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Two bottles of wine every weekend... ?

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HuckingFellHire · 05/07/2023 17:49

How bad is that, so 18/20 units per week. One and a half every Friday or Saturday night the other half the day after so Saturday or Sunday. I know it's more than the recommendation so say 20 instead of 14.

No other alcohol throughout the week just a weekend thing. I know that doesn't balance it out. Just giving a full picture. 40 years old and have been doing it for around 5 years.

Is it that bad?

OP posts:
GarlicGrace · 05/07/2023 19:08

Technically not great, as you're aware. Realistically normal, and unlikely to have serious health effects. Just drink more water afterwards Wine

ThatSunCreamSmell · 05/07/2023 19:09

Don't ask that here FGS 😂

ThoughtfulCow · 05/07/2023 19:11

What do you mean how bad? You're still alive.
I knew of people around your age who drank 2 bottles a day. Had autoimmune, low level sickness, skin and hair shit and gained a ton of weight but otherwise alive.
Liver disease creeps up on you and then BAM.
It doesn't sound like your body has given up on you so you can still become healthy if you want. I think any serious symptoms will come in another 5 years of this behaviour as age isn't on your side (or mine)

Smoky1107 · 05/07/2023 19:13

I drink a little more than this, probably over two bottles a weekend.
I've no intention of cutting down right now and it's social drinks which I enjoy

Keykat · 05/07/2023 19:16

I don't drink, but I think once a drinker's intake is sociable, relaxing, doesn't impact on household finances/work/family, and you feel ok next day, it's fine. There are far worse things to do than drink a couple of bottles of wine over a weekend.

waterlego · 05/07/2023 19:18

It’s ‘normal’ as in probably quite common, but it’s not very good for you. The fact that you have started a thread suggests you already know this though.

flatpack1 · 05/07/2023 19:32

Ostryga · 05/07/2023 18:39

You can’t ask about alcohol intake on mumsnet, everyone sniffs a sherry every 8-10 years and they’re off their head here 😂

Do you feel like it’s too much? Is it worrying you? If it does there are ways to cut down, or space it throughout the week. And if you feel reliant on it every weekend then that can be a problem.

😂Love it!

ironorchids · 05/07/2023 19:43

It's both normal and too much.
Can you swap one of the bottles out for something else? Flavoured sparkling water or something like that? It sounds boring but could be really good for you and not make too much difference to your weekend.

Bearpawk · 05/07/2023 20:01

I'd say 1.5 bottles of wine in one sitting is binge drinking. Weirdly if you went out and drank that socially it would be considered more normal.

Wolfiefan · 05/07/2023 20:04

I wouldn’t worry about a couple of bottles a week. But a bottle and a half in one night is a big binge. That I would change.

Allwelcone · 05/07/2023 20:08

Oh dear I think I drink 2 bottles Thurs- Sunday (dont work Fridays).
Must get on top of it!

Münchner · 05/07/2023 20:08

No problem sounds more like a Tuesday night

mondaytosunday · 05/07/2023 20:15

So what's that 'recommended no more than 14 units' based on? Hmm. If you accept the recommendation from 2016, one has to accept every previous recommendation was incorrect, and as the UK has one if the lowest recommended limits for men (Spain it's 35 units for men, 22 for women, 21 for men in Denmark, though only 10.5 for women), that many other countries have it wrong too, though the limits for women are more on par.
While there are studies that refute the idea that drinking a moderate amount helps heart health (for example) there are others that suggest otherwise. Plus there is the factor of weight. The recommendation for men is the same as for women in this country, but not in most, part of this is due to the higher proportion of fat in women, and smaller size. So if you are bigger you can tolerate more alcohol.
Twice as much alcohol is sold here than people admit to drinking, so might the government advise these limits thinking that people will drink more, and by lowering the limit (it was 56 units for men in 1979, then 36, then 28, then 21 until 2016), people will gradually lower their consumption?
Yes you are drinking more than recommended, but it is probably fairly normal (and I do acknowledge that doesn't mean it's ok), so I don't think it's 'that bad'.

NannyGythaOgg · 05/07/2023 21:02

Guidelines are, by their nature, random. Some people become addicted to alcohol after their very first drink. Others drink way over the limit for years with little obvious effect.
When Shane MacGowan released FairyTale of New York few would have given him more than 5 years - He's still here , Kirsty isn't. Many other music celebs also drink/did drink very very heavily. For some it killed them, others are still around.
This doesn't mean that everyone is fine drinking 20 units a week. Some cannot tolerate any, others tolerate a lot more.

Less than 14 units is considered 'low risk', (it's also lower risk if this is spread over at least 3 days) more is considered 'higher risk'. In 1979, less than 59 units was considered low risk for men (women weren't even relevant). SOME of the risks also relate to behaviour under the influence (male (generally) violence) rather than direct medical effects.

Every country has advised different advisories. Genetics play a huge part in how much alcohol your body will tolerate/process etc.

My family (blood relations) all drink more than the recommended amounts, as did my parents. My parents both lived (and I mean lived) into well into their 90s. The majority of my generation is now healthy and in their 70s.

Too much alcohol increases risks - it doesn't necessarily mean it will be an issue for any specific individual - just that higher intake increases risks. It's up to each individual to weigh up the odds and make their own decisions.

If you have alcohol problems in your family then you are at higher risk if you drink at all. If you are a family of above average intake but with no (obvious) associated health issues, I would posset it is less likely. But who knows. We are all individuals.

I drink more than advised. I'm currently healthy, live alone with no dependants so I'm ok with my intake. Others weigh up your own risks.

One thing is sure. It's not the case that 14 units is fine and 15 will kill you

mindutopia · 05/07/2023 21:33

In the bigger picture of things, I think it’s fine. I say this as someone who is now sober. As long as it doesn’t slide into greater quantities or drinking during the week. If you can, do one AF weekend a month. You’ll probably be surprised how much you enjoy it.

HuckingFellHire · 06/07/2023 10:28

Thanks all... I've done the weekend grocery shop and have chosen a lower unit for ONE of the bottles 🤭

OP posts:
MaryJean87 · 06/07/2023 10:35

I probably drink a similar amount. If it's something you want to change, then change it but its up to you. I eat healthily, have never smoked or taken drugs and I don't get out to socialise much so I like a bottle of wine and a takeaway on a Saturday night. If that takes 5 years off my life, I'm not bothered.

Wolfiefan · 06/07/2023 10:35

Buy you still shouldn’t be regularly drinking a bottle and a half. Plus I hope you don’t drive the day after.
Half a bottle then switch to a nice non alcoholic option would be better.

Tighginn · 06/07/2023 10:47

Yes please!😍

HuckingFellHire · 06/07/2023 11:52

Wolfiefan · 06/07/2023 10:35

Buy you still shouldn’t be regularly drinking a bottle and a half. Plus I hope you don’t drive the day after.
Half a bottle then switch to a nice non alcoholic option would be better.

I NEVER drive the day after

OP posts:
PomTiddlyPomPom · 06/07/2023 12:14

I drink a bit more than that over the weekend.
I will also have a couple during the week if I feel like it.
I am not worried about the amount I drink!

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