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Good Morning Mumsnet! What's everyone up to today?

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lucysmam · 02/07/2023 09:30

I've not been up long - apparently I was tired after four days on the go! I'm just sitting down to my first cuppa and some breakfast. Aldi's honey yogurt with some fruit that needs eating. I'm not big on yogurt but this one's nice!

The girls are still in bed, but I can hear dd2 moving about, and their dad's at work until mid-day.

I plan to spend the day pottering in the kitchen which, atm, looks like a whirlwind has been through it 🤯 and setting it straight. I'll do some washing too and have two pairs of jeans I want to cut to my length.

Dd1 is going to start sorting her room - she keeps waffling about "having a week off", except she finished school 2 weeks ago so I'll sit up there if I have to & instruct. No idea what dd2 plans to do, probably just mooch about 🤷‍♀️

Roast chicken dinner today for tea 😋we've not had one for a few weeks & I really fancy it. Followed by giant pastries later on (shared between us again, they're that big!).

I'll spend some time finishing a crochet project later on & probably have another fairly early night too.

What about you? 🙂

OP posts:
Mull · 02/07/2023 09:35

Morning! Still in bed with a cup of tea although I didn’t wake up til nearly 8.30 as was tired from a big day out yesterday.

I can hear DS starting to prep for making pasties (school food tech homework) so I will steer clear of the kitchen til that’s done!

I mainly want to watch the cricket today. No idea what DH has planned, possibly swimming with DD who has had her arm cast off after 8wks (broken wrist playing rugby 🙄) so can finally get her arm wet.

BBQ for dinner later.

Have a good day 😀

Ominot · 02/07/2023 09:44

I’m going to look for the very first time at motohomes , it’s a fact finding look and not to buy. Probably have some lunch out and walk along the river that’s close to where we are viewing them.

I am playing Diablo 4 later on my console and setting it up so DH can also play with me, DS will probably also join our team. Later we will watch the first episode of a box set we have lined up and have dinner with DS. Also need to change the bedding. DS is currently still asleep as is his GF, dropping her off at work on the way to the motorhome place. DS has requisitioned the use of the washing machine today and is off to his placement tomorrow. My lovely friend came for dinner last night and bought a huge pudding so half is left, looking forward to finishing it off, she is an excellent baker.

MyFaceIsAnAONB · 02/07/2023 09:48

Morning! Love these threads!

Going to see a women’s ashes warm up match and hoping there will be other stuff going on - I’m sure I read there will be fete type stuff there too otherwise I will die of boredom. Also going to pop to the music shop to buy a loop pedal.

MUST go for a run today too. Or at the very very worst, tomorrow.

No idea re dinner. Kids won’t eat it anyway!

MinnieMountain · 02/07/2023 09:50

I’m knackered because we had friends over for dinner last night and my stupid peri-menopausal hormones don’t let me sleep if I’ve had more than 2 glasses of wine.

We've got 20 people coming for a barbecue this afternoon. All the prep is done bar cooking 3 chickens and large amounts of sausages.

I’m going to take DS for a bike ride soon.

Justonedayatatime11 · 02/07/2023 09:53

If I can drag myself off the sofa then we're headed to the saddlery. However, I can't remember the last time I managed to sleep past 5.30 so I may just lay here and procrastinate all day. Washing to do, animals to sort and absolutely no idea what we're eating today!

Hey2021 · 02/07/2023 10:04

Operation sort the house out ready for yet another full on working week. Then off to my parents house later for a bbq with family. My grandparents are visiting from Spain.

ssd · 02/07/2023 10:09

Still in bed. House needing a sort out. Washing piling up due to bad weather. Chicken dinner here too.!

Crunchymum · 02/07/2023 10:14

Waiting for food shopping to arrive, then going to marinate some chicken for later (honey, soy and ginger) and then we're off to a local festival / summer fate thing.

Kids all bathed and homework is kind of done. I've even managed to do the ironing already so we'll have a free afternoon.

Aforementioned chicken, new potatoes and veggies for dinner. Then an early night all round as its another hectic week. Trying to limit screen time in the evening so I'm going to try and teach kids how to play Cluedo later.

cptartapp · 02/07/2023 10:17

DH has gone over to PIL to help out with some paperwork after a not very positive cancer diagnosis for FIL.
DS1 flies back from Greece tonight. No doubt with tons of washing. DS2 is off to Italy for a month with friends soon so he's prepping for that.
All three of them are off to the F1 next weekend - very excited.
I'm recovering from a cardiac ablation so not doing much really. Cooking and washing by the looks of it.

beatingtheodds · 02/07/2023 10:23


Your day sounds lovely.
I'm pottering, DD currently eating her yog and blueberries. I'm taking her to a trampoline park today and then baking some blueberry muffins this eve.

There's a big fruit and veg stall on our street every Saturday (we live in a market town) so stocked up on 2 weeks worth of fruit and veg so I need to wash it all and cut it up and put it into boxes.
Pretty standard day here and it's quite grey looking outside in Surrey!

Have a good day everyone.

LucyWarlowsRightHand · 02/07/2023 10:26

Good morning! Am gathering the energy to get myself off the sofa. I absolutely must do some housework this morning, those boring things that keep getting put off like changing the sofa covers. Also a bit of DIY in the bathroom. Then planning my week and hopefully taking DD (aged 10) for a walk and an ice cream this afternoon for a surprise treat.

QwertyWitch · 02/07/2023 10:32

Currently, coffee, mumsnet, book.
Roast chicken for dinner here today too.

Apart from that, lots of cleaning as it's a proper tip here, a walk in the woods and some tv later.
We were all out with friends last night so everyone's tired.

