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Does anyone NOT feel like it's the end of times and everything is going to be shit forever right now?

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norunningwithscizzuhz · 20/10/2020 20:11

I mean according to MN I might as well drive off a bridge right now because a) i live in a London flat so no one will ever want to buy it and I will be in negative equity this time next year b) I work in the arts so I'll never be able to work again and I should retrain as a plumber instead c) there will never be a covid 19 vaccine and even if there is one it won't work properly d) brexit means that everything will basically be shit in the UK forever

Don't get me wrong, everything is pretty rubbish right now but could we maybe dispense with the relentless doom and gloom? Otherwise what's to live for, seriously?

OP posts:
Oliversmumsarmy · 23/10/2020 10:09

I think for introverts lockdown and this new way of not being able to go out and meet friends hasn’t been too bad but for me it has been Hell.

I love going out and meeting up with people. Staying out late and maybe taking in a show or just going somewhere during the day and having lunch out.

Everything has been so curtailed it is hard.

Added to the fact that this virus has cost us at least £150,000 so far and will cost us even more by the time things are over it has been a really shit time.

I can’t wait for this to be over and think we should open everything up and have done with it. Those that need or want to isolate can do so but let those who want to go out and work and live their lives do so

Lockdowns aren’t going to achieve anything but just prolong it all and push everything further down the line.
If they worked we should have been down to zero infections everywhere in the UK after staying in for 12 weeks.
As soon as you come out of a lockdown the infection rate will start to rise again.

TheAdventuresoftheWishingChair · 23/10/2020 10:59

I agree OP. Thank you for posting this.

I think there is good and bad in EVERYTHING. Knowing that has got me through all sorts. The pandemic has had a huge impact on my life - in one area it has been absolutely catastrophic and the issue it caused will stay with me for the rest of my life. It has been devastating and I mean that - it's a word that gets thrown around too easily but this has been a proper once in a life time, devastating situation which part of me will never get over. I am absolutely heartbroken. And then, even with saying that, the pandemic has brought me some huge benefits. I know I will move forward appreciating certain small things more. I've had time to sit and properly think and I realised I was going in the wrong direction, career wise. Now I'm going to change tack completely and start a business that I already feel passionate about, and I haven't really even got going. The only way I could have realised what I really wanted was by completely stepping away from people and work and commuting and have some proper time for contemplation.

I feel with everything that's ahead too that there will be so much good. I'm not naive about the fact that there is the potential for things to be very very difficult for a lot of people. I'm sure the economic damage will be felt by most on some level and I feel very much for those who will be seriously affected. It frightens me and it makes me so sad that some people will lose so much. I don't want Brexit to be happening. But this idea that everything good is behind us and we're doomed is so very unhealthy. There is still a large part of life that individuals are in control of and that we can improve whatever else is going on in the world. Humans as a species are innately resilient, even if individually not everyone is going to come through this ok, and there will be other people who completely change tack because of what's going on and they will be successful and make a difference to society and life will improve at the same time as things get more difficult. Nothing is ever black and white.

Mumsnet has been a very difficult place to be this year, the Guardian have bloody done my head in and I've had to step back a little from some friendships where people have been relentlessly pessimistic. But yes there are some of us who are hanging onto hope and want to look at the positives too. We all only have one life and I intend to enjoy mine as much as it's in my power to do so.

janaus50s · 23/10/2020 11:13

Been in lockdown in Melbourne Australia, feels like forever. Numbers are down, so that’s positive. Retail is due to open 1st Nov. life to get back to close to normal. Now wait for the numbers to soar. I can’t see an end to this any time soon.

MondeoFan · 23/10/2020 11:22

No, I'm still keeping positive, I've managed to hang onto my job. I was furloughed for 6 months and returned on 1st September.
My car is fine and working and I can afford it. My 2 DC have still been able to go to school. My house is nice and warm and have plenty of food in.
We are looking forward to Christmas then see what happened after that.

Oliversmumsarmy · 23/10/2020 22:19

Been in lockdown in Melbourne Australia, feels like forever. Numbers are down, so that’s positive. Retail is due to open 1st Nov. life to get back to close to normal. Now wait for the numbers to soar. I can’t see an end to this any time soon

Which begs the question why bother going into lockdown in the first place.

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