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My child is getting married today :)

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StillMedusa · 24/10/2020 07:42

Despite all the stress, and a guest list going from 80 to 10... we are in Scotland, where my lovely girl will marry her lovely partner surrounded by 3 dogs, two goats, a handful of ducks and chickens and a few humans in the garden of her fiancee's family home! The weather is dire, and the ring bearer is likely to disappear after the chickens Grin
The best man (DS1) is stuck on the other side of the world but will be live feed and has sent his recording of their son (he's a singer) and despite everything... it going to be a wonderful day!

Up yours Covid! Here's to making the best of things and seeing two people make their promises to each other which is all that really matters... :)

OP posts:
autumnboys · 24/10/2020 07:43

Congratulations! Wishing you all the most wonderful day! Flowers

AgentProvocateur · 24/10/2020 07:43

Aw, how lovely. I hope they have a wonderful day and a long and happy life.

MaitlandGirl · 24/10/2020 07:44

That sounds wonderful. I hope you all have a great day and the goats behave themselves and don’t eat the dress!!

burglarbettybaby · 24/10/2020 07:44

Ah op. Enjoy this wonderful day and let us know how it goes when you get time in the next few days x

Varjakpaw · 24/10/2020 07:46

Congratulations to all! I am sure it will be a fabulous day regardless. They say rain on your wedding day is good luck 🥰

LunaTheCat · 24/10/2020 07:46

Oh congratulations! Enjoy the day and best wishes to the couple.

CormoranStrikesANoteofDoom · 24/10/2020 07:46

This sounds like a beautiful wedding - enjoy every second.

Onyourway · 24/10/2020 07:47

Sounds perfect! Congratulations to them both...

TokyoSushi · 24/10/2020 07:49

Have a wonderful day!

movingonup20 · 24/10/2020 07:50

Congratulations! Sending them love and best wishes. Love the animal "guests"

happystory · 24/10/2020 08:09

Sounds amazing, have a lovely day

Horsemad · 24/10/2020 08:19

Aw, just reading that has made me well up! It is going to be a FAB wedding! Congratulations to them both! ♥️

Milkshake7489 · 24/10/2020 08:21

Congratulations! I hope you all have an amazing day Grin Flowers

user1497510803 · 24/10/2020 08:23

I'm on the borders , so will don a hat in honour of their special day to be a very distanced guest. Congratulations to them Wine

Dollywilde · 24/10/2020 08:23

Aww amazing! I hope she has the most amazing day Smile

PachinkoFreeFood · 24/10/2020 08:23

It sounds wonderful! All the very best of British to you all. Have a fabulous day.

Onekidnoclue · 24/10/2020 08:24

Congratulations! Flowers

Weloveoptimus · 24/10/2020 08:25

It's going to be brilliant! Have a lovely time all of you xx

ineedaholidaynow · 24/10/2020 08:25

Sounds wonderful Smile

BabyMoonPie · 24/10/2020 08:29

Awww, how lovely. Congratulations to the bride and groom and I hope you all have a great day. Rain on your wedding day is good luck - it means there will be no tears in your marriage (that's what everyone told me during my wedding on a rainy day!)

Apassingglance · 24/10/2020 08:30

What a lovely post! Congratulations to your offspring and their oh, op!

A close family member of mine got married earlier in the year and they only had eight people in attendance. We couldn't go as they live in a different country to us but we all dressed up and cracked open a bottle of champagne and Zoomed one another and it was strange but we managed to share in their happiness and capture some of the excitement. I hope you and your family have a lovely day!

sashh · 24/10/2020 08:30

WOW have a fab day and congratulations tot he couple.

Etinox · 24/10/2020 08:30

How wonderful! Have a lovely day!

NoGoodPunsLeft · 24/10/2020 08:30

Sounds amazing, hope everyone has a fab day Flowers

ChippingIn · 24/10/2020 08:32

I hope you have a wonderful day! 💕

It sounds like a lovely wedding & I'm so pleased that you're able to go ahead.

I still can't believe your kids are now old enough to be getting married!!! Where does the time go??

Hope you all have a lovely day 🥂🍾🍰

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