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Tina Turner has died

118 replies

MayBeee · 24/05/2023 19:39

It's just been announced. RIP.

OP posts:
EpicChaos · 24/05/2023 20:06

Sad news indeed.

PipinwasAuntieMabelsdog · 24/05/2023 20:07

Sad She was such a strong woman

Northernsouloldies · 24/05/2023 20:09

Dust my broom... Ike and Tina Turner. Different from her more known material.

viques · 24/05/2023 20:10

I saw her at the O2, she had been I’ll and had cancelled a load of concerts and I was worried that we would end up not ever seeing her, but she recovered, and it was worth the wait. She had so much energy and charisma, it was one of the best concerts I have ever seen. She was truly a superstar. I am so pleased for her that she found love and peace in her later life, she had such a traumatic early life.

Tinysoxx · 24/05/2023 20:11

She was amazing

AttilaTheMeerkat · 24/05/2023 20:11

Sad news indeed. Thank you for your music, you will live on in this.

EbonyRaven · 24/05/2023 20:11

Awww, how sad. Decent age, but still very sad. Wonderful woman, great singer, amazing performer. R.I.P. 😢

SquatBetty · 24/05/2023 20:11

Gutted, would love to have seen her live in concert. I know Proud Mary was a cover but absolutely loved her version of it, far superior to Creedence's.

pheonixrebirth · 24/05/2023 20:13

Simply the best! 💗🥹

behaveasbefitsthesituationwillyas · 24/05/2023 20:14

Sad news. RIP Tina.😢 BBC news are doing a thing on it now

whynotwhatknot · 24/05/2023 20:16

what a strong woman with everything she went through and still came out stronger

HoleyShit · 24/05/2023 20:16

A fabulous entertainer. She will be sorely missed Sad

LakeTiticaca · 24/05/2023 20:18

Rest in peace Tina xxx

ReformedWaywardTeen · 24/05/2023 20:19

Gutted, grew up watching one of her concerts on VHS. Bloody wonderful artist
May she RIP

Avatartar · 24/05/2023 20:19

RIP Tina- legend and inspiration

Haywirecity · 24/05/2023 20:19

I'm not sure it's a surprise, though. She announced a while back she was dying and didn't have much time left. Or am I completely imagining that?

She was a total original. Loved her. RIP Tina. 💜

Daisymay2 · 24/05/2023 20:20

Was only listening to the Private Dancer album on Sunday, still sounds great. She was Simply the Best
RIP Tina

evilharpy · 24/05/2023 20:20

God she was fabulous. RIP Tina.

viques · 24/05/2023 20:20

SquatBetty · 24/05/2023 20:11

Gutted, would love to have seen her live in concert. I know Proud Mary was a cover but absolutely loved her version of it, far superior to Creedence's.

If you ever go to see the Tins musical, the last 15 minutes or so are a pretty good imitation of the real thing! Not quite the same, but gives you a taste.

Jellykat · 24/05/2023 20:20

Sad news indeed, she kicked ass.. RIP Tina

bellac11 · 24/05/2023 20:21

They often play her concerts on sky arts and she is amazing, I worked out she would have been early 70s in one of them and she can out perform her backing dancers/singers who are obviously all in their 20s

LindorDoubleChoc · 24/05/2023 20:23

What a voice and what a performer! She has always come across as someone much younger than her biological years - I thought she would go on to 100 Sad.

x2boys · 24/05/2023 20:23

Ah sad news Rip Tina simply the best ,better than all the rest .

Ostryga · 24/05/2023 20:25

Nutbush City Limits is the song I use to get dd geared up and ready for school. We’ve danced to Tina many, many mornings!

What a woman. So thankful we got to experience her incredible talent.

lljkk · 24/05/2023 20:25

Kidneys? She was amazing to live as long as she did, so many tough things she endured.

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