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Lego storage for a small room

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muldersspeedos · 01/01/2022 18:38

What do you use? Dc is amassing a large Lego collection with more on the way but has a small room. Are the official Lego storage cubes good? We keep things in a big cardboard Lego classic box segregated into colours and put in ziplock bags but now have far too much. Why Lego don't sell sets in decent boxes that reseal I'll never know but it does my head in considering the price. He has a playmat/storage bag but I'd like to keep things more separate.

OP posts:
LittleBearPad · 02/01/2022 10:52

I love the idea of the Amazon sorter. DD has lots of Lego Friends and Harry Potter and there’s lots of tiny pieces which ideally I’d like to have separately to the larger bits. It’s all completely mixed up which does seem to be how she prefers it.

2020nymph · 02/01/2022 10:56

DS1 prefers his Lego all mixed up (does make me a bit twitchy but we roll with it). He has 5 really useful boxes and his favourite creations are displayed in his room.

DS2 has followed suit.

All Lego instructions are in A4 folders.

Woeismethischristmas · 02/01/2022 19:03

[quote muldersspeedos]@Woeismethischristmas do you have a link please? [/quote]
It’s called blokpod just noticed it’s out of stock on Amazon. Surprisingly mixed reviews. Once it’s getting full trick is to stir the Lego to give them a bit more room to fall through.

CatflapFlapjack · 03/01/2022 07:19

My DS is 5 but has already amassed dozens of Lego sets. We currently have four storage systems; one large roll out mixed box under his bed, one Really Useful box for Super Mario Lego (his main obsession), a Lego storage head for Star Wars Lego, and a big ziplock bag of minifigures.

This works ok for the moment because he can’t understand why I’d want to store it in any more of an organised system.

He has recently been asking for a table to work on though so I was considering an IKEA Flisat with the washing up bowl type containers, but he just doesn’t have the space in his room. All his wall space is already taken up by bed/wardrobe/drawers/radiator.

Rainartist · 04/01/2022 17:27

Considering how the child plays with the Lego is a good idea.

I realise the colour coordinated drawers pleased me more than my dc, although it did suit generic bricks and city sets.

DH said his mum made him a type of bag that opened out and he played on the material and at tidy uptime she just drew the whole cloth back in to a bag. That would have suited the way me and siblings played where just did creative play on floor and would have suited us and mum when it came to tidy up time.

Now my youngest is into his themed sets more we need a rethink which we have started with keeping people and accessories from different sets separate from each other.

ahagwearsapointybonnet · 12/01/2022 00:55

We also have an Ikea Trofast tall tower filled with the shallow drawers for all the sets that got mixed up, sorted mainly by colour (also one drawer for wheels/gears/similar, and one for minifigures and related bits like tools, food, bikes etc). Colours that there isn't much of get combined, e.g. the orange, brown and purple (I think) are all together, and all transparent bits are together regardless what colour (lights, windows etc). Some of the favourite or bigger kits are still kept separate in their boxes though.

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