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My low key (aka normal) mother's day will include...

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SnowyGiveAway · 18/03/2023 21:16

Coffee in bed (child will have no part in this)
A card and paper flower made in school (this has already been described to me in great detail, including the bits the teacher did)
A long lie in while DH takes DS to football (get in. Unfortunately it's a home match so they'll be home by lunch 😁).
Sandwiches, which I'll make
Possibly a walk or some garden time
DH will cook a spicy curry to help me clear my cold.
DS will eat rice, poppadoms and fish fingers
I will have the wine and chocolates that were purchased after football, presented with great fanfare as being my favourites. They will not be my favourites, but hey, wine and chocolate.
I will call my mum

That's it! I'm very lucky to expect and enjoy such a drama free, easy day. Hope others get the same.

OP posts:
frozendaisy · 18/03/2023 21:22

No cards to old to make them at school
One child said "oh it's mother's day tomorrow" today he then told dad I have to have a lie in and dad can do all the work! Ha ha except I'm not dad's mum you can't outsource child.

My hopes aren't high. Which is just perfect.

mynameiscalypso · 18/03/2023 21:25

DS brought his Mother's Day present and card home from nursery on Friday. He was clearly 100% phoning it in. He deigned to stick one sticker on the card and put one blob of paint on a plant pot. I can just imagine the staff cajoling him to do it until he finally gave in, did the least possible he could get away with and then went back to playing with cars.

Bunnyhascovidnoteggs · 18/03/2023 21:25

Dd asked me what I wanted to do.. I said plan some nice days out. The days themselves may be Hell on earth but the planning is always lovely!
Ds also has football - thanks for that...

LindorDoubleChoc · 18/03/2023 21:26

I'm a wife and Mum. I have one 20 year old living at home, one 22 year old living 400 miles away and a husband.

I am not going to visit my 91 year old mother in her care home this year because my brother is going. I have spent the last two Mothers Days with her. We will have a face time call with them during the day, but she probably feels I should be there.

My husband has already said he can't cook dinner tomorrow night because he is too busy with work. My 20 year old is going on holiday in the very early hours of Monday morning so will spend his day (from 1pm when he gets up) drying and packing the washing I've done for him today then leaving here mid-evening to spend the night at a friend's house so that they can share an Uber to the airport.

My darling 22 year old has already sent a beautiful card and flowers.

Life goes on even if it's Mothers Day.

GobbieMaggie · 18/03/2023 21:26

I’ll be out the house before anybody is awake and not back until the evening. Hopefully I’ll get a lunch break at some time but I’m not holding my breath. Hubby knows I’ll be starving when I get in and ready for a hot bath. Cards will be sweet from the kids ( teens ) but I don’t need anything else, just my bed. Then I’ll do it all again on Monday.

WombatBombat · 18/03/2023 21:28

I’ll get a bit of a lie in while DH makes a card with DS & sorts out the food shopping.

I’ll get a coffee in bed before we go to DS’ little toddler class, home for breakfast and a relax.

Friends are coming round in the afternoon and then DH will make a roast.

WhichPage · 18/03/2023 21:28

I get to take DS to the dentist - random for a Sunday anyway (they moved it from last Thursday) and especially random for Mothers Day 🤷‍♀️

veiledsentiments · 18/03/2023 21:29

Mine are grown up. And I live abroad. YD has friends round at hers for her bday, yet she will what’s app first. The ED, probably when the YD has reminded her. It’s due to thunder and rain all day tomorrow. OH and I are having a roast. Perfect.

SuperBored · 18/03/2023 21:29

mynameiscalypso · 18/03/2023 21:25

DS brought his Mother's Day present and card home from nursery on Friday. He was clearly 100% phoning it in. He deigned to stick one sticker on the card and put one blob of paint on a plant pot. I can just imagine the staff cajoling him to do it until he finally gave in, did the least possible he could get away with and then went back to playing with cars.

😂😂😂😂 that's boys for you!

2PintsOfCidernaBagofCrisps · 18/03/2023 21:31

For me it's the same as any other Sunday except I'll get a card and some chocolates.

I'll do the ironing, walk the dog, make the dinner and sit on my bum inbetween times 😊My kids are young teens so not old enough to plan anything exciting. My DH gives them about £15 to get me a card and chocs from Tesco. That's all I want or need.

Doyouthinktheyknow · 18/03/2023 21:31

I will make my own relaxing day. The sofa and my crochet are all I’ve got planned!

My dses are young adults, it seems they might both have got me cards this year which hasn’t happened for a few years🤣

I genuinely don’t really care, I know my dses appreciate me in their own ways, Mother’s Day feels a bit like forced entertainment to me.

