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Centre Parcs - what do I need to bring?

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varsitychic · 29/05/2023 09:08

Going to Centre Parcs for the first time ever, with a toddler. What do I need to bring? Is their shop ok or is it over priced?

Eg dishwasher tablets? Hand soap? Loo roll? Or do they provide this stuff?

Anything else?

Thank you

OP posts:
Clymene · 29/05/2023 09:11

They provide tiny amounts of washing up liquid etc so bring your own. The shop is expensive so I'd stop off and do a shop on the way.

Bluelightbaby · 29/05/2023 09:13

As above the shop is expensive. I’d bring everything you’d need. Think they supply one dishwasher tablet and a sachet of washing up liquid and one loo roll in each toilet.

MikeWozniaksMohawk · 29/05/2023 09:14

Black out blind for the kids room. Their curtains are not lined and you don’t want to learn that the hard way.

the shop isn’t too bad but if you can take some essentials that’s better. If you’re planning to cook in the lodge then cooking oil, salt & pepper, condiments etc are handy to have. There’s no basics like that (like you might find in a self catered holiday cottage for example).

they do leave a sachet of washing up liquid but that can be messy to use (because it’s a sachet) so I’d take some with you. They provide a couple of dishwasher tablets, oven gloves, a tea towel and a dishcloth.

take pool towels. Bathroom towels are provided.

Pootles34 · 29/05/2023 09:15

I love center parcs but I do think the food - both in the shop and restaurants - is rubbish and expensive, so try to take as much as possible. I normally take something like a ready made chilli or bolognese for the first night, and a BBQ for another one.

AssertiveGertrude · 29/05/2023 09:15

Bring some chalk for the blackboard

extra couple of Dishwasher tablets if you are planning on eating in

bit of fairy liquid and some antibac wipes

shop prices were slightly more expensive but totally fine ( we didn’t think the cost of the restaurants were worth it at all )

we took easy dinners eg diced chicken fillets and veg and ready to wok noodles for example (I froze all the meat so it was fine in the car and then straight into the fridge at 4pm)

you really don’t need as many clothes as you think or towels really (we had a beach towel each and then used the lodge ones when back home)

some people bring a fire log but you don’t need that

IAmcuriousyellow · 29/05/2023 09:15

Take as much as you can, the shop is proper expensive! Towels for the pool also. Def dish soap, dishwasher pills/powder, loo roll, extra tea towels, and as much food as you can fit in the car.

Brendabigbaps · 29/05/2023 09:17

I’m not going to tell you about the boring stuff!
take nuts & seeds for the birds and squirrels. You can also get suction feeders for the food that you can stick to the patio doors, your toddler will love it. Don’t rely on buying this when your there as the shop doesn’t sell it anymore (bird flu)

shop is ok for picking up bits like bread, milk etc but expensive.

IsisoftheWalbrook · 29/05/2023 09:22

Loo rolls
washing up liquid
dishwasher tablets
stuff to make and carry picnics.
I make up all our evening meals in advance and freeze them so I just have to reheat when I get there.
chalk - many flats have a chalkboard
bird seed and peanuts to attract wildlife.
pool towels
I usually take a small washing line - drying lots of swimsuits and towels usually takes more space than is available, but we have a big family.
washing liquid and tea towels/ cloths. For cleaning up inevitable accidents on carpeted areas.
lots of people take bike locks for pushchairs but I never bothered.
inflatable ball for the pool.

TenThousandSpoons · 29/05/2023 09:23

Take hand soap x 2
The fire logs are nice to take
Depending which CP the lodges sometimes have coffee machines that take Tassimo coffee pods.
Big bag of bird food - muntjac deer as well as the ducks and squirrels might come up to your lodge, again depending on location.

Don't need to take tea towel, washing up sponge, chalk, loo roll.

LlynTegid · 29/05/2023 10:02


Ginius · 29/05/2023 10:34

LlynTegid · 29/05/2023 10:02


Ahaha I came here to see if this was posted!

CoronationKicking · 29/05/2023 11:09

Cling film and dishcloths

lionsleepstonight · 29/05/2023 12:09

Can you get a Sainsbos delivery? You basically need everything except bedding, cutlery and pans.

lionsleepstonight · 29/05/2023 12:09

And a lot of money. ££££

varsitychic · 29/05/2023 13:12

@LlynTegid reason?? Blush

OP posts:
AboutAGirlx · 29/05/2023 13:15

Salt, pepper and any other condiments.

