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Squirrel in the house hiding under a bed in a

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Rollergirl11 · 27/05/2023 08:15

Is there any way we can get it out or do we have to call in some kind of pest control?

OP posts:
PumpkinSpiceLattePlease · 27/05/2023 08:17

Scare it out from under the bed then chuck a sheet over it. Film it for tiktok amd start your social media career.

DataNotLore · 27/05/2023 08:22

Make sure there's a path to the door and turn the hoover on

Babyhustwabtstodance · 27/05/2023 08:23

Oh God.

Squirrels can be vicious when cornered.

Open the window wide, shut the door and leave it for a bit. Hopefully it'll find it's way out.

Bubbles254 · 27/05/2023 08:28

Leave a trail of acorns from the bed to an open window.

RedToothBrush · 27/05/2023 08:42

Don't try and deal with it yourself. Squirrels are very dangerous in this situation. Get a professional in. Relative worked in this area and always said never to do it yourself. He's heard of some very nasty injuries with people trying to do it themselves over the years. Take squirrels seriously.

Oh and good luck. We've had issues with squirrels ourselves recently...

Harrysutton · 27/05/2023 08:43

Open the window, shut the door and call pest control.

GladysHeeler · 27/05/2023 08:48

Isn't it illegal to not kill a grey squirrel if you have one trapped?

Lottie4 · 27/05/2023 08:49

From what I've just read grey squirrels can't be released into the wild, so chances are it'll be put to sleep by wildlife centre, rspca, pest control. If you want to give it the best chance, I'd close the door and leave all windows open. If you any seeds/nuts (obviously check what's suitable for them) might be worth putting them on the window cill just outside the window, in hope that attracts him/her outside.

GladysHeeler · 27/05/2023 08:50

I've looked it up and it's 'illegal to release a grey squirrel' so you will have to go on the run from the law once it's out of your house.

RedToothBrush · 27/05/2023 08:50

GladysHeeler · 27/05/2023 08:48

Isn't it illegal to not kill a grey squirrel if you have one trapped?

You are not supposed to release them. So yes. They are supposed to be killed.

Simianwalk · 27/05/2023 08:51

I completely agree with your post.
But for some reason "take squirrels seriously". Made me properly laugh.
It's as if no one ever listens to the poor squirrels, they are the butt of every joke and their views just dismissed as bollocks. It has to stop. 😁

DogInATent · 27/05/2023 08:58

This has brought back a memory of the pest control man that used to come into work years ago. One day he came in with a really nasty wound across the bridge of his nose. A squirrel he'd been called in to remove from a roof space had gone full face-hugger and bitten him very badly. We did try not to laugh.

Rollergirl11 · 27/05/2023 08:59

Got it out! DH and I managed to corner it. I grabbed it’s tail and pulled it out, threw a towel over it and dumped it in a cat carrier and released it back in to the garden.

At one comical moment it jumped on to DH’s back and climbed up on to his shoulder. He looked like some kind of deranged nature presenter!

I’ve got a few scratches. What a way to start the weekend!!!

OP posts:
Rollergirl11 · 27/05/2023 09:00

Well I’m sorry but killing a squirrel is beyond my remit.

OP posts:
AnarchoTyrannosaurus · 27/05/2023 09:02

I wouldn't be able to kill one either.

SabbatWheel · 27/05/2023 09:03

Make sure you clean those scratches thoroughly with surgical spirit or isopropyl alcohol or similar.

Needapadlockonmyfridge · 27/05/2023 09:03


If you have been scratched might be sensible to check your tetanus jabs are up to date?

ohtowinthelottery · 27/05/2023 09:03

Well done. We've got one who visits our bird feeder in the back garden. I no longer leave the back door open for this very reason. I've left the bird feeder empty now in the hope that he'll bugger off elsewhere but I did see him scurrying along our back fence yesterday en route to another food source at a neighbour's garden, no doubt.

CluelessHamster · 27/05/2023 09:04

Well done op!

No way would I have killed it. You just put it back where it was a matter of hours ago. I'd hardly count that as 'releasing to the wild.'

Who would have thought they be dangerous though. Their cute little faces!!!

Batalax · 27/05/2023 09:05

Go to the pharmacy for advice on the scratches. They could be nasty.

Rollergirl11 · 27/05/2023 09:06

It fucking squealed like a rat when i had it by its tail. Urrgggh, was grim.

OP posts:
ThirstyThursday · 27/05/2023 09:06

Rollergirl11 · 27/05/2023 09:00

Well I’m sorry but killing a squirrel is beyond my remit.


well done! No way would I kill it either! It didn't ask to be born here!!

treacledan71 · 27/05/2023 09:07

Well done. Made me shudder.

ICalledYouLastNightFromGlasgow · 27/05/2023 09:08

OMG that's the stuff of nightmares. Please get those scratches checked and make sure your tetanus is up to date.

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