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Lip fillers

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Kayx28 · 03/07/2023 21:31

Hey girls, so I had my lips done 5 days ago and my top lip looks like it's already migrated?? Or is this normal considering its only been 5 days since I had them done? Has anyone else had them done and/or has this happened to you? My first time getting them done and I had Juverdem Ultra 3 in them.

Lip fillers
Lip fillers
OP posts:
goingmadnow · 03/07/2023 22:03

Sorry no advice but bumping for you. Did you have quite a lot in ? I'd expect at 5 days they're still swollen and should calm down a little

namechange1986 · 03/07/2023 23:41

How much filler did you have put in and how thing were your lips before?

xenonyx · 03/07/2023 23:46

Yes, how much filler? First time? If not how long since the last filling and how much? Also any particular techniques used?

I had mine done four days ago. Crisp edges, swelling has almost subsided. No sign of migration.

It's possible yours will settle down but I don't like the look of it.

WhileMyGuitarGentlyWeeps · 03/07/2023 23:46

They don't look brilliant right now OP, but as it's only been a few days, they will hopefully settle down!

xenonyx · 03/07/2023 23:48

Oh, first time.

Mellymelson · 03/07/2023 23:48

I’ve had lip filler twice and they didn’t look this size 5 days after… maybe contact your injector and ask for her to have a look?

They should have gone down considerably after the first few days and look quite natural already, especially if it’s your first time having lip filler!

(This is just my opinion on my experience, might be different for other people)

Astridastro · 03/07/2023 23:50

I had mine done 5 days ago too, just a tiny amount she said to balance out my face as I didn’t particularly want them done. At first I was horrified but now they’ve settled down they look ok. I think you’ve had a lot more out in than I have. Mine don’t look as swollen. I don’t think I’ll be getting mine done again though.

xenonyx · 03/07/2023 23:53

I had 0.5 ml. I'd never have more than that at a time, especially for a first time.

shabbadababa · 03/07/2023 23:53

Yes that is hell of alot of migration and bumps too. Filler been shoved everywhere there unlike evening it out I'm currently doing all my courses for lip filler and this is shocking to say its only 5 days. It looks more like a couple years ide request money back or dissolved and get elsewhere.

WetBandits · 03/07/2023 23:54

How much filler did you have put in? They look like they’ve been overfilled with poor technique; it’s way beyond the vermilion border. Hopefully some of that is just swelling! If they still look like this in a week, I’d be going back to whoever did them and asking what they can do to put it right.

blackbeardsballsack · 04/07/2023 00:26

I just can't imagine this being done in one sitting, as they look as if they have several ml in them?

Soapyspuds · 04/07/2023 00:37

I had mine done 5 days ago too, just a tiny amount she said to balance out my face as I didn’t particularly want them done

That is really unethical if they encouraged you to get them done even though you did not want to.

Kayx28 · 04/07/2023 07:28

This is my first time getting them. I had 1ml in as advised by the injector. She said the bumps should go completely down by at least 2 weeks, so I will give it till a couple more days if they still look like this I will go back.

OP posts:
Toothiepegg · 05/07/2023 13:53

How are things today, any improvement on the swelling?

Kayx28 · 05/07/2023 18:17

The swelling looks like it's gone down the slightest bit. However it may just be me wishful thinking? Haha, il attach a picture. My lips look bigger on the side than they do front on which is weird.

Lip fillers
OP posts:
Toothiepegg · 05/07/2023 18:21

I think it has gone down a little, compared to your first photos.

Kayx28 · 05/07/2023 18:25

I've noticed though one side is still abit swollen whereas the other side the swelling has gone down, so hopefully when all the swelling has gone down my top lip won't look migrated.

OP posts:
ABugWife · 05/07/2023 18:30

I have lip filler so no judgement from me but they don't look particularly well done.

I am not trying to be offensive, you just seem to have the misshapen sausage top lip going on that happens so often with lip fillers.

It does look a bit better now the swelling has reduced and they look a bit less lumpy so hopefully will settle more but I definitely wouldn't go back to that particular practitioner.

Kayx28 · 05/07/2023 18:37

No, no offence taken, I totally agree they could have done them better. I want them a little bit bigger so I know I'll have to get them done again and I definitely won't be going back there, hopefully the other place can correct them if they still look the same.

OP posts:
bryceQ · 05/07/2023 18:46

Gosh please don't go bigger!!!

WoofWoofBeachLife · 05/07/2023 18:50

Do you have any arnica tablets? I started taking them a week before my first time. I got 0.5ml and had little swelling.

Nousernamesleftatall · 05/07/2023 18:51

Did you get them done by a doctor?

ladydimitrescu · 05/07/2023 18:55

They'll go down loads, mine were uneven until they healed and now look great. Honestly don't worry yet!

creativebutterfly · 05/07/2023 18:58

I've naturally got full lips can't understand why this look is now suddenly in fashion. On certain faces it just looks bleurgh !

Jongleterre · 05/07/2023 19:06

It look like a lot more than 1ml and certainly not done by anyone who should be qualified to do so.

I would never go back to that person again if I were you.

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