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Let’s use this forum to praise our children’s efforts on Mother’s day

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Fullrecoveryispossible · 19/03/2023 08:25

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there!
I am a single mum to a five year old and was just so proud of her. She made me a latte with our coffee machine, surprised me with two homemade cards, and my dad popped over to help her make me breakfast in bed.

OP posts:

Dolares · 19/03/2023 09:12

DD, 5, woke me at 7am with a rendition of 'Happy Mothers Day to you...' and two pictures full of tissue paper and glitter glue 😁

DD, 7 poured me half a glass of orange juice and a bag of Lindt pick n mix. I'm happy 😊


shouldhavetakenmorenotice · 19/03/2023 09:14

Day of celebration here!

I don't have a great relationship with my mum so DH and DS like to go to town.

Already enjoyed being talked into opening my chocolates - of which only a third are actually for me Grin


WonderingWanda · 19/03/2023 09:19

That's so sweet op. I loved the messages my two wrote my cards!


lozrox90 · 19/03/2023 09:27

From my two DS'. Precious 🥰

Let’s use this forum to praise our children’s efforts on Mother’s day

nubofcheese · 19/03/2023 09:28

My DC/DH aren't awake yet, I should wake them up but I'm enjoying the peace.

I have had another thread running about a dental emergency I've had, I have been in so much pain all week and the DC 10&8 have been amazing, DH returned from working away early hours yesterday and was exhausted. I slept for the whole of yesterday (day and night) and woke up this morning to all 3 of them asleep in DS10's room(they must have all watched a film and stayed up late! Poor DH must have been so shattered he fell asleep with them) the house is spotless and there is a suspicious amount of cut up paper in the bin so I am sure they have made me a homemade card! Grin

I am feeling really lucky today already.


NerdyBird · 19/03/2023 09:29

DD picked out a lovely card and present for me (I paid mind!) and has given me lots of kisses and cuddles. She is nearly 9 so knows the drill by now!


Iris1976 · 19/03/2023 09:36

Currently eating breakfast in bed courtesy of 10 year old,17 year old has gone overboard on the gifts this year,all paid for from her job that she does alongside 6th form.
I'm a single mum so extra special.


EggyBreads · 19/03/2023 09:37

I have a 7 year old and he's made me two lovely cards and he chose me a goats cheese! I wonder if I'm the only mother in the UK to have a goats cheese for Mother's Day. I do love cheese so it's a good gift 😀


wonderstuff · 19/03/2023 09:37

Mine both came back from town with bags I was instructed not to look in, but no one is up yet. DD15 did ask yesterday which coffee I liked, so I’ve been putting off getting up and making one, but I think 9:30 is late enough. Dh has booked a restaurant for lunch which is sweet.


UpUpUpU · 19/03/2023 09:46

I am feeling grateful and a little sad. My partner is a widower so he with his children today. They all deal with it so well but it must be hard being a teen without your mum today x


RobinRobinMouse · 19/03/2023 09:49

Dd is 4 so had a bit of help, but she made me 2 beautiful cards and a paper bag to carry things in. She also chose me a lol doll so I could play them with her. She presented me with all this at 6 am with the biggest smile and a lovely cuddle. 😍


BakewellGin1 · 19/03/2023 09:55

Youngest (4) has been excited since Friday as he made a handprint flower at nursery and a cupcake which he decorated (and I kindly let him eat 😂)
His excitement is enough.

Both with the help of their Nanna as DH is currently away with work got me some flowers, my favourite chocolates.

Oldest (14) removed himself from his bed to give cards, a hug and a Happy Mothers Day. That in itself means a lot.

Cards are more then enough but I appreciate it all.

