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Do kids still pick blackberries wild?

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callingeveryone · 03/07/2023 17:25

Just wondering if kids still do this or not?

OP posts:
UndercoverCop · 03/07/2023 17:57

Not sure about kids but my gran does!

WhimHoff · 03/07/2023 17:58

God yes, gets us through the end of the summer hols!

eurochick · 03/07/2023 17:59

Yep. We do it every year. And make delicious sorbet. I don't see many families out though.

We have wild garlic on our land which makes lovely garlic butter.

I have friends that are very into foraging but I have yet to venture beyond blackberries and garlic as they are clearly identifiable.

Doje · 03/07/2023 17:59

Absolutely, I've still got a bag in the freezer from last year's harvest!! 🤣

We take the kids, but DH also collects a bagful every time he takes the dog out for a walk.

massiveclamps · 03/07/2023 18:02

We do, every year. The new season will be starting soon, and DH has been finishing up the last few we still had in the freezer from last year. He likes them on his breakfast cereal. Thawed obviously, not still frozen - that would be weird.

Chaotica · 03/07/2023 18:07

Yes. We also pick plums/greengages if we see them and have moved on to apples for jam/jelly and pears. There are loads. A few people pick them but I suspect that most don't even realise they're walking past free food.

heartofglass23 · 03/07/2023 18:11

Mine do

Giselletheunicorn · 03/07/2023 18:11

Blackberry bushes near us are not easy to access (either fenced off or across a ditch.) But would totally would do it if they were accessible.

Do pick sloes for sloe gin - but not necessarily a kid-friendly acitivity.

TheFutureIs · 03/07/2023 18:12

DD6 talks about it all year and has done since she was tiny, she loves a bit of a forage! We're so lucky there's apple and pear trees near us too so can make some delicious crumbles in the autumn

CurlewKate · 03/07/2023 18:13

Round our way they do. We have to get up very early to get any!

guzzleandstuff · 03/07/2023 18:15

Yes - and when they were little it was one of their favourite ever things to do. We'd all go off with our little tupperware containers - and when we came home there'd be blackberries and cream, blackberry ice cream, blackberry and apple pie! Happy days.

electriclight · 03/07/2023 18:18

Yes and sloes

Superdupes · 03/07/2023 18:18

We find blackberries a bit sharp, but the raspberries are wonderful right now! I'd recommend for anyone with even a small garden to grow raspberries, they are by far and away the best thing I've ever grown - and I really recommend Glen Ample if you're not sure what type.

Twoshoesnewshoes · 03/07/2023 18:20

Yes, always
they grow in our garden too
and my dog kind of mumbles them off the bush and eats all at her level

Spanielsarepainless · 03/07/2023 18:28

The Labrador and I are picking raspberries at the moment, where canes hang over to our regular walk. I haven't seen children out picking blackberries for several decades. All the more for me and Lab. I make bramble whisky and blackberry gin and vodka.

Chasingsquirrels · 03/07/2023 18:35

I think the last time I went with my kids was summer 2020.
They were born in 2002 & 2006, so 17 & 14 at the time. The 17yo picked the most.
I picked loads last year & still have some in the freezer.

WotNoUserName · 03/07/2023 18:40

Yes, mine are adults now, but I can usually persuade a couple of them to help me pick a load. We have an apple tree so make crumble and jam. Blackberry muffins are also delicious.

bussteward · 03/07/2023 18:45

Yes but they’re always eaten by DD before we gather nearly enough for jam or crumble. Thankfully she’s not bothered by rose hips, elderflowers or sloes so I can gather in peace.

Drews · 03/07/2023 18:46

Sod the kids, I still do it. Not for crumbles, for the vodka.

mastertomsmum · 03/07/2023 18:47

callingeveryone · 03/07/2023 17:25

Just wondering if kids still do this or not?

Normally more of an adult activity

simbobs · 03/07/2023 18:48

Yes, and probably still would if they lived at home. Just the wild raspberries coming through at the moment on our walks, but unfortunately they seem largely to be behind a screen of nettles. Dog and I will be picking bilberries soon.

MintJulia · 03/07/2023 18:55

My ds likes them so much, he picks buckets of them every year and I bottle them in syrup so he can eat them all winter with ice cream & shortbread. 😊

lapisamethyst · 03/07/2023 18:59

My grandson adores them. We go blackberrying at every opportunity. Lucky to have loads within a few minutes walking distance.
They taste so wonderful.

Oysterbabe · 03/07/2023 19:00

We go blackberry picking several times every season. The kids love it.

CosmosQueen · 03/07/2023 19:01

Definitely! And having done blackberry picking with my DCs I have started it with my DGCs when they were tiny.
They live in London and I was quite shocked buy how many people asked what were we doing and who had never done this. We also found a wonderful Mirabelle plum tree growing wild and picked those too!
I love picking blackberries, I will carry on for as long as I can!

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