Cuwins · 18/03/2023 21:31

I am getting a lie in- partner and I take it in turns at weekends to get up with 1 year old DD who likes to start her day between 5-5:30am, and it's my turn for a lie in anyway.
I have a card and presents: purchased by partner of course, I know as they are sat wrapped in the living room.
After I get up we might go to the local park or try to catch up on some house work, round dd naps.
Then in the afternoon I'm going to my parents to watch the football on TV with them and see my mum when she gets in from work. Partner is taking DD to his mums so I will get to watch in peace for once.
Then a takeaway of my choice in the evening.

onepieceoflollipop · 18/03/2023 21:32

My dd bought me the last slice of my (actual) favourite cake from the local cafe yesterday. I ate and enjoyed it already while still fresh. She’s bought tiger bread and prawns to make me a sandwich tomorrow so lunch will be done by her. (She’s a teenager)
my mum is coming here in the afternoon with vast quantities of cakes, I’ve bought chocolates for her.
low key but nice

redspottedmug · 18/03/2023 21:32

One of my DC is coming home from uni for Easter, perfect Flowers

GinAndTony · 18/03/2023 21:33

Kids are 17 and 15. I’m going to yoga first thing and the kids are out all day doing activities, but in the evening we’re going for a meal at the pub. I think they’ll probably make me a card (for DS this will be drawn in biro on a piece of paper, for Dd something quite arty). All lovely, I’m very happy.

70isaLimitNotaTarget · 18/03/2023 21:34

I sent a card to my DMum (she has a degree of dementia so she might or might not recognise my name ) Cannot send flowers as she'll be at risk of knocking the vase and slipping in water .

For myself , I bought M&S food , my DC can cook the meal (they;re adult) , I;ll do roast potatoes ( 'cos mine are far nicer nicer than any shop bought )

DD is making breakfast while I prat about in a hair mask and have a nice shower .
Then I;ll take DS to his guitar class and drop off recycling (oh the glamour )

I don;t expect anything from the cats , they aren't speaking to me after I took them to the Vets .

bringonyourwreckingball · 18/03/2023 21:34

My mum currently has no kitchen so I’m hosting lunch here despite being 3 months into fairly brutal chemotherapy. Dd1 says she is cooking but has just gone out to a friend’s so may not be in the best state tomorrow. I’m letting it wash over me, my girls are amazing and have been so good to me since my diagnosis, I don’t need a specific day to know they love and value me.

LolaSmiles · 18/03/2023 21:34

DH will get up with DC. I'm a morning person but appreciate the extra time to read in bed.
DH and DC will probably make me a cup of tea.
DC will probably have done a card and a piece of craft.
DH cooks a nice lunch for us all.
Otherwise it's a normal Sunday.

This thread is a great idea OP.

Namechangeforthis88 · 18/03/2023 21:36

I'm always up before DH, so will have tea and toast while hogging the playstation. Visiting my parents for lunch, date decided based on when everyone was free rather than Mother's Day. If I manage to fit some paddle sport in to the afternoon it will be a successful Mother's Day.

londonloves · 18/03/2023 21:36

For me, a bit of a lie in in the morning then gym and swim, I think my husband might do some DIY while I'm out if the 5yo permits it... then we are going to the cinema to see Epic Takes then out to Prezzo for dinner, I am really looking forward to it. I'll get a card from school and hopefully some flowers.

AliasGrape · 18/03/2023 21:39

DD came home from the childminders on Wednesday with a bunch of daffs and a chocolate bar she’d ‘made’ - I think they melted some chocolate, CM must have poured it into moulds and then let the kids add sprinkles etc.

DD came home full of delight to give it to me, presented it with great ceremony and then said ‘can I have it’. I let her have a bit haha.

There was also a card which I’m pretending I’ve not seen yet.

I will get tea and toast in bed. I think DH will have got me a little something ‘from’ DD too - more chocolate probably. We will call in at the in laws to drop MIL’s cards - one bought by DH and one made by DD - and some cake which we made today. Will spend an hour or so with them and then probably go to the park or something.

DH will cook dinner but that’s fairly standard as I cooked tonight and we tend to alternate at the weekend. He’ll do bath time, I’ll do bedtime and we will watch Ted Lasso/ eat chocolate and go to bed before 10 because we are knackered and boring.

DialsMavis · 18/03/2023 21:40

DH is away for work. DD (12) will wake up after me and bring me coffee and give me some trinkets she went out for today and will be incredibly nice for a while until she forgets and gets a bit stroppy.

DM and MIL will come round for lunch and be pleased with their flowers and small gifts.

Nothing arrived in post today from DS (away at uni) so DM will berate me for not ensuring DS was brought up well enough to send me a card and gift.

DS will at some point realise it is MD and ring me and be lovely/make excuses 😂. I really don't mind, would love a card but he took me to the pub and bought me a drink this week when I was at a conference in his uni city 😊

Summer2424 · 18/03/2023 21:40

My 6 month old DD has a temperature, teething, will be up most of the night. My first ever Mothers Day though yay! ❤🌸
Happy Mothers Day everyone x

SuffolkUnicorn · 18/03/2023 21:42

My Mother’s Day treats started on Friday my partner and 7 year old went and got me some tulips today we had a beach picnic at felixstowe tomorrow will be a lie in and according to my son ‘lots of planning’ 😂 I’ll text my mum and sisterto wish them happy Mother’s Day it’s something we have always done she really is a fantastic mum and I always send her something like a box of treats (my sister) I will give my mum a gift in person when I see her next month am she lives 100 plus miles away

Userengage · 18/03/2023 21:43

I have been advised by that children that ex-H has ordered a delivery of flowers for me, as he did when we were together. He’s a good ex.

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