Those 2 hour burning logs for the wood burner if you think you’ll use it.

Decent tea towels, dishwasher tablets.

Their frying pans are a bit rubbish, so we took our own for scrambled eggs

immergeradeaus · 29/05/2023 13:17

LlynTegid · 29/05/2023 10:02


Was thinking this… guess we’ve both been on MN for a good while as literally that is the first thing I associate with centerparcs

lavagal · 29/05/2023 13:21

Came back last week - their shop was well stocked and not overpriced at all. We took some snacks and wine and used the shop for anything else- it had everything we needed

donquixotedelamancha · 29/05/2023 13:24

LlynTegid · 29/05/2023 10:02


Silicon based is more comfortable for this particular purpose.

Blondey2023 · 29/05/2023 13:29

Ginius · 29/05/2023 10:34

Ahaha I came here to see if this was posted!

Purely placemarking so I can hopefully find out what the devil one needs lube for at Centre Parcs...

I just got back from their Longleat one yesterday and had no lube, was this a terrible faux pas??!

SlightlygrumpyBettyswaitress · 29/05/2023 13:48

As withevery self catering holiday, take a decent sharp knife with you!

Kfjsjdbd · 29/05/2023 14:12

Someone upthread said take chalk, but they provide that now, so no need to take it.

Kfjsjdbd · 29/05/2023 14:13

Last time we went we took our bean to cup coffee machine, which sounds insane but we love coffee and the pod machine in the lodge was awful.

tallsmallmum · 29/05/2023 15:05

@varsitychic serious one from me; DD hurt herself as soon as she got on her hire bike at CP and it was a big faff to get first aid so I'd say bring a small first aid kit and pain relief. and hopefully you'll never use it 🤞🏽

millymae · 29/05/2023 15:11

We are not long back.
Washing up liquid. Anti bac spray, a few j cloths, kitchen roll, cling film, tin foil and klippets to keep open packets air tight
Depending on where you are going it’s also nice to take some duck food and/or bird seed and monkey nuts or peanuts for the badgers
There was a tiny soap in each of the bathrooms this time, but previously we’ve had none so I can’t guarantee this is a regular thing. We take our ow and one for the kitchen plus a quick drying hand towel. They provide a tea towel and a couple of pods for the dishwasher .
I was surprised at how many tea bags and coffee pods they left for us this time but whatever they leave you will need more. The coffee machines use tassimo pods
We take as much food as we can pack in the car - including dinner for the first night, breakfast cereals, fruit etc. but unless you are in one of the bigger lodges which have 2 fridges don’t take huge amounts of stuff that needs refrigerating as you only have a small fridge with an ice box
Everyone says the shop is expensive - it is for some things - especially alcohol and fizzy drinks but on the whole it’s no different than any other supermarket and is well stocked.
If you are planning to eat in the restaurants
our experiences over the last 18 months have taught us that on the whole it’s a costly mistake. The supermarket at Winfell (no experience of the others) stocks a wide range of the Cook frozen meals which are as good if not better than what the restaurants serve. Yes you have to heat them up and serve them yourself but it’s worth the small effort that takes for the money saved
All the UK Center Parcs have their own face book page and if you haven’t joined already it’s well worth doing so
One last thing is don’t be tempted to book lots of activities for the little one. It’s nice to book one or two you think they’ll like but in reality there is enough to keep them occupied without paying for anything extra
I get the impression that some people on here are a bit snobby about Center Parcs but for our family at the moment it pleases everyone. We had an awful holiday in Cornwall a couple of years ago when we stayed in an eye wateringly expensive cottage and it rained everyday. Even with a swimming pool we struggled to find things to keep everyone happy without travelling miles and we arrived home more stressed than when we went.
The accommodation at CP may not be as luxurious and it doesn’t pay to look too closely under the bed but each time we’ve got back we’ve booked another holiday using their come back soon offer which guarantees that if the price of the type of lodge you’ve booked goes goes down (which it often does to attract more bookings)they will refund you the difference.
Have a lovely time

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