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So after some lovely threads last weekend..does anyone want to chat some nice stuff to forget about the madness?

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Hobnobswantshernameback · 24/10/2020 08:33

Had some lovely threads last weekend talking about some very simple lovely stuff. Just all very calm and ordinary. It helped me to keep my anxiety at bay in these mad times
So today is day one of lockdown here in Wales.
It's windy and rainy but we have to help DS1 to move into his new flat. He and his girlfriend are very excited and I'm excited honest but will miss him and am worried I won't be able to see him for ages ☹️ But am determined to be positive as its such a happy time for him
Have some book arriving today for my holiday read
I have nice wine and may treat the kids to pizza delivery later
Strictly sat by my lovely log burner tonight

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Bluewavescrashing · 24/10/2020 08:35

Ooh me please.

I'm just making a few loose plans for half term with friends. I have the whole week off with the DCs (teacher) and DH has 3 days booked off. Trying not to plan too much though, as we're all shattered.

I've had a coffee and croissant in bed whilst DCs embarked on a huge colouring in project. Peaceful for now!

IsAWookieABear · 24/10/2020 08:49

This is such a brilliant idea!

I've been lucky enough to be adopted by an amazing family as my support bubble- woke up this morning to the sound of happy children screams and general family hullabaloo, it was such a lovely feeling!

I'm looking forward to making soup. How rock and roll Smile

Hobnobswantshernameback · 24/10/2020 08:58

WookieBear that sounds lovely

OP posts:
Hobnobswantshernameback · 24/10/2020 09:06

Need to try and order some decent walking boots and waterproofs for lockdown walks and winter getting to and from work
Rock and roll
I tell you
Rock and Roll

OP posts:
EerilyDeleted · 24/10/2020 09:09

I've been up for a while, tidying, sorting stuff for a tip run later (have to book slots here) and generally pottering about. It's raining but I am hoping to get out for a short run in a bit. Also looking forward to Strictly tonight.

caughtalightsneeze · 24/10/2020 09:12

We're a week into our lockdown here, my children are delighted to be getting a two week long half term instead of their usual three days.

It's not as strict as Wales though, the shops are still open. So I'm planning on going out later to buy what I need to decorate my son's birthday cake.

And I'm off work all next week so I'm looking forward to a week of lie ins because my children are now of an age where they don't like getting up early.

caringcarer · 24/10/2020 09:18

I managed to book child 2 hour 1-1 cricket coaching this morning. I was hoping to watch but not allowed. That means DH and I have 2 whole hours to Xmas shop for child in Birmingham or find a Costa, or a bit of both.

EerilyDeleted · 24/10/2020 09:20

One of my DCs has a two week half term, I've been off with him this week, DH is off next week with both DCs. Not much happening or planned though. They are teens so don't need us actually around but with so many restrictions on going out we thought they'd like the company Grin.

BoogleMcGroogle · 24/10/2020 09:26

🙂 A great idea!

Here, I've got a morning catching up on reports so I can enjoy half term with the kids. I'm positioning myself at my daughter's desk so I can watch the ( frankly, idle) doings of our neighbours' horses.

And I'm planning on doing a big book order, ready for autumnal fireside reading 🍂

DS9 and DD11 have decided to 'style each other' today. DS looks like a feminine lumberjack, DD like a half-baked goth.

AnneLovesGilbert · 24/10/2020 09:31

What books have you got coming OP?

It’s raining here but if it dries up we’re planning a long walk and to find the last of the blackberries. We’ve been picking them for about 3 months, what a harvest.

Since lockdown I’ve been baking all of our bread, inspired my dad who’s doing the same for them. We exchange recipe tweaks and photos of loaves Grin

Nothing like the smell of a nearly done loaf. I’m going to make butter if I can get some cream. Not done that since I was a child and mum found a nearby dairy which sold gold top. Toddler DD is obsessed with butter.

BillStickersIsInnocent · 24/10/2020 09:32

Lovely idea.

I’m still in bed - child 2 off to football practice with his dad in the rain and cold, I do not feel guilty at all Grin

Child 2 is on her iPad. I’ll have a bath in a bit and then think about making lunch.

A walk later and then Strictly this evening.

Thanks for this, I’ve had a rough few months and am appreciating the little things.

ChazsBrilliantAttitude · 24/10/2020 09:41

I need to plant out my violas. I was growing them on but they are starting to bloom. They have the most beautiful flowers at a dull time of year.

Hobnobswantshernameback · 24/10/2020 09:41

@AnneLovesGilbert I've ordered Adam Kay's new children's book as I enjoyed his other ones but I'm reading it before the kids
Just ordered a couple of pretty light trashy novels
Want some escapism
Also planning on some nice bakes and some new meals from a new Jamie Oliver cookbook

OP posts:
thenewaveragebear1983 · 24/10/2020 09:43

Nice thread.
I'm feeling good right now, just completed my first half term in a new role (school exams officer), first time back to work properly for 5 years, and first time working 5 days a week since about 2005. I'm so proud of my family and how we've coped, we're clearly made of stronger stuff than I thought. We are very ready for half term though. I bought some nice baking bits and thought we'd do some gingerbread and cookie pops.

Today I'm doing a running challenge, running 12 miles across 12 hours and so many people have offered to run a mile with me. I'm very touched. Smile

Hobnobswantshernameback · 24/10/2020 09:45

@thenewaveragebear1983 Huge good luck with the run

OP posts:
Hobnobswantshernameback · 24/10/2020 10:08

And I'm grateful that Greggs has stayed open despite the lockdown Grin

OP posts:
Sunnydaysstillhere · 24/10/2020 10:13

Expecting my new wellies to arrive today!! Sick of taking no good leaking ones back so dh has ordered me some apparently indestructible ones..
Hope he hasn't ordered some sort of steel toe rigger boot!!
We live at the beach and a decent welly (or 2!) is a necessity for ddog walking!!

abouquetofsharpenedpencils · 24/10/2020 10:27

I love these threads! Thank you.
Having a nice Saturday morning lie-in with a cup of Assam tea at just the right temperature and length of brewing time 😊 . Outside, it is windy and raining but warm and cosy indoors. Popping out for a walk around the town later and to pick up a Charlie Bigham’s takeaway curry for tonight. Movie night later with netflix and popcorn or ice-cream - decisions decisions.
Also on the look out for a new mug for my tea 🥰

Hobnobswantshernameback · 24/10/2020 10:30

Just need to decide what takeaway to have later
Love these threads

OP posts:
Sunnydaysstillhere · 24/10/2020 10:43

Forgot to mention need to buy cake so us humans can celebrate for ddog. She is 7 today!!

So after some lovely threads last weekend..does anyone want to chat some nice stuff to forget about the madness?
Hobnobswantshernameback · 24/10/2020 11:29

What a gorgeous pooch

OP posts:
Sunnydaysstillhere · 24/10/2020 12:43

Yes if you like wearing /eating white hair with everything!!. Grin

Hobnobswantshernameback · 24/10/2020 12:43

Ah but those eyes Grin

OP posts:
thenewaveragebear1983 · 24/10/2020 12:54

@Sunnydaysstillhere at least with white hair your guests won't see it in their food Grin

Hobnobswantshernameback · 24/10/2020 13:19


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