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Is tesco club card any good?

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elephantonacid · 23/11/2022 21:30

I've never really shopped in tesco, but a massive one has just opened near me, and wondering whether tesco club cards are any good? I have a 4yo and am very cash strapped so if it allowed me to do some extra fun stuff with him at a discount I'll start shopping at tesco instead!

OP posts:

MamaRaisingBoys · 23/11/2022 21:32

Clubcard allows you to get discounted prices in store when things are on Clubcard offer. I save up my points and get 3 times the value for places like Legoland and Longleat, so I think that’s worth it. it’s not the cheapest place to shop though. It’s worth signing up for one even if you only go in occasionally


Lj8893 · 23/11/2022 21:33

lots of things are cheaper when you use your club card in store for one.

We save all our vouchers up to use for hotel vouchers, days out etc. we recently had a 2 night london hotel stay and had to only pay £30 on top of our vouchers.


Danikm151 · 23/11/2022 21:34

Definitely worth getting a card. There are a lot of items that are cheaper with a clubcard and if you build up enough points you get sent a voucher for money off your shop.
they do price match and lot of staples with Aldi so it is possible to do a cheap shop in there if you’re not fussy about brands.


BernadetteRostankowskiWolowitz · 23/11/2022 21:34

Yes. Even daft things like our local Tesco had the big hardbacks Annuals (roblox and lego etc) £3 with a clubcard.

You get points with petrol, you get favourable rates on currency exchange etc.

They are free so why not just get one. And they are on an app so really easy to keep on your phone and scan for Even just pop in shops.


BernadetteRostankowskiWolowitz · 23/11/2022 21:35

Also we never "spend" out clubcard points then when we went away on a UK break last year we got family entry to a theme park (£100) totally free ny converting our clubcard points.


GettinHyggeWithIt · 23/11/2022 21:36

I wouldn’t shop in Tesco without one TBH. It’s not my main store but so much cheaper with a club card. They must reallllllly want to track what people buy!


bloodyeverlastinghell · 23/11/2022 21:39

I get the fancy rac membership with mine; they triple the value of the points so it costs about £50 of points. Good for denby sale too and hotel stays.


SpinningFloppa · 23/11/2022 21:39

Nothing special, it’s the same discounts other shops do only you need a club card to get them unlike other shops, so it’s very annoying when I forget mine 🤦🏻


The4teddybears · 23/11/2022 21:40

You get club card points by using their credit card. I buy everything on it and pay it all off when the bill arrives. We get lots of club card points and we rarely shop in their store .


Shitfather · 23/11/2022 21:40

I save 25% regularly with my card. Deffo worth it.


TeachesOfPeaches · 23/11/2022 21:42

My shopping bill went down £20 last time i scanned my Tesco card


MarmiteCoriander · 23/11/2022 21:42

My old house had a tesco so I almost shopped exclusively there. Since moving, I'm now near a lidl, aldi and asda and I've noticed the prices in Tesco have really shot up!

Yes, worth getting a clubcard for any shopping you do there, but I'd personally shop elsewhere as a main shop.

You have to shop there a great deal to get money vouchers back. Even with the 3x the amount scheme where you can get tickets to theme parks etc, I'm sure you would have spent 5x that just to get the ticket!


Catdaft · 23/11/2022 21:42

Clubcard deals are fab


GettinHyggeWithIt · 23/11/2022 21:52

I actually think Tesco is bordering on expensive without a clubcard. Not Waitrose expensive, but it makes no sense to shop there without one.


Floralnomad · 23/11/2022 21:55

You have to shop there a great deal to get money vouchers back. Even with the 3x the amount scheme where you can get tickets to theme parks etc, I'm sure you would have spent 5x that just to get the ticket!
but you would have been buying the shopping anyway , you aren’t buying extra to get extra points , you are shopping in the same way as you would in Aldi / Sainsbury or wherever .


upfucked · 23/11/2022 21:59

We used to use them for restaurants but have just booked a weekend in Butlins.


Mumsgirls · 23/11/2022 22:00

Use mine cinema and coach card, sometimes restaurants. Never use in shop


Gingerkittykat · 23/11/2022 22:07

You get some good deals on the Clubcard app on the vouchers tab. I've currently got 20 points on Pesto, 200 points if you spend £10 on games and 100 points if you spend over £6 on Christmas cards and decorations.

Until recently you could double your points to use in the phone shop but now it is just a straight exchange. When I upgraded my phone last year I paid a big chunk of the handset cost in vouchers.


DrAliceHamilton · 23/11/2022 22:12

If you're ever going to shop there, even if only because what you want is out of stock in your regular supermarket then it's worth getting one and having it on your phone/keyring, because it'll give you "club card prices" on quite a wide range of random items eg mince £4.00 or £3.50 with a club card. In addition you'll get the occasional few quid in vouchers. It sounds like you're so hard up that the loss of data privacy and faff of remembering to use the card will be worth it to you for a couple of quid savings here and there.

In addition, do some research to see whether it's cheaper than your existing supermarket for your main shop. IMO massive branches of Tesco can be pretty cheap if you use a clubcard, concentrate on their value brands like Stockwell, and check out the World Food aisle where possible.


NeedWineNow · 23/11/2022 22:25

Yes, I think so. I've got my Clubcard on my keyring, both DH and I have it registered against out Tesco mobile phones. I regularly get vouchers which I use in store. I got over £20 off my shop yesterday which included getting Xmas toiletry sets half price for my nephews.


Needaholidaypronto · 23/11/2022 22:28

I love the Clubcard. Can make quite a difference in cost. I’ve gone next level and upgraded to Clubcard plus for £7 per month, twice a month you get 10% of a “big shop” of your choosing in store. I can easily do 2 x £150 shops per month so money made back there alone. Also get 10% off F&F, home stuff and other bits. And still collecting the regular points to take off at other times, find it works for us.


allboysherebutme · 23/11/2022 22:28

Yes its great. X


SkylightSkylight · 23/11/2022 22:32

I'm a bit hopeless at converting the points to 'stuff' but the cards are free and the Clubcard prices are a huge discount. Lots of Aldi price matches (with or without a card). I far prefer the quality of fruit & veg to Aldi/lidl.


Puddywoodycat · 23/11/2022 23:09

Op I don't know what current club card rates are but if it wasn't for Tesco club card we wouldn't have got to so many places with DC when they were young, Longleat, London zoo.. Warwick castle and more.


vdbfamily · 23/11/2022 23:13

Were have a Tesco credit card so everything we buy from anywhere on credit builds up Tesco points. We go out for family meals a few times a year using club card points.
We ship in Lidl but I will occasionally go to Tesco and but lots of things on offer.

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