DF has kindly booked for us all to go for lunch as he knew DH was away.
I'm lucky to have them all.


thefinaltwist · 19/03/2023 09:55

I'm feeling very grateful. My ds 11 got me flowers, a reed diffuser, bubble bath set, sweets, wine and a lovely card ( helped by my dh ) they are away out for the day to do boy things ( something to do with trucks ) and I'm going to have a lazy day in my jammies. Hope everyone enjoys their day no matter how the choose to spend it


Whatamieventhinking · 19/03/2023 10:04

2 bars of chocolate and a card! And a cup of tea in bed, from my lovely 10 year old! Feeling very lucky 😊


Phos · 19/03/2023 10:07

My daughter made me a card and asked her dad to help her sort breakfast in bed for me. She also asked him to take her shopping to get a present for me yesterday. He did both with extreme bad grace, refused to take her shopping by himself and trailed around with me whilst I got stuff for my mum. I know they got me some flowers which have been shoved in the car boot all night and are still there now.

my daughter has absolutely tried her best. Her dad’s bad mood is not her fault.


FrenchFancie · 19/03/2023 10:17

I got a lovely card made by DD and a card that DH bought her to give to me, plus a homemade candle she made and some new earrings! Feeling very loved and appreciated…


DietQueen2023 · 19/03/2023 10:21

These are all so lovely! I got four cards - one from my son, one from my husband, one from my mother in law and one from the cats 😂😻


drivinmecrazy · 19/03/2023 10:22

My DD (22) has been so self absorbed and away at uni for the past few years that the best I got was a text three days later.
This year she has raided m&s for a variety of hot cross buns (she knows I'm mad for hot cross buns 😂), even getting me their BLT hot cross bun sandwich ⭐️, and tulips.
Also taking me out to watch a film this morning (notwithstanding she gets free cinema tickets through her job!)

I'm just so touched she even remembered this year.
Now getting ready to see a horror movie that she has wanted to watch for ages.

I think I've won the Mother's Day lottery this year!!!


NonYogiBear · 19/03/2023 10:26

My 13 year old brought me a lovely er glass of wine in bed. I promise I don’t generally start the day in this manner but his dad had brought a nice bottle home last night for him to give to me today and I don’t think he fully understands about alcohol yet. Grin


LadyHaHaHeeHaw · 19/03/2023 10:30

NonYogiBear · 19/03/2023 10:26

My 13 year old brought me a lovely er glass of wine in bed. I promise I don’t generally start the day in this manner but his dad had brought a nice bottle home last night for him to give to me today and I don’t think he fully understands about alcohol yet. Grin

That's brilliant , made me really laugh Grin


Danioo · 19/03/2023 10:32

DH still asleep but DS12 popped his head round the door and said happy mothers day, then brought me a coffee in bed ❤️.

He whispered I'll get a present and breakfast when dad wakes up.


User339406 · 19/03/2023 10:40

Ds8 made me a cup of tea from the hot tap because he's not allowed to use the kettle. Then he walked to the corner shop to buy me a Sunday Times but didn't realise all the different were included so just brought the main news section and left the rest on the shelf.
Bless him.

Teen ds 1 gave me a bunch of flowers from the garage, he and his 2 pals all went in yesterday afternoon and bought them for their mums.

Teen ds 2 is still in bed. I have high hopes for my present from him, we are quite similar in our tastes. I always tell him to buy me something less that a fiver that I can sit out on a shelf and will make me smile when I see it. He always picks well.


BabychamGlass · 19/03/2023 10:43

15yo son brought me scrambled eggs, smoked salmon and croissants in bed, along with a Buck's Fizz. The elder two kids are coming this afternoon to make us all a Sunday roast.



SunshineLollipopsAndRainbows · 19/03/2023 10:46

Just to add DD made a huge effort when she was younger so at least I have those memories. She’s neurodivergent & is always asking us to buy her stuff but never bothers to get anything for me or DH. Actually I did get something for Christmas which arrived last month!


RejectedCitizenOfMoronia · 19/03/2023 10:54

My boy bought me a signed copy of a book about David Suchet's life. I normally have to give his dad an idea and then his dad will gently cajole him into remembering. This year we decided it was time he started remembering on his own as he had his 16th birthday on friday. Boy did good. Proud of him.

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