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Whether to get small or big soft toy for baby? And where to get it?

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Applecakes987 · 09/02/2022 13:02

Very excitingly, my sister is expecting a baby very soon. I would like to get a soft toy for the baby. (I checked with my sister whether this would be a good gift, and she said it would.) I don't have children, and this is her first child, so neither of us knows - do babies prefer small toys - which might be easier for tiny hands to hold? - or big toys - is it easier for them to put their arms around a big toy than grasp a small one?!

What do you think?!

Also, where's a good place to buy soft toys?!

She said she's heard that babies are not likely to be interested in toys to begin with, but the toy will be there for the baby to express interest in at some point!

Thanks very much for any thoughts on this!

OP posts:
Marmite27 · 09/02/2022 13:03

Get a medium jellycat bunny. They’re the perfect size for toddlers to snuggle.

I always see loads with one tucked under their arm.

Talipesmum · 09/02/2022 13:04

I’d go middling size - not something huge cos it’ll take up loads of room and be annoying, but the little teeny toys that fit on your palm can get lost easily.
Mine have a few favourite jellycat toys they were bought early on which are still beloved “my auntie gave me this when I was born” type toys. It’s a lovely brand.

FelicityPike · 09/02/2022 13:05


Get a medium jellycat bunny. They’re the perfect size for toddlers to snuggle.

I always see loads with one tucked under their arm.

This is a great idea.
Don’t get any of those MASSIVE teddy bears or suchlike. They’re annoying and kids don’t play with crap like that.
DoucheCanoe · 09/02/2022 13:06

Make your own build a bear with a recorded message and then you can add to the outfits based on interests as they grow :)

SpacePotato · 09/02/2022 13:07

If you insist on getting a soft toy then just get a small one.

The jellycat bashful range are cute and popular and come in different sizes.

BernadetteRostankowskiWolowitz · 09/02/2022 13:09

Definetly a Jellycat. Both my dc latched on to Jellycat soft toys in the pile of options we were gifted. My 10yo still snuggles hers to sleep. They wash well, are suitable from birth, are so soft, and very adorable.

Ones with legs, ears, a sticky out nose to gnaw on would be good for babies, go for the medium size.

SolasAnla · 09/02/2022 13:10

I always give an cloth activity book as a first toy.

Pro tip
If you are buying a snuggle toy make sure that it will be available 6mths to 1 year after the birth. If the baby picks it as THE TOY your sister will need at least one extra (2 is better) to swap out and wash so they all look and smell the same.

minipie · 09/02/2022 13:11

Yes Jellycat, and get TWO THE SAME as if it becomes a favourite, it will be really useful to be able to wash one or even replace it if it gets lost!

BernadetteRostankowskiWolowitz · 09/02/2022 13:12

The Jellycat Ribble Dog looks good - that's what I would pick based on what my dc liked. Nice textures, limbs long enough to grab, suckable nose etc

SpacePotato · 09/02/2022 13:14


Yes Jellycat, and get TWO THE SAME as if it becomes a favourite, it will be really useful to be able to wash one or even replace it if it gets lost!

Yes to this too because they often discontinue the bloody things and if the kids loses it their parents might have to pay a ridiculous amount to get another one off ebay!
Juancornetto · 09/02/2022 13:16

Another one recommending the Jellycat medium bashful bunny. DD was given one when she was born 6 years ago and it's her very favourite. Loads of her friends have them as their favourites too - there's some kind of wizardry to them.

Caspianberg · 09/02/2022 13:18

Mine loves the jellycat cordy fox soother. They are small enough that they are suitable from birth.

8dpwoah · 09/02/2022 13:19

Agreeing with above, jellycat perfect (although we have things other than the bunnies and I'm glad as they aren't mistaken for others' when you've got a pile of kids playing) and definitely buy two just in case.

Squ1ggle · 09/02/2022 13:20

Absolutely agree a medium sized jellycat is the way to go. They're so soft and cuddly. Both of my boys have a couple each now but favourites are a bunny and a turtle from the bashful range

Danikm151 · 09/02/2022 13:23

3 needed. 1 for out and about, 1 for home and 1 to wash.
Medium sized- like max 8 inch

Oldraver · 09/02/2022 13:25

If you can get a spare

Alarae · 09/02/2022 13:25

My nearly 2 daughter has a medium Jellycat bunny which has ironically gone unloved!

For some reason she has latched onto a generic lamb which came with a Kinder Easter egg last year and that's the chosen one.

I did actually buy a second one as a backup but she accidentally found it one day. She looked at it with such suspicion and then threw it away in disgust.

Oldraver · 09/02/2022 13:25

Sorry hadn't seen the other replies about spares 😅

SittingOvation · 09/02/2022 13:26

Am I the only one who has a box full of stuffed toys (all presents) that my DC didn't show even the slightest interest in? Blush

YoComoManzanas · 09/02/2022 13:27

Depends on the kid though really. Ds1 would have rather had a toy car and is not interested in cuddlies. Ds2 has to have every cuddly toy he sees. He was especially interested in ones with smiley faces.
Agree jellycat has a good range of designs.

ThreeBalloons · 09/02/2022 13:29

Another jellycat fan here. DD has a panda and DS has a dog, both beloved and disgusting! I’d say if you get 2 then swap them regularly so they both get “worn” together - there is no way either of my children would accept a new version now.

itwasntaparty · 09/02/2022 13:30

jelly cat bunny was a firm favourite with DTs. The best present we got was an original glow worm, they died after about five years so replaced them with these:

DTs still sleep with them at 10yo.

roarfeckingroarr · 09/02/2022 13:32

I would say either a medium Jellycat or something else.

My DS (now nearly 16 months) has never taken an interest in soft toys and so many people have bought them for him. They just take up space and as lovely and well meaning as they are, I really wish people would stop buying them for him. I have a hoard and they just fill up the end of his cot, looking sad and unloved.

ThreeBalloons · 09/02/2022 13:36

@roarfeckingroarr there’s still time - 16 months is young. My older child wasn’t interested in cuddly toys until she started doing proper imaginative play at around 2. Then all the many cuddly toys she had would be rounded up for tea parties, hospital visits etc. She also picked her favourite around that age. DS on the other hand has loved this dog seemingly from birth!

GiantKitten · 09/02/2022 13:39

The smallest jellycat bunny is what I always get for a new baby; they are so soft and perfect for tiny hands.
My GD (will be 3 in the summer) still loves her white one, but also now has a larger pinky-red one.
They are very appealing Smile

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