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Do electric Toothbrushes really make a difference?

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Cindy1802 · 12/06/2023 08:04

Are they worth it?

I've always looked after my teeth - never had a filling, never miss brushing my teeth. However as I'm getting older my teeth are definitely discolouring, and thinking about what I can do to increase the care I give them.

Would an electric toothbrush be worth the investment? Are they really that much better than normal Toothbrushes?

OP posts:
starrynight21 · 12/06/2023 08:10

I believe they are far better than a normal brush. Don't expect them to change your tooth colour or anything like that , but they do make your teeth cleaner than you've ever had before. I've used one for years and hate being without it - they are that good. Buy one and try it for yourself, I'm sure you'll love it.

ItsBeenOneWeek · 12/06/2023 08:11

Used properly, yea.

UnravellingTheWorld · 12/06/2023 08:12

100%. Sometimes I forget to charge mine and have to do it manually, and my teeth just don't feel clean. I'd never go back to a manual brush.

VerbenaGirl · 12/06/2023 08:13

Absolutely. I could never go back now. They feel and look so much cleaner.

Roselilly36 · 12/06/2023 08:17

Without a doubt a better clean. You don’t have to spend a fortune either, I have the Oral B 3500 pro, cost about £40, really excellent electric toothbrush.

AutieAdult · 12/06/2023 08:28

I find it much easier and recommended by hygienist (not selling them at the surgery).

avocadotofu · 12/06/2023 08:28

I definitely think so.

AndrexPuppy · 12/06/2023 09:00

According to my dental hygienist, yes. Unless you have a really excellent manual toothbrush technique and are strict with doing it for long enough (not just a quick scrub around) then they do give better results and improve your all round oral health.

The electric brushes have timed cycles with interval vibrations to remind you to move on to the next section of your mouth (so all areas are being covered), many also have pressure sensors to let you know when you’re pressing too hard and brush head renewal reminders.

Obviously, manual toothbrushes have their place but apparently they are not as effective.

bibbityboppityboo · 12/06/2023 09:04


I thought my teeth felt clean using a manual but then I swapped to an oral B electric and oh my goodness it was completely different. They feel so clean now!!

Combine an electric toothbrush with a water flosser and you can get that squeaky clean feeling like you've just been to the hygienist.

Malarandras · 12/06/2023 09:05

Yes. My dentist told me if you use a manual you may as well not bother brushing - I suspect he was being a bit OTT with that comment, but a good electric toothbrush is much better.

Cindy1802 · 12/06/2023 09:05

Thanks all, quite a unanimous response! Any recommendations? Probably looking for mid price range... i.e. Happy to spend more than the bare minimum but not wanting to break the bank.

OP posts:
Blossomandbee · 12/06/2023 09:17

Not for me, I find them very harsh and the only time I've had tooth problems was when I used an electric toothbrush.
I use a soft manual brush and have never even needed a filling. The dentist who said they're the same as not brushing is talking absolute rubbish.

GeorgesMarvelousCalpol · 12/06/2023 09:22

I bought one for half price in the Christmas sales, it was about €30 and I find it good. My dentist recommends a "sonic" brush as the best, but they were over €100 and way out of my price range! She says they are better for keeping your teeth white (or white-ish, in my case!)
No idea if that true, I'm happy with my mid price one.

GracePalmer33 · 12/06/2023 09:24

They're great. I hate using a normal toothbrush if mine is ever out of charge or I forget to take it away with me- I don't even feel like I've brushed my teeth so the electric one obviously gets them 1000x cleaner!

GracePalmer33 · 12/06/2023 09:26

Look up "Ordo". I think they're around £40 and they're great. It's what I'm using right now. They sell them online on their own website but also in sainsburys, Superdrug and a few other places.

Bluevelvetsofa · 12/06/2023 09:29

I should imagine dentists know what they’re talking about and if they recommend them, it makes sense. I can’t see how a soft manual brush will do a thorough clean.

Willmafrockfit · 12/06/2023 09:31

well you are meant to brush gently so i dont see how a soft brush is so wrong

hattie43 · 12/06/2023 09:33

I went to the hygienist Fri and she recommended a Braun IO , vary in price but she really rated them .

KitchenSinkLlama · 12/06/2023 09:53

I always have used a sonicare.

My hygenist and dentist don't make much money from me 😉

shakeitoffsis · 12/06/2023 09:54

I'm a specialised dental nurse. The toothbrush makes no difference it is how the user uses it that is the difference.

Growlybear83 · 12/06/2023 10:02

My hygienist is adamant that I should use an electric toothbrush but my dentist, in the same practice, says it doesn't matter provided you brush properly. I bought an electric toothbrush a few months ago - my husband uses it all the time but I hate it with a passion. The vibration makes me feel like my head's going to fall off 😆😆

Always4Brenner · 12/06/2023 10:04

Love mine I brought my first 26 years ago as a birthday present to myself. Always use oral b I won’t pay 100s though.

ChaliceAlice · 12/06/2023 10:06

shakeitoffsis · 12/06/2023 09:54

I'm a specialised dental nurse. The toothbrush makes no difference it is how the user uses it that is the difference.

I would agree with this. I don't think the op is doing too badly with a manual brush if she has no fillings.

AndrexPuppy · 12/06/2023 10:14

I really like Philips sonicare brushes. I’ve had the basic ones and the more gadgety ones with multiple programmes. All are have been good, reliable brushes that did a good job. I get sensory issues with manual brushes (the heads are too big), so I like the smaller heads on electric brushes.

I tried an oral B once but it felt rattly in my mouth, the sonic motion of the Philips feels much smoother to me than the mid-range oral B I used. To be fair, that was probably 15 years ago now, so they may well have moved on a bit now and have a smoother action.

If you do decide on Sonicare, they are often half price on Amazon and in John Lewis.

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