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If you have no money worries, what's it like?

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Gifmestrength · 18/10/2020 18:48

Just a general musing, if you have money, and lots of disposable income, does it make you any happier?

I've never been in a position where I don't have to watch what I'm spending, I'm not remotely materialistic but I always think if I had xxx amount it would make my life so much easier.

It's stupid I know as I know money doesn't make you any happier, that your health is more important and I never take these things for granted, I also know there are a lot of people worse of than me.

OP posts:
Fallowdeerhunter · 18/10/2020 18:56

It makes me happy that I don’t have to worry too much about the day-to-day but I still worry about long term finances e.g pension

weepingwillow22 · 18/10/2020 19:02

As above. It is great not worrying about the day to day. However I have a severely disabled son and the worry is for his long term future when my DH and I are both gone. I suspect most people will always have something to worry about whatever their finances.

JellyBabiesSaveLives · 18/10/2020 19:03

It’s not that money makes you happy so much as it can stop a lot of the reasons why you might be unhappy.

Ds2 and I both have serious permanent medical conditions. Having enough money means that I don’t have to work full-time and we can buy ds2 the equipment that helps him. I’d swap the money for us both being healthy though.

RandomMess · 18/10/2020 19:07

We have no day to day worries but then wonder if we would be able to help out Dc with buying a house and also the uni fees parental contribution for the one that hopes to study medicine....

So I guess although life is much easier instead of just accepting we can't afford to help the DC (position we used to be in) it's replaced with concern that we can't help more!!! 🤦🏼‍♀️

PontiacBandit · 18/10/2020 19:09

We've been through the struggling financially situation, it's so hard to see anything other than joyless slog.

We're now in a good position but understand it could easily be temporary so have difficulty spending in favour of keeping funds available for shtf. So whilst the day to day concerns are not there we are too cautious to really enjoy it. We are prioritising paying off the mortgage at the moment.

Chewbecca · 18/10/2020 19:10

I think you shift your money worries. Will I be able to maintain my earning level? Do I have enough to retire? What if one of us loses our jobs (has happened due to Covid)
Obviously these are not massive, day to day worries but I am quite financially risk averse and have a bit of a fear of being skint (due to childhood) so I am not sure I will ever fully stop worrying.

cptartapp · 18/10/2020 19:15

Absolutely it takes away a lot of worries. We can book numerous holidays, online shop, send DC on trips without thinking about it. No mortgage, hefty savings (largely due to inheritance through sudden unexpected tragedy ironically).
Still have plenty of other worries though. Things that money can't help with.

funtimefrank · 18/10/2020 19:15

Day to day we are fine - good salary and no mortgage but only one of us works so redundancy is a concern. Pension too.

Paid mortgage off at the end of last year and so were meant to be loading up the pension but Covid/redundancy worries mean we've been getting a cash savings cushion.

So I still worry. I have 2 kids approaching secondary/teen years plus a house that needs a decent update so there is always something.

Eastie77 · 18/10/2020 19:18

As a household we have a disposable income of several thousands each month thanks to a combination of low mortgage costs, no longer requiring FT childcare for 2x DC and a new role (for me) which included a pay rise. This brings peace of mind in terms of day to day finances but doesn't remove other worries. I never believed it until recently but money truly cannot guarantee complete happiness. Also I am actually more frugal now than I was when I had a lower disposable income.

suggestionsplease1 · 18/10/2020 19:24

I presently have no money worries, and have been fortunate to be able to make some choices that might be able to insulate me from future money worries. It gives security and choices and independence I guess. I'm not materialistic and I also know I would manage on very little money. Plus I have no dependents to consider, which is a big thing; I probably could not be so relaxed if I had the well-being of dependents to think of. I sometimes mentally rehearse the loss of money and living standards so I feel better prepared should that ever happen, and so I do not become complacent as far as possible. It means I don't have anxiety (beyond a common sense) around trying to hold onto money or standard of living that I think can affect some people.

CamdenLurker · 18/10/2020 19:24

In my experience more you earn their more you spend, our income has doubled over the last two years, and our non essential spending has increased by quite a lot too, in the past I've lived on very little as a single parent so I can compare the two.

I agree with the op that said you worry more about redundancy etc, I also worry that we're not saving enough whilst making mortgage overpayments just in case.

