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My low key (aka normal) mother's day will include...

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SnowyGiveAway · 18/03/2023 21:16

Coffee in bed (child will have no part in this)
A card and paper flower made in school (this has already been described to me in great detail, including the bits the teacher did)
A long lie in while DH takes DS to football (get in. Unfortunately it's a home match so they'll be home by lunch 😁).
Sandwiches, which I'll make
Possibly a walk or some garden time
DH will cook a spicy curry to help me clear my cold.
DS will eat rice, poppadoms and fish fingers
I will have the wine and chocolates that were purchased after football, presented with great fanfare as being my favourites. They will not be my favourites, but hey, wine and chocolate.
I will call my mum

That's it! I'm very lucky to expect and enjoy such a drama free, easy day. Hope others get the same.

OP posts:

Peachy2005 · 18/03/2023 22:27

I’ll be delighted if I get a card with nice things written by the teens and coffee in bed. I’d be ecstatic if someone else fed the cats and scooped the litter trays in the morning for once…but we’ll see if that actually works out 😂


Singleandproud · 18/03/2023 22:30

I'll be spending the morning watching DD play rugby (fingers crossed no injuries - don't fancy an afternoon in A&E). An afternoon tucking into the Guylian Seashells and Reading the book I bought myself today.

To be fair DD came back from her dad's last weekend with a Lindt Easter egg for my mother's day present but we polished that off between us mid week when DD got her autism diagnosis.

My mum works nights so dropped her gifts off this pm whilst she was sleeping so she had them when she woke up.


Mulhollandmagoo · 18/03/2023 22:30

My husband is working, so me and my daughter will go see my mum, I bought a little victoria sponge cake from m&s so we will have that with a cuppa, and then come home and relax with a movie.

My daughter made me a card at nursery and I will get some lovely flowers.


Jamieleecurtain · 18/03/2023 22:31

I’ve already accidentally seen that DH has bought my fave chocs and beer (kids are too small to arrange something themselves) He’s making a roast for us all and I shall have a glass of wine. And DSD is with us for the morning before going to her mum’s to have a Mother’s Day lunch. I’ll get a hug and maybe a token gift with her. I will phone my mum (card and gift sent) because she is far away. Mother’s Day always makes me feel very lucky and I think of those who might not find it so easy for whatever reason,


SquigglePigs · 18/03/2023 22:34

I'll get a card DD made in nursery and some chocolate she picked out with DH a week or so ago. She also gave me a little present she made at nursery on Friday. We'll have a chilled out morning then a nice tapas style lunch with my parents and likely a trip to the park in the afternoon if the weather holds. I do have a nice bottle of bubbly in the fridge for DM and I to share in the evening as a treat! I'm looking forward to a nice relaxing day with my family. We will facetime DMIL at some stage too.


MuggleMe · 18/03/2023 22:37

I booked a table for dinner out last week and have been explicit about the variety of flowers and chocs I like. Eldest is 9 and I've decided if I'm clear in my expectations now, I might get it again without having to be so obvious. DD2 desperately not telling me all about her card (except it has a treat for daddy because the teachers didn't know I don't drink coffee 😂) feel like the kids are taking on 'doing' MD at last.


QueenofLouisiana · 18/03/2023 22:42

I took my mum out for lunch and time on the driving range (she plays golf and I can manage this as part of my long Covid recovery-so works well). She didn’t want a posh afternoon tea (“a waste of money”) so just a nice cafe lunch.
Tomorrow, DS is cooking dinner. DH helped him buy the constituent parts today. I’ll enjoy a lazy dog walk.


Bloodyhelldog · 18/03/2023 22:43

Single mum so business as usual. I'm going to nap while my DD naps as a treat which I'm extremely excited for. Someone up thread mentioned a curry which has inspired me. And I suppose we'll have a nice walk and a play at the park.

I suspect both my mum and MiL will send me flowers because they feel sorry for me 😂 but I don't mind. We'll have a nice day pottering about.


mackthepony · 18/03/2023 22:44

I don;t expect anything from the cats , they aren't speaking to me after I took them to the Vets



ODFOx · 18/03/2023 22:47

I'm having a bath tomorrow with the lovely products that I got for my birthday last summer.
DD is at work and DS working nights so I'll have a leisurely bath, make sausage and egg butties for DH and I; we'll do some jobs and (if the weather is good enough) go for a walk around the block. I'll be making some soup for the freezer.
DS is making dinner for when DD gets home. They will have flowers and cards. It will be lovely.
I'll call DM late morning before my DBs ( local to her) take her for lunch.


TheLostNights · 18/03/2023 22:52

Any other day really. Just with a card and chocolates in the morning.


InterstellarDrifter · 18/03/2023 22:54

I'll get coffee made for me, like most weekend mornings, Dd said she's baking a cake and I've seen dcs whispering with their dad and spotted a hotel chocolat bag.
Dcs also asked me in a conversation that they made out they were actually interested in, whether there were any books I was interested in reading currently HmmSmile
Then it's a normal day.


