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Just had a voicemail from "HMRC" threatening to issue a warrant if I don't press 1

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WhyNotMe40 · 22/10/2020 15:22

I hate these. I know it's a scam so actually I'm quit glad I missed the call, but it sounded quite threatening.
Phone number was 02036644916

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PullUpsAreTricky · 22/10/2020 15:25


custardbear · 22/10/2020 15:26

Had that very call this morning too

WellyBootsAreYouFrom · 22/10/2020 15:27

I got a call from them today too, from 0161.
I immediately hung up and blocked the fuckers.

Holothane · 22/10/2020 15:28

Oh I had that scam I howled with laughter as I put the phone down.

FairFridaythe13th · 22/10/2020 15:30

Aren’t they annoying? The worst are the ones with ‘number withheld’. If you have kids at school or an elderly relative it’s hard to leave it until it goes to voicemail.

I once was plagued by scam calls and after a long day (3 of them from ‘I’m calling about your phone contract with X scams) I picked up the call ‘hello - is that Feeraday? I told them to bugger off and that I was fed up with these calls and to never call me again.

It was the mum of a new friend of DS who had seen my name written down and got the pronunciation quite wrong. Blush

Bloomburger · 22/10/2020 15:30

I got it too from an 0207 number, I asked for telephone number I could call back on to ensure they were who they said they were and they hung up.

zukiecat · 22/10/2020 15:30

My daughter got a similar call a few months ago, but this one said he was the FBI hunting for her for tax evasion Grin

sebanna · 22/10/2020 15:33

They rang my 87 grandmother who has never been in paid employment outside the family, and tried to convince her that unless she paid them immediately the police would need to be involved. Fortunately she put my phone down but when my mum came round she was worried sick.

Fuckityfucksake · 22/10/2020 15:36

My Dh has had a few over the last few weeks.
I, for some reason, don't get them. My bitch face/voice must be enough to deter the bastards.

areyoubeingserviced · 22/10/2020 15:40

I have had pay pal scams, HMRC scams , Netflix scams, Barclay bank scams

WhyNotMe40 · 22/10/2020 15:43

Our landline gets loads from "BT" and "Amazon prime".
Just hate them. Preying on the vulnerable

OP posts:
porridgecake · 22/10/2020 15:44

I am getting more of these scam calls recently. I can't help wondering if it is anything to do with leaving contact details for contact tracing purposes.

ShowOfHands · 22/10/2020 15:45

I had a phone call from Bradford today. Apparently I've committed fraud and need to give all my details or they'll pursue a case against me. If I've committed fraud I rather think they should.

I also get daily PayPal, Barclays, TV Licensing, Santander, Amazon type emails phishing for info.

whyareyoulying · 22/10/2020 15:46

I haven't paid so I'm awaiting my arrest, two weeks later....

CraftyGin · 22/10/2020 15:46

I had the HMRC one yesterday. 0207 287 8543

pippapoo62 · 22/10/2020 15:47

Had that message as well,couldn't help having a little laugh to myself.

Bool · 22/10/2020 15:47

It’s terrifying. It’s a scam. I reported.

OHappyDay · 22/10/2020 15:48

I had the same this morning too Grin
Luckily I was aware it was a scam otherwise it would have made me very anxious

Notglam · 22/10/2020 15:49

I’ve had two calls this week. 020 numbers too. It’s making me wonder if a big company has had its security compromised?

WhyNotMe40 · 22/10/2020 15:50


It’s terrifying. It’s a scam. I reported.

How do you report scam phone calls?
OP posts:
Bool · 22/10/2020 15:51

They should be mentioning it on mainstream media as some people are going to be terrified. Why don’t they do that?

Sundaypolodog · 22/10/2020 15:51

I had one from the national crime agency saying they've got to cancel my national insurance number ...... I cut the call at this point.

OrtamLeevz · 22/10/2020 15:53

My MIL is of very advanced age, but still as bright as a button. She often gets scam calls and she tells them to get lost.

One day she'd been particularly plagued with them, and when the phone rang for the umpteenth time, she picked it up and said "I've told you before, now BUGGER OFF!!!"

It was her GP ringing her back Grin

Devlesko · 22/10/2020 15:54

They wouldn't call you.
I've had it and it's a SCAM.
Don't press the button, can cost thousands if you do.

MissEWeatherwax · 22/10/2020 15:58

Can you not report to

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