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Where to solo holiday

37 replies

Remotecontrolatmyside · 19/06/2023 14:26

If you had £1000 and a week spare in August where would you holiday solo? Happy to fly, train, bus etc. Starting in the North of England. Preferably somewhere warm/hot. I like beautiful buildings, nice scenery, pools, beaches, animals etc but to be honest I just need a change of scenery so I'm open minded.

OP posts:
WonderDays · 19/06/2023 14:42

How about Italy, Tui have a lot of holidays for your budget and they have a £100 off code fir solo travellers?
Jersey is another suggestion.

Magnoliainbloom · 19/06/2023 15:11

Azores. Stunning and peaceful.

AnyaMarx · 19/06/2023 15:19

Watching with interest ! I don't the £1k yet but maybe by next year !

minipie · 19/06/2023 15:21

I would probably be guided by price and look for the best reviewed option for that money. Anywhere that attracts lots of school age families will be very pricey and busy in August so perhaps somewhere more adult oriented.

WonderDays · 19/06/2023 15:30

I recently went away on my own and found the destination accidentally by putting ‘any’ in the EasyJet holiday search. Many options were too expensive due to solo room
My DC recently returned from Porto on a solo trip and loved it. It has nice buildings and a beach area and wasn’t too expensive once there. Tickets into thing were 5-20€ and a main course about 12€.

WonderDays · 19/06/2023 15:30

Do you think you want a resort type of hotel or more of a city break?

gogohmm · 19/06/2023 15:38

How about Portugal, Lisbon and Porto travelling by train in between

Blondeissimo · 19/06/2023 15:46

Funchal, Madeira. It's beautiful and easy to explore.

Remotecontrolatmyside · 19/06/2023 16:33

WonderDays · 19/06/2023 15:30

Do you think you want a resort type of hotel or more of a city break?

I'm open to ideas. I like both.

OP posts:
Remotecontrolatmyside · 19/06/2023 16:33

Thanks all. Open to any other ideas.

OP posts:
Snailsaresweet · 19/06/2023 16:33

August is going to be v. hot in Southern Europe, so I'd probably head a bit further north - somewhere like Denmark or Germany. And look for a city break somewhere with nice swimming opportunities in case it gets too hot.

Lastqueenofscotland2 · 19/06/2023 16:36

Athens? Bursting with old stuff to look at. Will be roasting in august, lovely food and easy and cheap to hop on a boat to an island for a very relaxed beach day

NBLarsen · 19/06/2023 16:41

Fly to Florence, spend a few days exploring the city, including watching the sun set from Piazzale Michelangelo. Perhaps a day trip to Siena.
Then move to the coast for the second half of the week. You can get the train from Florence to the Cinqueterre villages in about 2 hours. All of the five are lovely and you can travel between all of them easily but perhaps Monterosso is the biggest so maybe the best option to stay in.

MinnieMountain · 19/06/2023 17:54

I’d split it between Munich and Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Or stay in a small town on Lake Constance.

Whataretheodds · 19/06/2023 17:59

With that budget I'd look at Eastern europe. Slovenia looks stunning.

Would you consider a small group trip? Checkout G adventures, exodus, much better adventures, intrepid

ReviewingTheSituation · 19/06/2023 18:02

Porto is a good suggestion - great city with easy options to explore further afield.

Pleased to see Slovenia suggested, as I've just booked a holiday there!

Remotecontrolatmyside · 19/06/2023 19:36

Thanks everyone

OP posts:
Remotecontrolatmyside · 21/06/2023 13:04

I still can't decide

OP posts:
ReviewingTheSituation · 21/06/2023 13:13

Have you ruled anywhere out? Or do you have a shortlist?

Remotecontrolatmyside · 21/06/2023 13:22

I don't really fancy Portugal after looking into it and I've been to Slovenia so probably not there. No short list though.

OP posts:
ReviewingTheSituation · 21/06/2023 13:48

You've been given lots of different suggestions - surely one of those must appeal? Your original brief was v broad - if nothing suggested by any PPs is of interest, then you probably need to narrow your brief!

rookiemere · 21/06/2023 13:52

£1000 is quite a tight budget for the school holidays so I'd do what one poster suggested and see where you could go from Skyscanner to get an idea of costs. Ryanair also has a helpful feature where you can put in what month you want to go and gives you destinations and costs based on length of trip , then use something like booking.Com for hotel costs.

lljkk · 21/06/2023 14:00

Croatia or Greece. Big city like Dubrovnik with day trips to islands?

mindutopia · 21/06/2023 14:03

Does it have to be in August? It will be expensive, but also pretty bloody hot a lot of places. If you want to do most places in Europe, September is always better. Much less crowded, fewer families, and cheaper too. Plus not so bloody hot. Most of the med would fit your brief really, just depends on if you can be more flexible in terms of timing to get a better deal. I really want to go to the Dolomites, but might be a stretch for £1000.

keyboardkat · 21/06/2023 14:04

I don't know if this might interest you, but I did it alone pre Covid. It was at a cooler time of the year, but you say you would like somewhere hot!

Flew into Treviso, got a bus to Padova (Padua). Charming little city with lots to see and do. University accommodation may be available during the Summer. Stayed 4 nights. Accommodation very reasonable. I stayed there to wander and see the Scrovegni chapel, and take a boat trip on the Brenta Canal to see the magnificent Venetian villas. Superb.

Took the train from Padua to Venice for the day during the 4 days. Left at 7am and returned about 8pm. Fabulous day, the view from the train station across the Grand Canal is like a movie. Saw what I wanted to see and enjoyed it thoroughly but I had been there before some years ago. I chose Padua in order to see Venice again on a budget, and it worked out brilliantly.

Moved on to Ravenna by train, stayed 2 days. I wanted to see the mosaics. Lovely lovely place. I went to Lido Adriana for a half day, but beaches are not my thing at all.

Then over to Bologna for 2nights, (3 days.) That is one most enjoyable mad place! Food is amazing, there is one street totally devoted to eats/drinks/tasting/little shops. Magic. So much to see and do here also.

Flew home from Bologna.

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