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Lego storage for a small room

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muldersspeedos · 01/01/2022 18:38

What do you use? Dc is amassing a large Lego collection with more on the way but has a small room. Are the official Lego storage cubes good? We keep things in a big cardboard Lego classic box segregated into colours and put in ziplock bags but now have far too much. Why Lego don't sell sets in decent boxes that reseal I'll never know but it does my head in considering the price. He has a playmat/storage bag but I'd like to keep things more separate.

OP posts:
LittleBearPad · 01/01/2022 18:41

A large under bed storage box. It’s all mixed up so it really depends how you feel about keeping it separate.

Grettagove · 01/01/2022 18:42

I haven’t got any answers but am watching with interest. We (ds4) have just started playing with Lego, and I want to get the storage right. We also have a small bedroom.

DeepaBeesKit · 01/01/2022 18:46

What's going to screw you here is the desire to keep it all separate.

My kids mix the pieces from models in with the yellow box stuff and just build creatively. I tried keeping model sets in dedicated boxes, it was pointless.

danishkids · 01/01/2022 18:47

We have a son that loves Lego!

We have build a homemade desk, under it is 2 cheat of drawers, with small
Boxes in each drawer (normally used for clothes) where he can put different LEGO blocks. His are separated in color, but you could easily separate into sets the same way. We have glued by LEGO plates onto the table(desk) so he can display a small
Amount of his LEGO and play with it there.

It works out pretty well. We also have six of the original
LEGO storage! They suck, there are circles inside of them
Where the LEGO gets stuck. They look pretty though. We use them for other toys now.

The LEGO boxes from IKEA are sweet for little pieces also cause you can build
On top
Of them too

Hope that helps :) from a mum with a boy who LOVES LEGO!

DeathMetalMum · 01/01/2022 18:47

We use a trofast unit from IKEA. Not as organised as I would like but dc have always found it very easy for playing, and also storing half made stuff.

We recently did a huge sort out and labeled the drawers for certain colours and used a few tupperware boxes for the colours we had less of, bits of people etc.

ShoppingBasket · 01/01/2022 18:50

We use the washing powder tubs that liquid capsules come in. They are stackable too. We label the outside.
I also bought a screws and nail organiser in lidl with small drawers for things like minifigures and weapons. Again, labelled on the outside.
I'm trying to think of how to keep his sets displayed though as we are running out of space and he doesn't want to part with them.

DeepaBeesKit · 01/01/2022 20:48

Another option would be a large IKEA peg board and loads of the pen pots, for smaller pieces

JerkintheMerkin · 01/01/2022 22:01

I found this very handy

Toy Storage Bag Kids Large Tidy Bag Portable Play Mat Organizer Fast Clean Up Drawstring Bag Children Toys Container Travel Bag (1.5M)

Simonjt · 01/01/2022 22:04

No, they’re crap and expensive. Do you have room for an ikea trofast or a kallax unit?

We have a kallax with the boxes in and they store a lot of lego, plus they can be easily removed for play.

Yuledo · 01/01/2022 22:06

We just used different size plastic storage boxes with lids. They then stacked in his wardrobe.

Woeismethischristmas · 01/01/2022 22:10

I have a stackable Lego sorter from Amazon. I has filters so you shake it and all the tiny bricks fall to the bottom, medium in middle, big in the top. An extra one for the people. One for current build project. We have one for each child. It’s clear so really easy to spot bricks, detach, build, restack.

Gustavo1 · 01/01/2022 22:13

I’ve been looking at this as all of my boys got more Lego for Christmas. Saw an online DIY of an under bed trundle drawer with a lid. The lid has base plates stuck to it.
Thinking of trying it!

NannyR · 01/01/2022 22:20

Either a drawstring playmat or a large shallow box or underbed drawer, with everything mixed together. I find that kids are not that bothered about keeping pieces separated and they tend to play more creatively when they have a box of mixed up pieces.

BernadetteRostankowskiWolowitz · 01/01/2022 22:25

Does he prefer stuff stored by set or more broad (like by colour or size)?

I do the zip lock bags per set then have a big box for all the extra loose stuff.

What about shoe boxes? One per set?

JC12345 · 01/01/2022 22:28

We have a 'really useful drawer tower' and store the Lego by colour. Easy to take the drawers out to find pieces but good for containing mess!!

FixItUpChappie · 01/01/2022 22:28

I did something similar to the picture below which I got off Pinterest and it's totally revolutionized my sons small room - we used two IKEA cube shelves (kallax) and bought two desk tops that run the entire length of his room seamlessly. It was really not expensive and has added great storage in addition to a place for him to work and store items off the floor.

Lego storage for a small room
yoyo1234 · 01/01/2022 22:31

We placed the Lego kits unassembled in ziplock bags with instructions and notes on model and she range on the outside of the bags. For creative play bits we had Lego storage (shaped like a head).

yoyo1234 · 01/01/2022 22:41

@FixItUpChappie that picture looks great. When you did similar with your son's room did you use eg wood desktops (what material was easy to fit together?).

Sorry not very good at DIY here and your user name seems like you are.

DelurkingAJ · 01/01/2022 22:45

We use Kallax with 9l Really Useful Boxes (hunt for the ones with inserts). Instructions flat at the bottom, pieces sorted as you wish, sets roughly by type in each box. Still gets in a horrible muddle but it’s pretty tidy.

WouldIBeATwat · 01/01/2022 22:49

Kallax unit with castors, lego base plates glued on top and these back to back in the holes.

AliceMcK · 01/01/2022 22:52

We’ve got some of these draws. We also use make up storage draws for small bits.

Lego storage for a small room
Lego storage for a small room
Charliealphatangorara · 01/01/2022 22:53

We used ikea Trofast plus a set of plastic drawers on wheels (we had a lot of lego!) in which I sorted the bricks by colour.

chilliplant634 · 01/01/2022 23:00

It depends on the age of your child and the amount of lego you have.

If very young then the drawstring bag works great. As they get older and amass more lego the underbed trundle works well. Beyond that, you need an IKEA trofast unit with lots of shallow trays.

The lego storage cubes are useless. For lego you want containers or trays which are wide and shallow, so you can see the pieces easily.

For the very tiny pieces, I have the stackable plastic boxes with inserts to separate out the compartments.

GertrudePerkinsPaperyThing · 01/01/2022 23:08

Plenty of trofast and Kallax units in this house - much of it taken up by lego!

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