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Low cal (ideally low carb) evening drinks

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QueenScowlene · 22/06/2023 06:56

To stop me going for wine? Wine is ruining my diet! But I love nursing a glass after dinner. So I need something that feels like a treat and I can look forward to. I can't find anything that hits the spot. Help!

OP posts:
ButteryNut · 22/06/2023 07:00

Does it have to be alcoholic?

LazyLeopard · 22/06/2023 07:01

Yes! I’m the same! I swear I’m going to just have water or camomile tea, then I get to the kitchen after a long hard day and go ‘oh sod it’ 🙄

I’m going to try putting water in a nice bottle in the fridge maybe?

MellowMelly · 22/06/2023 07:02

Hardseltzer is my new thing. I drink it because it doesn’t make me burp but it also is low in calories.

OkGoogleFoff · 22/06/2023 07:03

I’ve started drinking Trip drinks recently, not sure if it’s all in my head but I find they take the edge off the day and feel like a treat. 20 cals each.
Ive now cut out wine on specific nights of the week which was my aim.

ButteryNut · 22/06/2023 07:04

I love the rubicon spring water drinks. Mango & orange is lovely! Also the black cherry one. Only 15 cals.

Bottlegreen pomegranate & elderflower is a nice replacement for wine. It’s quite tart rather than sweet so reminds me of a grown up drink rather than squash!

BHRK · 22/06/2023 07:05

Fizzy water with fresh lime

QueenScowlene · 22/06/2023 07:06

@ButteryNut no sorry, I should have said! Would prefer non-alcoholic

OP posts:
QueenScowlene · 22/06/2023 07:07

@MellowMelly not heard of this, will have a look!

OP posts:
ButteryNut · 22/06/2023 07:09

I went through so much sparkling water when giving up wine.

NeverendingCircus · 22/06/2023 07:12

I buy the grenadine sugar free syrup (the french one in a tin) and mix a few drops (it's very sweet and strong) with sparkling water over ice and fresh mint. no calories at all.

I've also just discovered Waitrose raspberry and mint fresh juice, which I mix with 2 parts sparkling water. That tastes like a mocktail. About 40 cals a glass.

FreiasBathtub · 22/06/2023 07:15

If you like a G&T I definitely recommend the Tanqueray non-alcoholic gin with a slimline tonic. Delicious. And not many calories. It's my go-to.

Westfacing · 22/06/2023 07:16

Summer is the time when I can really reduce my wine intake by drinking non-alcohol beer. I have it in a wine glass and it really does have a 'placebo' effect.

A 330ml bottle of Corona Zero has 56 calories and 13g carbs - it has a pleasing rough taste unlike the dreaded elderflower cordial!

MotherWol · 22/06/2023 07:18

I like the flavoured seltzer waters, Dash is my favourite but Aqua Libre is good too. They’re not sweet and the cucumber one is really refreshing in hot weather.

mybestchildismycat · 22/06/2023 07:18

I stopped drinking wine in the evening a couple of weeks ago following a slow and depressing realisation that in my perimenopausal state I just can't handle it. Even just one glass makes me feel shit the next day.

I don't like overly sweet drinks (well, I do in some circumstances, but not as a wine replacement) and can't stand artifical sweeters.

I've been having soda water with fresh lime juice, lots of ice and dash of angostura bitters. It's a nice ritual to prepare it and the bitters give it a bit of a depth/complexity which is missing from flavoured waters etc.

I've also found a few nice zero alcohol beers but those are high in calories unfortunately.

I'm not sure what I'll do come the winter though. Red wine will be even harder to replace!

TheOnlyLivingBoyInNewCross · 22/06/2023 07:21

Just don’t replace wine with anything full of artificial sweetener crap 😬

Sparkling water with ice and lime wedges or good quality lime cordial with soda and ice.

QueenScowlene · 22/06/2023 07:22

Ooh that sounds good @mybestchildismycat - will definitely try that!

OP posts:
IrisBearded · 22/06/2023 07:22

Kombucha has the bitter edge that wine has , also Trip drinks taste so good. They're just so expensive!

Iwishmynamewassheilah · 22/06/2023 07:22

The Fever Tree tonic waters are lovely. No artificial sugars.

C8H10N4O2 · 22/06/2023 07:32

If you particularly like sweet drinks then I'd agree with bitters or pressed citrus with tonic. I also make kombucha which works well as you can make whatever flavours you like with fruits, spices or herbs.

For cold drinks in Summer I also make mixed herb teas in jugs and drink them from the fridge - again you can add lemon or ice.

These all have the complexity you get from many alcoholic drinks which is what I find missing from most juices and soft drinks.

C8H10N4O2 · 22/06/2023 07:33

If you particularly like

Sorry should be "if you don't particularly like"

RachelHair · 22/06/2023 07:34

Kombucha or trip for me, I quite like nozecco as well

TequilaQueen · 22/06/2023 07:40

Sparkling water with fresh lime, cucumber and ice. I think having it in a nice glass makes a difference too.

PlainOldEmmaJane · 22/06/2023 07:45

Dash, Loveau, and Aqua Libre are flavoured sparkling water that have no carbs and no artificial sweeteners op. I like those, they don’t taste too sweet.

allsogreen · 22/06/2023 07:48

I've just discovered the dash sparkling water which is lovely. I choose a different flavour each evening, and have it in a nice glass with ice and sometimes some frozen berries or a slice of lemon. Feels like a nice treat, and no calories!

mybestchildismycat · 22/06/2023 07:48

TequilaQueen · 22/06/2023 07:40

Sparkling water with fresh lime, cucumber and ice. I think having it in a nice glass makes a difference too.

Definitely agree about the glass. I've got some lovely low, wide goblets that I only use for "grown up" drinks. It wouldn't be the same at all drunk from one of the family water glasses.

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