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How do you prefer your scrambled eggs?

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LadyHenryofRawlinsonEnd · 03/04/2022 18:57

Light and fluffy? With or without added cream or milk?

I am interested in whether people prefer to microwave or pan create their scrambled eggs. I have found the microwaved version much lighter and fluffier, and it creates much less mess! Having said that, I loathe using our microwave, it is currently on a very low shelf out of the way and quite neglected these days. Having to take the eggs in-out and stir frequently is a bit of a pain and frequently manages to burn my fingers Grin

Do you use a wooden spoon if pan frying, and how do you like to season them? On their own or with toast, other additions?

Please do share your favourite methods and recipes here!

OP posts:

URMyStarship · 03/04/2022 19:20

I like two types of scrambled egg.

Cooked with a splash of milk in a saucepan, stirred on a low heat until light and fluffy. Served as is. Good with toast and crispy bacon.

Cooked on a higher heat in a frying pan until a bit drier, with spring onion, salt & pepper, maybe some scotch bonnet chilli & all purpose seasoning. This is how my Caribbean husband makes them. Good with fried dumplings, plantain, avocado and fried fish.

What I CANNOT stand is that sloppy, half cooked mess the upmarket chef’s favour. Bleurghhhh. Under cooked egg is revolting.


Undertheoldlindentree · 03/04/2022 19:29

This is not one one for purists, but a few years ago Eat Well for Less did a microwave 'egg in a mug' recipe which puffs up to a cross between scrambled egg and an omelette. It includes a splash of milk and a tiny sprinkle of grated cheese, so makes the egg a bit more filling and goes much further. Great with HP sauce and on toast with beans for an easy snack.

Tried to Google the recipe and could only see it here, seems like I'm not the only fan. Mine are puffier than this - I often use two eggs so it puffs to a sensational mug size. Smile


Pbbananabagel · 03/04/2022 19:29

Frying pan
Salted butter
Black pepper
Either finely chopped green chillies OR chives
AND… I cook them through, not a fan of sloppy eggs


raspberryjamchicken · 03/04/2022 19:30

I don't add cream but I do like them just barely set.


HeArInGhandsgirl11 · 03/04/2022 19:31

Pan butter, bit of cheese and spinach mmmmm


afinethingindeed · 03/04/2022 19:33

Butter and no milk for me, always on the hob. Never in a microwave. I tend to cook them low and slow and I push the eggs around rather than stirring - think this might be something I picked up from Jamie Oliver years ago?


Dartmoorcheffy · 03/04/2022 19:37

Pan, butter, add eggs and stir with a wooden spoon. Add salt and pepper at end. Simple and delicious! Microwaved or with milk is an abomination

Exactly like this. Beat eggs with a knife gently so that you get a mix of yolk and white too.

I once started a job at a very well known Devon Hotel covering as breakfast chef. Their way of doing scrambled egg for the breakfast buffet was..

36 eggs
4 pints of milk
No seasoning
Steam in the combi oven for 30 minutes

I walked out after my first shift when I was also told that the bacon and sausage left from the previous day went back out again the next .....


Bpickle1 · 03/04/2022 19:42

Truffle oil, finely chopped green chilli and salt, slightly wet. Over toast


FrankLeeSpeaking · 03/04/2022 19:43

Pan, oil, eggs. Done.


spotcheck · 03/04/2022 19:44

Small non stick pan
Melted butter.
Two eggs, splash of milk
Stir in pan with wooden spoon, or move around with spatula.
Melt in a slice of plastic cheese. Move until all melted

Hate eggs that aren't cooked the whole way


Billandben444 · 03/04/2022 19:44

On the hob in a non-stick saucepan, very low heat and constant stirring with wooden spoon - eggs and a knob of butter. It's like thickening a sauce so take off the heat when it's still creamy as the residual heat finishes it off. Add salt and black pepper after cooking. My grandson likes them 'bobbly' in the microwave - basically cooked until it's a solid eggy lump and then beaten madly with a fork.


LadyGardenersQuestionTime · 03/04/2022 19:46

I’m in the slow, loose, buttery gang.

If adding smoked salmon then this must be torn into bite sized pieces and stirred in. Not a slimy heap on the side.


BlancmanegeBunny · 03/04/2022 19:46


Pan, butter, add eggs and stir with a wooden spoon. Add salt and pepper at end. Simple and delicious! Microwaved or with milk is an abomination

this 100%

SuperSocks · 03/04/2022 19:47

With a hell of a lot of butter and a tablespoon of milk, a large handful of frozen peas mixed in, done in the pan, salt pepper and tabasco and a couple of veggie sausages all piled up on buttered toast. Mmmmm...


LaurieSchafferIsAllBitterNow · 03/04/2022 19:47

pan on until very hot, in with cream and butter, salt and pepper, turn pan right down and when the butter has melted into the cream and there is no bubbling at all the eggs go in, stir with a wooden spoon briefly, only really to break the yolks and then leave them the hell alone

It's a bit of a test of nerves but once it looks almost solid then I put the heat off and fold them around with the wooden spoon and serve. I like them to look like something awful happened when you were making custard.

so to sum up, lots of butter and cream and barely any heat to the eggs and almost no stirring.


discodannie · 03/04/2022 19:48

Pan, butter, add eggs and stir with a wooden spoon. Add salt and pepper at end. Simple and delicious! Microwaved or with milk is an abomination



Antarcticant · 03/04/2022 19:51

With a bit of cheddar cheese added, cooked in saucepan, and brown sauce on the side.


RampantIvy · 03/04/2022 19:52


Pan, butter, add eggs and stir with a wooden spoon. Add salt and pepper at end. Simple and delicious! Microwaved or with milk is an abomination

This ^^

ThreeWiseWomen · 03/04/2022 19:53

How do you prefer your scrambled eggs?

Made by my sister, she does the best scrambled egg in the world.


ArtVandalay · 03/04/2022 19:54

I don't cook. But I like scrambled eggs overdone according to my dh. I hate it if they're wet and sloppy but I also don't want them dry.

He would cringe at the idea of adding milk or using the microwave.


SirenSays · 03/04/2022 19:55

In a hot pan with butter and tobasco, served with hot sauce. Unless they're for the dogs, theirs go in the microwave.


isthatanotherbastardgrey · 03/04/2022 19:58

Prefer them done in a pan, but usually end up microwaving if doing as part of a big breakfast as they're just too much of a stirry faff when you're juggling 72,000 other components.

Recently discovered a dollop of sour cream and chive dip adds a really nice flavour (esp if having with smoked salmon and toast).

Also have been known to add Parmesan, cream and bacon, like a deconstructed omelette.


Eminybob · 03/04/2022 19:58

Very slowly in a pan with butter, then stir in some creme fraiche at the end


Igmum · 03/04/2022 20:09

Frying pan, butter and freshly ground black better. Beat two eggs and a dollop of full fat milk with a fork. Cook. Serve with smoked trout (much nicer than smoked salmon). Enjoy 😋


LadyHenryofRawlinsonEnd · 03/04/2022 20:12

This is just fabulous, thank you for sharing these ideas, I am going to use this thread as my novice scramblers cookbook! Grin

Intrigued by the idea of oil instead of butter. I don't get along with eggs and oil, although I can digest other foods with olive oil quite easily. Perhaps it's an overload, or my IBS at work..

I spotted one of you using a frying pan. It will be interesting to try all methods, although I do agree with pp's who say they don't like the eggs runny or undercooked. I do love a runny boiled egg though. I just scoop them out with a spoon, too impatient to flick the entire shell off.

Honestly these all sounds delicious and I am excited to get going, thank you!

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