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Places to live in the UK that’s not too hot in the summer

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Idontlikethesummer · 19/06/2023 11:22

Hi, as per my username I suppose (NC) I really can’t stand the heat and muggy weather, it seems to get worse every year, neither can my husband or DS can either and ive finally considered moving elsewhere in the U.K., somewhere where it never goes over 30 degrees!!!! Very limited friends and family this way so hardly any ties but would both still need to work (finance)

We currently live in the south east , does anyone have any recommendations for nice areas to live, that’s not too hot in the summer and the people are friendly?

OP posts:
FannyFifer · 19/06/2023 11:25

Scotland. 👍

Newuser75 · 19/06/2023 11:26

Northumberland/Newcastle people are friendly and it rarely goes over 30 degrees (although it did last year).

DustyLee123 · 19/06/2023 11:27

My DD says she’s moving to Scotland when she leaves home 🤣

Ilikewinter · 19/06/2023 11:29

Anywhere on the north east coast, its lovely up there! Im in the North West and its not as hot as down south but we can get a mini run of hot weather. Last week it hit high 20's and that was hot enough for me. I think the UK is hotting up in general though.

BeethovenNinth · 19/06/2023 11:30

Scottish east coast

FriedEggChocolate · 19/06/2023 11:32

SW Scotland. when it was 36 degrees in England last summer, it was 26 degrees on the isle of Arran / Ayrshire

booksandbrews · 19/06/2023 11:35

Northumberland! It’s where I’m planning on moving to once DD has flown the nest.

Iloveanicegarden · 19/06/2023 11:37

Apart from Scotland and up t'north I would say anywhere near the coast. We're in the sw and apart from a couple of days it's been comfortable. Last year also. All through the really hot bits it was OK here. Sea breezes are wonderful and because our house is east/west we've always got cold parts even at night.

gogohmm · 19/06/2023 11:38

North of Inverness? Shetland rarely gets above 18 degrees.

clpsmum · 19/06/2023 11:43

Anywhere in the uk tbh

Marmalade71 · 19/06/2023 11:46

Same conversation here, live south east and DS is currently at uni in Scotland. He loves it up there and plans to stay if he can find the right job. If he does we will gladly follow. The last week has been awful here.

BridportSpectacular · 19/06/2023 11:46

We're north west on the coast and while it's been hot the last few days it's generally in the low 20s with a sea breeze. 28 would be exceptional.

Lightbulbspark · 19/06/2023 11:51

East Coast of Scotland or Northumberland coast. I'd avoid the west coast of Scotland because of the mad midges.

BeachBlondey · 19/06/2023 11:54

Our house is on the coast in Scotland. It's been bloody boiling here for weeks. I'm getting a tan despite wearing factor 30 cream. Have to put the parasol up most days. It's probably not as hot as what you're used to though, so maybe would feel cool to you? But it's certainly not cold.

Giraffesanddance · 19/06/2023 11:56

Northumberland! Nearly always a sea breeze. I actually find it a bit chilly having been down south for so long now when I go back

theemmadilemma · 19/06/2023 11:57

The futher North you go the better then.

Agree with Newcastle. You have to account for the wind there, it knocks the feel temp right down, down right bitter in Winter.

Teacakeorcrumpet · 19/06/2023 11:58

Inverness is a friendly, small city. Never gets too hot. You have to be prepared for the winter though. December/January/February is seriously dark, wet and cold.

Caledoniadreaming · 19/06/2023 12:53

South West Scotland, either that or one of the islands - although with both you'd have to put up with bad transport infrastructure.

ThreeRingCircus · 19/06/2023 13:30

I'm from the North West originally and it was noticeably warmer and less wet when I moved down South. That said, I agree that the UK is hotting up in general and the East coast of England and Scotland often feels colder than the West due to wind coming from the North Sea. You'd need to be prepared for colder winters though.

Maddy70 · 19/06/2023 13:30

Nowhere is too hot in the British summer

LindorDoubleChoc · 19/06/2023 13:42

How hot is too hot for you OP? I'm not a hot weather fan either but I absolutely love the sunshine and appreciate the warmth up to about 26/27 degrees. The number of days it goes above that, even in London, is so small as to be inconsequential really. Nothing that make me consider a huge move to somewhere like the north west.

MathsNervous · 19/06/2023 13:48

East Neuk of Fife.

Nofreshstarthere22 · 19/06/2023 13:49

Scotland as long as you don’t mind cold winters

Scottishskifun · 19/06/2023 13:57

North East of Scotland here we find it hot today at 20 degrees!

The North East is quite a well kept secret not as amazing scenery as the west coast but is much drier. Winters can be bitter though due to the wind mostly!
I suggest visiting in summer and in Winter as we get about 6 hours max of daylight in Winter and if it's a very grey day it feels like it doesn't get light at all but flip side summer it's very very light often not dark til near midnight then again from 3.30ish onwards!

yut · 19/06/2023 14:01

Crikey a bit drastic for the sake of 2 weeks in the year, wouldn't it be cheaper to pay for air conditioning?! (Although maybe not if moving from the SE to north Scotland!)

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