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Do kids still pick blackberries wild?

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callingeveryone · 03/07/2023 17:25

Just wondering if kids still do this or not?

OP posts:
Digestive28 · 03/07/2023 17:27

Yes. But none ready near us, is a few raspberries though and they are delicious

FisherThem · 03/07/2023 17:27

We do every year!

Watto1 · 03/07/2023 17:27

I take my kids every year. Great fun and free food!

Dacadactyl · 03/07/2023 17:27

Yeah mine do on occasion. We picked them religiously in a good local spot til the eldest was about 12, now we'll just bring tupperware if we go on a walk and pick them if we see any.

EddieMunsen · 03/07/2023 17:27

We take our kids every autumn, and then make jam.

callingeveryone · 03/07/2023 17:28

Oh good. Glad to see it does still happen.

OP posts:
BamBamBambi · 03/07/2023 17:29

I take my kids too.

Although I freeze them and add them to my gins 😂😂

ChildrenOfRuin · 03/07/2023 17:30

We did this with the DC last year

IHeartGeneHunt · 03/07/2023 17:32

Yes and raspberries. We were out picking raspberries this morning

orangeclubsarebest · 03/07/2023 17:32

Yes mine do. Well the teens are beyond it now but the little one still does.

Saschka · 03/07/2023 17:33

Yep, and we’re in London (zone 2). There are loads in the park and by the railway line. The main issue is getting to them before the birds and squirrels eat them.

DBro gathers wild elderflower and garlic as well. I can’t be bothered, but it is easily available.

MrsTerryPratchett · 03/07/2023 17:34

Every year.

Terryer · 03/07/2023 17:34

We have a lot along the lane we live on, but last year a gang of seven or eight blokes came in a van and stripped the lot.

Bovrilla · 03/07/2023 17:35

Yep, mine do too

We stew and freeze some for crumbles and then some go into my hedgerow gin

Chocolateatanyop · 03/07/2023 17:36

Yes we do … it’s a good way to get teens out on a walk

Mizzem · 03/07/2023 17:36

We live rurally and eat wild food year round. Blackberries season is a particular favourite. This year my partner is making a masive rumtopf so we will be picking loads!

mast0650 · 03/07/2023 17:36

Don't know about kids, but we certainly do! Every time my husband goes out cycling in late summer he takes an empty box with him and fills it up.

GarlicGrace · 03/07/2023 17:37

Round here, it's a few kids and a swarm of adults! Every year, I abandon my fantasy of a lazy wander, picking a few berries - it's worse than the fight for the supermarket yellow labels Shock

Yesterday, though, I did beat the birds to the cherry tree. Small win for me and my insomnia Grin

DobbyTheHouseElk · 03/07/2023 17:40

Yes, but not now. Too early. In a few months everyone will be out with plastic bags getting the blackberries. The wild ones have so much flavour and perfect for crumbles.

SwordToFlamethrower · 03/07/2023 17:40

Of course! Encourage it! Make pies, have fun, enjoy!

SerenityNowInsanityLater · 03/07/2023 17:44

This reply has been withdrawn

This has been withdrawn by MNHQ at the poster's request.

UpTheAnte · 03/07/2023 17:48

Yes! We have to time it well though, too soon and they're unripe. Too late and neighbours from the lane swipe them.

847arc · 03/07/2023 17:53

Yes, and sloes for gin Grin

avocadotofu · 03/07/2023 17:56

Yes. We pick a few when we see them. My son loves it!

TakeMe2Insanity · 03/07/2023 17:57

We live in London and my DC actively watches the local bushes we pass by daily. So they aren’t in wild but neither are we!

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