Saturday or Sunday. I know it's more than the recommendation so say 20 instead of 14.

No other alcohol throughout the week just a weekend thing. I know that doesn't balance it out. Just giving a full picture. 40 years old and have been doing it for around 5 years.

Is it that bad?

OP posts:
wildfirewonder · 05/07/2023 17:51

Yes it is bad for health because a) it exceeds your weekly allowance and b) it is binge drinking.

It is worse thand drinking less and better than drinking more. The guidance exists for a reason.

The fact many people do something does not make it healthy.

midgetastic · 05/07/2023 17:52

It's not good is it?

Any alcohol is bad for you but the negative impacts start to shoot up from around 14 units a week ( think hockey stick curve)

And it's probably better to spread them out more evenly too

Wristfolds · 05/07/2023 18:13

Why are you asking now if you’ve been doing it for years? If you’re not happy with it change it for you. I got a soda stream and had sparkling water instead- a lot of the time I just wanted a nice cold drink

MeinKraft · 05/07/2023 18:16

Wristfolds · 05/07/2023 18:13

Why are you asking now if you’ve been doing it for years? If you’re not happy with it change it for you. I got a soda stream and had sparkling water instead- a lot of the time I just wanted a nice cold drink

I've found this too, I'll be craving Prosecco or cider or something and it turns out I'm just thirsty.

FarTooHotForMe · 05/07/2023 18:17

It’s bad, could you try switching to a mini bottle of wine both evenings or a lower alcohol wine or Buck’s Fizz?

ShutUpSheep · 05/07/2023 18:28

Sounds pretty normal to me! I probably do a bottle and a half in a weekend - it's the weekend!

Missingmyusername · 05/07/2023 18:29

Well probably a lot of people will do it, but it’s not great is it. I seem to be typing this a lot today!

F0XCUB88 · 05/07/2023 18:33


BonnieGlasses · 05/07/2023 18:35

Yes, it is bad if you do that every weekend.

Ostryga · 05/07/2023 18:39

You can’t ask about alcohol intake on mumsnet, everyone sniffs a sherry every 8-10 years and they’re off their head here 😂

Do you feel like it’s too much? Is it worrying you? If it does there are ways to cut down, or space it throughout the week. And if you feel reliant on it every weekend then that can be a problem.

adriftabroad · 05/07/2023 18:42

Completely normal.

YouOk · 05/07/2023 18:44

well It's normal for me

Saschka · 05/07/2023 18:44

A bottle and a half in one evening is quite a lot - if you stuck to one bottle, you’d only just be over the weekly limit. And I doubt you’d really notice.

Jomummy1013 · 05/07/2023 18:44

I think normal too. I like a drink, but am currently pregnant and not really drinking, have had a few sips of wine with a work colleague as I don't want them to know I'm pregnant. Even the thought makes me want to hurl.
Pre pregnancy I could easily sink 3 bottles a week! Not great for my health but my stress levels are through the roof Blush

QueenAstrid · 05/07/2023 18:44

Yes completely normal and fine

Kiwiandstrawberries · 05/07/2023 18:45

Pointless question on MN . Obviously it is more than recommended but then many people drink a lot more than that and are fine 🤷‍♀️

YouOk · 05/07/2023 18:45

Although I wouldn't have over a bottle
at once

UrsulaIsMyQueen · 05/07/2023 18:47

I used to drink about this amount but now stick to one bottle a week which I split over Friday and Saturday night. I don’t feel like I’m missing anything and feel fresher in the mornings so it’s a win win really.

Mushroo · 05/07/2023 18:49

I’d say upper end of normal. It’s an amount I could easily drink and would really enjoy if alcohol wasn’t bad for you.

A weekend would be half a bottle Friday / Saturday / Sunday so 1.5 bottles over the weekend plus maybe the odd beer and I wouldn’t get a hangover on that.

I recognise it’s too much though so try to stick to one bottle over the weekend - could you try that?

Hobbitfeet32 · 05/07/2023 18:58

Normal doesn’t mean healthy

Saschka · 05/07/2023 18:59

I wonder if some people are missing that you are drinking almost all of this in one night - if you said you went out every Friday and drank 8 pints, and then had another 1-2 pints the next day, I think you would be getting a different response. It’s a lot for one night.

snoozingbaby1476 · 05/07/2023 19:00

It's normal for me. I don't work Friday so Thursday is my weekend start. Easy to drink 2 bottles on that basis. I'm am trying not to though.

snoozingbaby1476 · 05/07/2023 19:01

Especially Prosecco. Goes down far to easily.

Simplelobsterhat · 05/07/2023 19:04

I thought not too bad when thinking 2 bottles over maybe 3 days, buy if it's a bottle and a half in a night that seems a lot. I probably do a bottle and a half over the weekend, but only if I'm drinking on all 3 evenings, as I rarely have more than half a bottle of wine in one go. I certainly wouldn't open a second bottle.

In terms of units obviously it's more than recommended but doesn't sound awful over a week, but it does seem like binge drinking if it's mostly over 1 night.

bryceQ · 05/07/2023 19:06

It's obviously too much in one go, it's very different to a small glass every day.

But lots of people drink too much. Lots of people eat too much. Lots of people smoke. Or don't get enough sleep. Loads of stress. Too much sugar.

I suppose most people have unhealthy habits.

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