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Suggestions for a university essentials box for DD please

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WillowtreeHouse · 24/06/2023 11:45

I don't mean things like toaster/kettle etc, I mean little things that she won't think of and I actually can't think of right now either, which is why I'm asking here. 😂 So far I have a trolley token and pens and I'm doing this to take my mind off the fact that she's leaving home in a couple of months and I think my heart might actually break (through I'd never show her that).

OP posts:
Kingdedede · 24/06/2023 11:48

1st aid kit?

Allthegoodusernamesareused · 24/06/2023 11:50

Clothes hangers were the thing that my DD forgot.
Sending solidarity, OP - the first couple of weeks were difficult, but I kept myself busy and before I knew it she was home for Christmas.

mauveiscurious · 24/06/2023 11:51

A box of biscuits to win friends with and a door stop to allow people to drop in and say Hi

Corkcobain · 24/06/2023 11:54

Not sure if it's exactly what your after but my mum did similar and put it in a storage box to go under my bed, but the majority was filled with cheap non perishable food. Tinned soups, noodles, pasta, sauces, tuna, teabags,rice etc (all things you know they like and will eat though!)
It was THE most useful as money was tight and I could use it to supplement my food shop or if I ran out of money completely I knew I would always have food to fall back on.
She also included things like sponges/cleaning cloths, multisurface spray, zoflora, tin opener etc

GoodHotSoup · 24/06/2023 11:55

Door stop to hold her door open- great for making friends at the start.

Slaistery · 24/06/2023 11:55

Sanpro- seriously, saved me so much money and angst when my mum packed me a pile.

Cystitis relief - you never know you need it until you don’t have it and by then you’re very miserable

a waiter’s friend

one sharp knife - halls never have them and they’re handy for when you’re picnic/camping in your room after missing hall

condoms - because it’s better to have and not need than to need and not have

nice coffee - instant friend juice

vodkaredbullgirl · 24/06/2023 11:56

Paracetamol, Ibuprofen.

yomellamoHelly · 24/06/2023 12:07

Spare charger, batteries, alarm clock (backup was useful), extension lead, blutack / pin tacks / command hooks for posters / fairy lights, laundry baskets (ds has 2 as it tends to stack up before being done), hot chocolate, tea towels / washing up liquid/ scourers / sponges, salt / pepper / oil / favourite herbs / spices, wet wipes

Bunlass · 24/06/2023 12:08

Washing powder

Zarataralara · 24/06/2023 12:28

Mine went off with a box containing toiletries ( a term’s worth of toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo etc.) and cleaning stuff including laundry powder ( this was the olden days) cloths, spray cleaner, disinfectant, toilet cleaner. And basic food.

Barleysugar86 · 24/06/2023 12:31

Maybe add one framed photo of the family that would evoke happy memories- there are always weeks where you've broken up with someone etc. and are missing home

SoupDragon · 24/06/2023 12:37

I can't remember which DS but their flat was so happy I'd packed a box of plasters 😂

Shinyandnew1 · 24/06/2023 12:38

My DD was very organised and had boxes for different things on her shelf, rather than one big box.

One box for medical stuff-first aid, plasters, paracetamol, tweezers, Night nurse, throat sweets, tampons, pills etc

One box for stationery-blue tac, envelopes, post it notes, pens, sellotape etc

A smaller box for miscellaneous-safety pins, sewing kit, tape measure, screwdriver, batteries, chargers.

A folder for important things-passport, student loans info.

A box with a handle to take into the shared bathroom-wash stuff/toiletries.

Plus a big box for spare pasta/sauce/toilet rolls etc that lives under the bed.

It worked really well last year!

endofthelinefinally · 24/06/2023 12:42

Can I also suggest, to everyone reading this thread, that you make sure your child does a basic first aid course before they leave home? So that they can learn how to keep themselves and their friends safe.
Make sure they find out where the local A&E and walk in centre is. How and when to get help if necessary.
What to do if their friend has too much to drink, has their drink spiked, takes something they shouldn't.
It is really important.
My son would be alive if his mate had just known how to put him in the recovery position. Such a simple thing to learn that could save a life.

Violinist64 · 24/06/2023 12:46

A mattress protector. There will probably be one in place but you have no idea who has slept on the bed before. Toilet rolls. They are expensive yet so vital. Also agree with the photo and first aid kit.

RainBow725 · 24/06/2023 12:46

A bucketload of paracetamol and a pair of sliders were the most useful things I sent mine off with.

WhenIWasAFieldMyself · 24/06/2023 12:53

Apparently the biggest hit in dd's house was her washing up sponge thingy with the washing up liquid inside it. Can't remember the name. From Savers.

Doorstop was useless, though I bought them, didn't need mattress topper, her bed there more comfortable than home!

WIWIKAU has lots of great ideas.

Kingdedede · 24/06/2023 12:55

WhenIWasAFieldMyself · 24/06/2023 12:53

Apparently the biggest hit in dd's house was her washing up sponge thingy with the washing up liquid inside it. Can't remember the name. From Savers.

Doorstop was useless, though I bought them, didn't need mattress topper, her bed there more comfortable than home!

WIWIKAU has lots of great ideas.


WhenIWasAFieldMyself · 24/06/2023 12:57

That's the fella!

BumpyaDaisyevna · 24/06/2023 13:00

Sewing kit

WillowtreeHouse · 24/06/2023 13:01

Thank you all so much, so many things I would never even have thought of.

I'm so sorry @endofthelinefinally 😢

OP posts:
TerfIngOnTheBeach · 24/06/2023 13:04

only Take a single plate, cup and knife and fork. Leave the rest of the set at home.

best piece of advise DS gave to DD when she went.

and yea to a nine pack of loo roll which she needs to keep on her room at all times

Chimchar · 24/06/2023 13:16

I'm so sorry @endofthelinefinally
I can't begin to imagine what you've been through Flowers

Things that have been useful for my kid are a door stop, as pp said, to keep the bedroom door open during the first week or two.

A kit of all sorts of meds...allergy stuff, Imodium, cold and flu tablets, ibuprofen, plasters, etc

A brilliant recipe book called 'how to boil an egg' which is perfect for learning how to prep food, portion sizes, make basic food like pancakes, mashed potatoes, roast dinner etc. it's a useful reference book even if you can cook.

Bath mat and towels and bin. Bin liners. Laundry bag that can be carried to the laundrette.

Loads more that I can't think of!

Roseshavethorns · 24/06/2023 13:20

I always pack an emergency box for them. It normally contains things like cash, spare charger, spare ear buds, loo roll, plasters, antibiotic wipes, nail scissors, paracetamol, a can of irn bru, instant noodles, coffee bags and hangover cure. They are told to replace anything they use and to be fair they normally do. I'm told it has been a life saver on a number of occasions (especially the chargers).
The most useful things I have bought are sharp knives (large and small), bottle opener, colander and scissors. I always pack kitchen staples, salt, pepper etc. too.

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