OverHereTryingToFigureItOut · 18/03/2023 22:57

We were out late this evening (with the DC) so hopefully they will lie in and I can do the same. I know DH has bought me a cardigan I was eyeing up because I signed for the (heavily branded) parcel. The DC took a few £ each to school to pick gifts from the PTA Mother's Day stall at schooo so I'm looking forward to seeing what they chose.

Hopefully we'll have a chilled out day, maybe a walk, and we're going out for an early evening curry.


NotJohnWick · 18/03/2023 23:00

DS wrote me a card in school. He's a lazy arse, his teacher should get a gift for managing to get him write that many sentences.

I've sorted all the cleaning and laundry so I don't have to do my regular Sunday jobs. DH can cook and clean out the guinea pigs. We'll watch a film that I like. I had asked for roast lamb but I've just realised DH hasn't taken it out of the freezer so now it won't defrost in time. That's ok, but I'm not doing the thinking about food.


Mustreadabook · 18/03/2023 23:02

I have been promised a cup of tea in bed, and DS had a practise run this afternoon. I live in hope!


handsoffate · 18/03/2023 23:03

I’m working. Dh has bought chocolates and cards from the kids, and had his usual moan about the cost, inconvenience and the lack of interest from the teenager. He’s also made a huge production about wrapping paper and finding the sellotape. Same old, same old…


MrsAvocet · 18/03/2023 23:03

We're going for a longish bike ride - route of my choice - and with a bit of luck somebody else will wash my bike afterwards!


Luredbyapomegranate · 18/03/2023 23:07

I will get cards, and some flowers I expect and DP will make pancakes for breakfast (which I don’t really like but to the teens any special day means pancakes, except Christmas where I put my foot down).

Then I will get dinner cooked for me later.

All of which is great.


Awrite · 18/03/2023 23:08

My kids are teens. I have suggested they nip out in the morning and get something for my Mum. She's got not doing too well.

They thought that would be a lovely idea.


Quornflakegirl · 18/03/2023 23:09

I bought myself a Diptyque candle which I have wrapped to my dds to “surprise” me with. They’ve made a card and I’ll get a cup of tea in bed. I also made reservations for lunch so I won’t have to cook and we can enjoy a roast dinner together.

Dh is shite and can’t be relied upon so I do it myself, it makes me and the dc feel good. He is off to his mum.


wlv12 · 18/03/2023 23:16

My boys are 16 and 13 - the 16 year old has significant learning difficulties so is a lot younger mentally.

I’m not sure if they’ve made anything
at school, I assume not. They went to a pottery painting event with their dad and I know they made me items there.

I’ll have a lie in, then coffee/croissants in bed with gifts. Then probably a nice chilled morning, and we have an afternoon tea delivery from piglets pantry to enjoy. Roast dinner in the evening. There’s a local artisan market on in town, and I fancied a potter down there with the dog.

Other than that, I just fancied a nice day, I’ve had covid recently and still don’t feel 100% so hoping to just relax.


crackofdoom · 18/03/2023 23:20

Despite having a humdinger of a row with DS1 (13) today, he has still promised to make me pancakes for breakfast tomorrow.

DS2 (7) did something secret and mysterious at school on Friday afternoon which I'm not allowed to know about (braces self) 😆


CryptoQueen · 18/03/2023 23:22

We were supposed to be visiting my partner’s mother, so I had postponed Mother’s Day. Unfortunately the visit has been cancelled as they are ill, so I will probably get a bacon sandwich in bed. Possibly some cards, but I know at least one child is expecting to give me my card on the day of the delayed celebration.

The rest of the day I shall be working and doing the washing. I may re-watch Endeavour from the beginning.


Isledelaray · 18/03/2023 23:23

My lovely husband has bought me some chocolates I mentioned a while ago and he made a note of (I saw it by accident on his phone, he doesn't know) I also have a card and another surprise coming that our toddler 'chose'. I am really looking forward to it tbh!

Other than that, a quiet day, just the 3 of us. I.was going to cook a roast for lunch but I'm not very well so we'll maybe get a dine in for 2 meal and share it with the little one too. A walk and maybe a stop for a hot choc and a.scone.


Diversion · 18/03/2023 23:28

My husband will wish me Happy Mother's Day, my daughter who still lives at home will do the same and will give me a gift and a card, my other children and grandchildren will do the same. We will visit my MIL in her care home with a card and flowers and who I havent been able to face after the loss of my own Mum circa 4 months ago. she has memory issues and I have warned my husband that if she makes any comments about my Mum which I perceive as disrespectful I will leave despite knowing that she probably does not mean to offend as I am still sensitive. I will pick up my Dad and bring him for his tea and give him flowers as I promised that his house would never not have a vase of flowers after Mum died. This is my first Mother's Day without my Mum so finding it especially hard 😥

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