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What's on your bucket list for when normal life resumes?

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Destinysdaughter · 22/10/2020 18:00

My city is going into Tier 2 tomorrow, which is a bit grim, as I live alone, so I've been thinking about some things I'd like to do in the future when we can finally get back to normal, whenever that is.

I've travelled quite a bit, when I was 46 I got made redundant and went to India for 4 months which was amazing. I've always wanted to go to both Cuba and Vietnam for a long trip, so those are 2 things that are definitely on my bucket list!

Would love to know what yours are, and I also think it can be helpful to think about the future beyond this current shitshow, as it won't be forever!

And I'm aware that some pp are really struggling right now, so I hope this is not an insensitive post, just want to inject some hope and positivity. Smile

OP posts:
sunsalutations · 22/10/2020 18:53

Live music
Trip to Scotland

TheThreeHeadedBeast · 22/10/2020 18:59

Next summer France to see friends and relatives, including a great nephew I've never met.
Summer 2022 planning on a trip to Peru.
Hopefully some skiing ideally Feb 21
Maybe some mini breaks.

Solderingon · 22/10/2020 19:02

@Doje same. A night out in a busy fun bar with friends sounds amazing.

I also really want to go bar hopping in Granada, eating Tapas and drinking lovely wine with DH.

And I'm going to save up for a few years and go on the orient express.

I've never had much of a bucket list, but with everything taken off the table it's interesting to see what I actually miss.

SinisterBumFacedCat · 22/10/2020 19:05

Gigs! I really miss standing in a room filled with strangers shouting/singing/dancing at my favourite bands.
Bead fairs, 2 local ones got cancelled which I really enjoy every year.
Ceroc dancing, I really miss dancing with a complete stranger in a room full of strangers.
I’m a bit of an introvert, but I really have missed this random stuff.

StCharlotte · 22/10/2020 19:08

All the holidays Smile

MiddleClassMother · 22/10/2020 19:09

I'm going into tier 3 on Saturday (SY) and can't wait to go on holiday again! I also desperately miss my family in London and the SE.

MagicSummer · 22/10/2020 19:09

Real browsing shopping without masks.
Holidays - Italy, Caribbean, Dubai.
Just feeling relaxed and happy going about day to day things.

Wetweekend99 · 22/10/2020 19:13

I'm actually really going to miss the firework displays this year so next year I will plan a couple on the weekends surrounding it and thoroughly enjoy it. I do have a festival and disneyland booked for next year during an optimistic week in the summer so I'm hoping they go ahead but not holding out much hope really.

I really miss just popping into to Costa for a quick coffee. I know I could do it but its not worth the risk just for coffee.

GameSetMatch · 22/10/2020 19:16

Yes a holiday, my children missed their first abroad holiday this year and my six year old is desperate to go on an aeroplane, I don’t care where we go!

BikeRunSki · 22/10/2020 19:25

See my mum (widow, 250 miles away). See my siblings (2 of 3 live overseas, the other is in Wales). Celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary (wfh, videoconference and home schooling weren’t quite a match for the week in Iceland we had booked). Celebrate my 50th birthday - I’m pretty sure we’ll be in Tier 3 by then.

Go to gigs, go to the theatre!! Go out to dinner. I know we can, but I’m still uneasy about it, and we can’t get a babysitter.

Go to site and actually to my job properly!!

Hell, I’m going to run round the streets naked and whooping!

winterinmadeira · 22/10/2020 19:33

A trip to Madeira and then I’d love to go back to Japan or California.

Catching up with friends and having lots of hugs from family

NastyBlouse · 22/10/2020 19:36

I really want to go clubbing Blush

EerilyDeleted · 22/10/2020 19:46

Holidays, theatre, carol concert, get together with big groups of friends and family, seeing grandparents without restriction, go to football matches and the packed pub beforehand. Start being able to liftshare again. Start being able to eat lunch round a table with colleagues again and go out together after work. DCs activities properly running again.

Badgerbadger22 · 22/10/2020 19:48

I want to hug all my friends.
Go on a proper holiday.
Have a huge family reunion / family party.

Badgerbadger22 · 22/10/2020 19:49

Oh and park run!!

grassisjeweled · 22/10/2020 19:49

Fly back to UK
Work Christmas party

merryhouse · 22/10/2020 20:03

Choir practice.

Kings' Christmas service (I'm hoping it'll be fine by next year) and dinner with the scholars.

Never really been fussed about travelling.

Champagneforeveryone · 22/10/2020 20:07

Holidays, holidays, holidays

actiongirl1978 · 22/10/2020 20:13

We've promised the children a week in Barbados next December. Mainly because we want a week in Barbados!

It's something we've been talking about since April.

However if that can't happen, a trip to our favoiritw lake district location.

BearSoFair · 22/10/2020 20:25

Long weekend in Stockholm or Copenhagen
Whitby Folk Week next year (assuming it can happen, if not, whenever the next one is!)
Go to more gigs

boredwithmylastusername · 22/10/2020 20:27


Karwomannghia · 22/10/2020 20:33

Big family holiday
Big family meals

IceCreamAndCandyfloss · 22/10/2020 20:33

Theatre show, friends over for games night and a nice meal out.

ShortFatandDumpy · 22/10/2020 20:35

Travelling for sure.
I l9ved my job sop much and that was the one thing stopping me packing up and travelling pre Covid.
I'm 48. Kids at uni. Dumped by my 55yo husband for a 35 year old earlier this year.
I lost my job due to covid and plan B was to have a mid life crisis travelling trip but Covid has made that near impossible.

However I will be travelling. Vietnam, Cambodia and Hong Kong (if it's safe enough) . I love Malaysia so will.go back there too ro do the bits ive not yet done.
I'm considering blogging it all.

Apart from my travel.dreams just really basic stuff like a trip to Primark and an afternoon drinking ocktails with the girls soumds dreamy. I libe in a rural.area and not managed to get into a city since February due to endless local restrictions.

Mcmole · 22/10/2020 20:36

Most of all I want to see my parents. After that though, a good, relaxed, browse in my favourite bookshop followed by coffee and cake there.

Then I'll start to plan a trip back to Hawaii.

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