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Good Morning Mumsnet! What's everyone up to today?

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lucysmam · 17/06/2023 08:21

I'm just having breakfast, in my spot in the kitchen. My tea's brewing in the pot & I've got the window wide open so I can hear the birds. As always, everyone else is still sleeping but that's how I like my weekend mornings 😊

I have very little planned for today after chemo yesterday - thankfully no side effects but I'll still take it steady. I'll most likely carry on with the top I've been crocheting myself, in the garden under the parasol.

There's uniform washing to be done & a few pots, plus the floors could do with doing up and down thanks to my hair shedding, but everyone will do those together.

The girls are nipping to town for something for fathers day for their dad - he was moaning the other day that he needs socks, so probably those and chocolate (or whatever they pick really). Dd1's also decided she wants to fake tan for prom & wants me to do it so she'll be buying it so I can have a trial run!

Not sure what's for tea yet; possibly something with eggs 😋

What about all of you 🙂

OP posts:
SomethingNastyInTheGenePool · 17/06/2023 08:26

Moooorning, @lucysmam. I hope
you’re feeling ok and still managing to dodge the chemo side-effects.

I’m knackered this morning. I stayed up late last night, reading, thinking we’d all have a lie-in, but DD came
bouncing into our bed at 6.

No major plans for today. Shopping’s
coming this morning, then DP and I will take ourselves out when DD’s carers arrive. Not sure where we’ll go, but we’ll grab some lunch.

I need to make some ice cream later - am thinking lemon meringue and lemon curd, and some vanilla - as my dad’s coming round for Father’s Day lunch tomorrow.

FuckoffeeBeforeCoffee · 17/06/2023 08:27

Someone woke up on the right side of the bed - so lovely to read!

I hope it continues for the rest of the weekend (and the no side effects continue!)

We are doing Father's Day today so I'm about to put the icing on the cinnamon and banana cake my son and I made yesterday. My husband and our eldest are eating it in bed watching YouTube.

Then I've got a kid birthday party to take eldest to.

No plans after that so I'll read between bursts of playing with the toddler.

I'm extraordinarily boring.

PocketCall · 17/06/2023 08:37

Dh is making everyone pan au chocolat. Dc 2 is bringing me all her soft toys so I can ask questions about them. Dc1 is looking for the ukelele as she wants to write a song. We're all going swimming in a bit. First weekend in ages that me and dh are getting on well so life is good.

lucysmam · 17/06/2023 08:38

Ooh @SomethingNastyInTheGenePool do you have a recipe for the ice cream? That sounds amazing!

@FuckoffeeBeforeCoffee I did indeed (surprising as Marvin -dd2's name for my stomach) had me up for midnight cereal I was that hungry 🙄). I'm surprisingly chipper atm! I hope your dh has a lovely fathers day today 😊

OP posts:
GreggAndTomlette · 17/06/2023 08:45


I’m currently in bed with a coffee but about to get up and showered as we’re off to London for the weekend to see Arctic Monkeys! It’s about 2 and a half hours on the slow cheaper train so will make a sandwich and get a book to read for the way down then look forward to some music and cider in the sun!

Decafflatteplease · 17/06/2023 08:54

Morning @lucysmam it's so lovely to hear you so positive!

I'm in my usual spot on the couch with (thin) blanket and tea. And a book. No toddler today as upstairs playing with daddy 😁 so I'm enjoying the peace

Heavy rain here so I sat on the back step for a while and enjoyed the cool air. Love the smell of summer rain there's just something about it.

We need to head Into town this morning for DC haircuts, honestly with 4 DC I feel we are there all the time! 2 DC getting haircuts today 👍 teens need to revise but Ive said come along for a break to town and we'll go to Starbucks or something while DH takes other DC home. I'm also need to buy, or think about buying some glasses, I broke my spare pair so need a new spare pair but 💲💲💲. Might try some on today, get an idea of prices etc.

No plans this afternoon we usually swim on Saturday afternoon not every week though but seems daft to pay for haircuts then go swimming 😂

Homemade meatballs, spaghetti, garlic bread and salad for dinner.

