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Please help with oil diffusers - a beginners guide!

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TokyoSushi · 09/01/2021 11:36

I would LOVE a Neom wellbeing pod, but they are a gazillion pounds and perhaps not a wise purchase in such uncertain times, unless of course you have a gazillion pounds to spare!

Please can you recommend me an almost as lovely but much cheaper version? I've searched for threads but lots are asking about which oils to use - which I need to know too!

Please can you tell me specifically which diffusers and oils are good and most importantly where to get them from? I, like it would seem a lot of other people on here, also want my home to smell like a spa!

OP posts:
Myshinynewname2021 · 09/01/2021 15:26

Can anyone recommend a posh oil that smells like one of those lovely fig based candles? I can never get anything other than a hippie essential oil smell and tbh sometimes I don't want that!

thethoughtfox · 09/01/2021 15:52

My sister bought the Marks one and used it with the oil provided. She is bitterly disappointed as you can't smell it in the room unless literally standing over it even after leaving it on for a few hours in a small room with the doors closed. She has ordered the Neom oil to see if that works better. Not sure if it's the diffuser or the oil that is the issue.

MoriaRoseForever · 09/01/2021 16:09


I don’t use this type of home fragrance as they work by adding water which is pumped into the air along with the fragrance and I don’t want my home humidified.


I didn't realise it does that, my flat does not need more humidity !
What do you use instead ?
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