NatWestPigFamily · 02/07/2023 10:41

I’m recovering from a terrible bout of tonsillitis but the antibiotics have kicked in and I feel better today.

Just spent the last hour putting away laundry whilst watching Netflix. The kids are at church parade with DH so it is quiet.

Later I will cook chicken, new potatoes and lots of roast carrots as I accidentally bought 4 bags on my online shop!

Decafflatteplease · 02/07/2023 10:46

Morning @lucysmam .

I got up early with youngest so DH had a bit of a lie in. Got a wash on, cleared dry dishes etc, food shop came and got that away.

Now back in bed for a bit with a coffee and just scrolling. Yesterday we got the DC to give ideas of what they want to do in summer holidays so currently looking up all those things, seeing what's In budget, what needs to be booked etc.

Very windy here today, pottering morning then after an early lunch we are off swimming / hydrotherapy we go most weekends as have an annual pass .

"Roast" pork in the slow cooker for dinner, with cheesy leeks, roasties, Yorkshire's, kale, gravy. Warm choc fudge cake and cream for pud I can't wait!

Sunday evening is my self care Sunday, usually it's gin kindle and bath but I'll get a shower when home from swimming so will probably watch TV this evening instead and there's a small bit of wine left from last night so will enjoy that too!

lucysmam · 02/07/2023 10:49

@Decafflatteplease I like your self care Sunday idea, I might adopt it.

OP posts:
FridaRose · 02/07/2023 10:55

Ouch sorry about the tonsillitis @NatWestPigFamily I used to get them alll the time Sad

We're in Australia here so Sunday has come to an end but in the morning I've played with my DS, then went to a shopping centre in the afternoon. He refused lunchtime nap so we went to a playground instead. So busy there! Nice and warm about 19 degrees.

At home played with DS and pottered around. We both had dinner and a bath together.

Going to sleep now it's almost 8pm Grin New week tomorrow and am looking forward to daycare - I can get my hair washed and styled with the new Dyson airwrap, have my coffee in peace and generally mooch around and clean the house.

lucysmam · 02/07/2023 11:00

Well, I now know what dd2's plans are...she's been down for breakfast & gone back up to get dd1 up for a walk to the little Asda. Lucky dd1 🤣. She wants some cereal bars and pain au chocolate. I'll get them to pick up some sort of cereal for me too, since they're going anyway.

OP posts:
OnTheRunWithMannyMontana · 02/07/2023 11:00

Morning @lucysmam

We have had bacon and mushroom sandwiches this morning and planning gammon, new potatoes and salad for dinner.

DH is kitchen pottering and doing some tidying, I've got some bad pain spasms from yesterdays acupuncture so am sitting still with a book for a bit (the acupuncture itself doesn't hurt but I'm having it to stimulate damaged nerves and always get an increase in pain afterwards.)

Later this afternoon I need to change the bamboo stakes in my cucumber and tomato plants for longer ones as the hot weather is making them grow very well! Then I have 2 physalis plants I need to move outside from the seed tray.

Hoping DD finally finishes cleaning her room.

CrackersCheeseAndWinePlease · 02/07/2023 11:03

Morning all, I love these threads!
I work 6 days a week so todays my day off. I'm planning on not a lot today. Need to wash DD's uniform for school and do the usual Sunday cleaning.
DD18 is at a friends after a night out last night so will pick her up at some point, DD15 is in her room apparently cleaning it but haven't been to inspect yet. Youngest DD is playing Minecraft.
Tea will be roast chicken then bath for youngest dd then I'll probably watch a film with DH before bed and back to work tomorrow

FlorencenotRatchet · 02/07/2023 11:03

I've done a 10k run and then volunteered at my local junior Parkrun.
Just put a load of washing in before I head to the cinema.

FridaRose · 02/07/2023 11:11

@FlorencenotRatchet I used to absolutely love my morning 10km runs!

I can't do that now with a 1 year old; post long morning long run I used to have a very lazy and chilled day. No chance now as DS wears me out by 3pmGrin

And I'm on my own with him this week so couldn't even do a short run.

tinydancer88 · 02/07/2023 11:11

Got back from a long run, enjoying a coffee and listening to the radio whilst my partner makes us sausage & hash brown muffins.

We’ll potter around at home, then go for a walk later, and spend the evening with a jug of sangria and a big pizza hopefully eaten outside 🙂

Bananaramad · 02/07/2023 11:22

Still in bed with ddog, but being productive by planning what I'll do when I get up. Dh just out of shower and he's off out for the day meeting friends for a match. I going to organise clothes for work week. Need to shop for dinner i have new potatoes so thinking steak mushrooms pepper sauce. Hope to be home for 2 and relax for the day. Finish my book. Watch a movie and maybe glass of wine. Love these threads and love Sunday.

Ragwort · 02/07/2023 11:23

A rare day with absolutely no plans for once ... I usually visit my elderly DM on Sunday but we had a day out on Friday so she will be happy watching the Wimbledon at home! DS has gone to Lords to watch the cricket and DH playing golf. I have the house to myself which I love ... DS has come home from Uni (completely finished now ☹️) with a mountain of stuff which I am sorting and throwing some out yes, I know he should do it himself but I just want all his stuff back in his room not littered all over the house ... already done 4 loads of washing Grin.
Will catch up on some recorded tv whilst tackling the ironing, go for a walk later, Pimms and reading in the garden this afternoon and gammon joint for dinner.

Taytocrisps · 02/07/2023 11:32

A very quiet, relaxing day here. I've been lazing on MN since I got up. I'm going to get dressed shortly and head to the supermarket. I'll do a bit of housework, cook dinner and chill in front of the TV for the evening. Nice to recharge my batteries before the working week kicks off tomorrow.

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