Our income will most likely drop at some point in the not too distant future thanks to Covid.

NotJustACigar · 18/10/2020 19:29

We have a lot of disposable income and no money worries. However it's because I work a very full-on stressful job so my worry is more about whether I can keep it up for another ten years before I retire and whether in wasting my life doing something I don't enjoy.

onetwothreeadventure · 18/10/2020 19:29

My money worries/happiness have changed with age.

I had zero money worries when I was earning well in my late 20s. I saved a reasonable amount but I spent a hell of a lot having a good time - lived in a fab full service apartment building in prime location in big US city, ate out nearly every day, flew places on a whim at weekends, bought anything that crossed my mind, had extravagant gym memberships etc. Also have zero regrets!

Now I’m mid 30s I have kids, house, cars, job security and pension to think about. Health and family happiness bring me a lot more happiness than money. not having to worry about spending and bills is nice but it’s not my biggest driver of happiness/lack of stress like it was in my twenties.

OhTheRoses · 18/10/2020 19:30

Very comforting. My only worry is what to do with the money and how to mitigate tax bills.

LuvMyBoyz · 18/10/2020 19:31

I am grateful everyday that I can buy what I want when I want to. Not that I want much. I am in the same position as @weepingwillow22 with a severely disabled DS and not worrying about finances helps so much.

geniegenie · 18/10/2020 19:33

I don't really know any different to be honest...which is a blessing. We are very comfortable. I don't think about money at all. We're not loaded but everything is taken care of if you know what I mean.

Davespecifico · 18/10/2020 19:33

I don’t worry about money but I’m conscious that if I wanted to pay for large household jobs, nice clothes etc, that I’d see a difference in my savings.
I am permanently stressed because of my daughter’s mental health and appreciate that if I had severe money worries, I’d find it very difficult to cope all round.

nicky7654 · 18/10/2020 19:34

I was piss poor for years until I met my wonderful Husband but I was 38! Years of counting every penny is draining with no holidays to look forward to. Working all the hours God sends and still having to scrape is horrible. My husband has given me a wonderful and comfortable life now and I appreciate it all. Not fancy cars but enough to buy a few treats. But if your with the wrong man or woman money means nothing!

OhTheRoses · 18/10/2020 19:35

I shpuld add to that that we are 60, still working full on/full time. DH has wound down a bit; I have wound up as DC have grown up.

To keep going for 30 years we worked together as a team and never had outlandish tastes. Everything is paid for. However this year due to Covid our home in France has not washed it's face.

HermioneWeasley · 18/10/2020 19:37

It’s fantastic and not something I ever take for granted. Things I really appreciate are going round the supermarket without having to add it up in my head as I go round, ordered from a menu based on what I want, not the price, knowing we can cope with unexpected bills. It’s amazing

Kaiserin · 18/10/2020 19:39

Not having to go to bed with that burning pain in my stomach, wondering if we'll manage just one more month? Yeah, it's bliss.
There's still other worries, but everything is easier when you have money.

AnaViaSalamanca · 18/10/2020 19:39

I have been in this position through parents and a well paid job in banking, but I do watch where the money goes. I cook at home, fly economy, and compare prices at supermarket.

Maybe on a day to day you go for better quality stuff and things that save you time rather than money (e,g, taking cabs, private doctors etc), but in the grand scheme of things you need to watch what you spend as there are always more expensive and more flashy things, the next gadget, a better hotel, business class flights, dinners, designer bags, etc. It's very easy to overspend and it adds up quickly.

LiveFromHome · 18/10/2020 19:40

It's wonderful.

Our only money worry is where to move or invest our money to earn more interest.

Life in general is so much easier.

LadyCatStark · 18/10/2020 19:43

I’ve spent so long worrying about money that, even though we’re now reasonable comfortable, I can’t shake off the money worries! I freak out a little if we have a big spend and I still worry about how much we’re spending throughout the month. Hopefully one day I’ll be able to feel comfortable and chill out a bit.

zatarontoast · 18/10/2020 19:49

I wouldn't say I have a lot of disposable income, but I'm never worried about now having enough in my account if I need to buy something. We are quite frugal anyway but I do have quite bad anxiety about there being a day when I can't afford things i need. I have no pension so that is a worry. I have plenty of non money worries to keep me busy, but very grateful that I have enough money for now.

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