Have a lovely Saturday all!

lucysmam · 17/06/2023 09:00

Ooh, lovely, thanks @SomethingNastyInTheGenePool . I'd forgotten about that website - I'm sure we did some different no churn ice creams from there last year! Looks like a trip to Lidl may be in order 🤔

OP posts:
Anapana · 17/06/2023 09:01

I read your thread every Saturday @lucysmam and have enjoyed it for years. Thanks for doing it and sending you very best wishes for your recovery.

I’m sitting in the swinging chair in the garden with a homemade latte, with the dog at my feet, watching the eucalyptus blowing in the breeze.

later I have to go to the post office to do a chore that dd2 asked me if I’d done, but had never actually asked me to do in the first place! Then to deliver shopping to elderly MIL and then to a matinee of an outdoor musical theatre show.

lovely day, I’m very lucky

ImpromptuGathering · 17/06/2023 09:05

What a lovely thread!
I am lying in bed but thinking a cup of tea would be in order. DH has gone off to parkrun. My kids are quiet and in their rooms; won't see them for a while yet (all teens), but the dog is enjoying being snuggled into the crook behind my knees. He sleeps in the living room but gets to come on our bed for weekend lie-ins.

Later I will suggest DS and DD make dad a cake for father's day. They already chose cards from thortful which arrived earlier in the week, and we have ordered him socks with their faces on which are brilliant! Then do the online shop, a couple of loads of laundry, and a nap mid afternoon should see me right.

Saturdays are always lean pickings food wise as I do a click and collect on Sunday, but I think it might be pasta and garlic bread tonight.

MeinKraft · 17/06/2023 09:08

Morning @lucysmam glad to hear you're feeling ok today!

DS is feeling poorly today and it's raining outside so we may just have a day of lying about in the house. I don't feel too guilty as it's been ages since we had a day in, and the kids have spent almost every evening playing in the paddling pool for a week or two now.

I finished a lovely book the other day - Karen Swans The Last Summer - and I now need to choose another book but I don't want to let my last book go! I keep casting my eye over my to be read pile and dismissing everything. I really enjoy stories set on remote Scottish islands for some reason.

Shallysally · 17/06/2023 09:12

Morning @lucysmam, glad you are having a lovely morning!

I’ve just made a coffee, it’s armed forces weekend here so going with some friends.

DD is working so have the day to myself pretty much!

Angliski · 17/06/2023 09:18

Morning @lucysmam good to hear you well.

we are lying in bed at our hotel in Yorkshire watching train films with the toddler. We have to go back to friends garden as I fell off her garden rocker yesterday and it turns out my diamond from my engagement ring must have fallen out from the force of the blow. So we may spend a lot of the am on our knees weeding through grass trying to find it. It is insured but still….

Whatevergetsyouthroughthenight · 17/06/2023 09:20

Morning all, just idling in bed with my third cup of tea and reading the news/catching up with Mumsnet.

I have already evicted a stag beetle from outside my bathroom door (carefully picked up on a piece of cardboard and then I went out in the garden wearing my nightdress and my back door shoes and found a nice bit of manured veg patch for him/her.

I am off to a family party today, staying overnight in a B&B nearby, so need to pack, but whilst tea was brewing I worked out what else needed doing before I leave, how much time I had and was pleased to find I still had plenty of time for lounging around.

lucysmam · 17/06/2023 09:22

@Angliski fingers crossed you find your diamond 🤞 how unfortunate!

OP posts:
Justonedayatatime11 · 17/06/2023 09:22

Glad to see you're still feeling ok @lucysmam!

DD is about to go off to her dads for the night. I've been up and made her breakfast and DH a cup of tea, now I'm back in bed.

I don't think we're doing much today. Being the idiot I am I've enjoyed the sun too much this week and lupus and sunshine don't mix well... so a nice lazy day I think!

cheeseisthebest · 17/06/2023 09:26

Hope you have a good quick recovery lucysmam. Always loved your username, I have a Lucy too.
My sons birthday party today, he's 12 tomorrow, going to the cinema today with a few friends then coming back to our house for pizza and probably gaming. Hes got a cough but says he's fine. I'm debating whether I stay in the cinema with him and his friends (sat miles away) or not? I wasn't planning too, I was going to go to the gym that's next door to the cinema. But what if they are all a pain as 12 year old boys can be!

Must walk the dog this morning, it's raining here which is good for my hayfever. Eldest is revising for her mocks, she's very anxious. Finishing my cuppa then better clear up the kitchen.

Natsku · 17/06/2023 09:27

Nothing much today, going to walk around the garden with DS to look at what wild flowers are growing at some point, otherwise staying inside with aircon on because its too hot.
Will cook vendace later (favourite summer meal), bought some from the market yesterday but the fishmonger gave me far too many, ate plenty yesterday but still have half the bag left.

Giggorata · 17/06/2023 09:28

Good morning, lucysmam. Glad to hear the chemo effects are not so bad.

Today I am cleaning and setting up my van, ready for the festival next week.
I will need to get the van chest of drawers out of the conservatory and check it for dust and spiders.
I will open up and check the gazebo and, if I get time, I will spray paint it. (I had one that I'd done up like this a few years ago, but it got nicked)
I have washed some striped curtains and dug out all my hippy gear. 🙂
I have a ridiculous amount of stuff to pack in, but that's the whole point of having a van.
I have treated myself to some very pretty floral camping plates and mugs from eBay, plus a quick boiling stove for that essential morning tea.

Speaking of which, DH has taken the dogs out early, before it gets too hot, so I will (shock, horror) get up and make my own tea.
I will also need to go shopping at some point, unless I can con persuade DH to do it.
We have sausages in the fridge, which I'm not enthusiastic about, but maybe we can have them cold with salad.

gingercat02 · 17/06/2023 09:35

Morning, @lucysmam, so glad your treatment is going well.
Just me again. DS is awake, but on his PS, DH is at the park run, I'm just drinking the dregs of my coffee and going for a shower.
DS is out with his friends for the afternoon, so DH and I might walk down to the sea front as there is a food, drink, and music festival on. Planning on a relaxing weekend 🌞🍻🥂🌯🍕

EsmeeMerlin · 17/06/2023 09:35

Currently sat in the barbers while ds1 has his haircut. DH is then bringing ds2 to me (he hates the barbers) so I can take both children out while DH goes to work. Will take them to the library to make a father's day craft and choose some new books and then onto town for lunch and to choose a gift each for their dad. Will then probably take them to the local soft play centre where we have annual passes so they can run around for an hour.

TheChosenTwo · 17/06/2023 09:42

Morning OP, despite reading many of these saturday threads you start i didn’t realise you were going through chemo, sending you lots of well wishes 💐

I’m still in bed, was out yesterday from the afternoon drinking but sensible me (I must really be growing up!) ordered a few water chasers to go along with my alcoholic drinks so somehow I feel okay today!
Going to a family bbq later, said I’d make some salads. This thread has also informed me that it’s Father’s Day tomorrow, will check with the dc to see if they’ve sorted anything for dh tomorrow.
Dd2 is working so will join us later on.

LadyMacbethssweetArabianhand · 17/06/2023 09:53

Good t Lucysmam and others. It's nice to eavesdrop on others' lives. I'm glad you are still free from side effects.
Today I have been food shopping already and put it away. I have a washing on and the bed is stripped. We've had no rain for weeks so it's long overdue but hopefully it'll stay dry for my washing to be hung out.
Today I'll do my usual housework. I should clean the inside windows and glass but the humidity is through the roof, so I'll take things easy. I will need to water the pots soon as they're quite dry. We don't have a ban here but I expect it'll come, if the rain doesn't. Salad for dinner. Have a good day all

Applesandpears01 · 17/06/2023 10:04

I'm very poorly today been up all night with a rotten D+V it's knocked me off my feet completely - luckily it's a weekend and DH is home to look after our daughter we had a lovely busy weekend planned but absolutely not now the extent will be to perhaps change lying position later.

ShutUpMegx · 17/06/2023 10:15

We were going to the beach but the rain has put that to bed so currently all snuggled on the sofa watching a film, plan is to plough through the laundry, chill out with the kids and ‘reset’ a bit ready for next week of school and work.
I’m also googling cleaning product recipes as my baby has had a bad reaction to our laundry detergent and I’m getting a headache from our usual zoflora etc.

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