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VIPoo or Poo Pourri - which one do I go for to stop me almost fainting when dp has pooed

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HappyThursdays · 18/10/2020 05:15

Dp's poos are so disgusting they are stinking the entire house out. He had a bout of pancreatitis last year (he is overweight and in the process of changing his lifestyle) and this new drive to healthier eating appears to be having one consequence - his poos are now even more stinky than before.

To put it into context, we were out the other day and he pooed in a supermarket loo and the bloke who was waiting for the stall gagged and could not go in Hmm

Our house needs rescuing. I see both these sprays have good reviews - I am v smell sensitive so don't want something that's too sweet and sickly so just wondering if anyone had any personal experience of them. Thanks

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Hangingover · 18/10/2020 05:20

Christ you poor thing. No idea which is better but maybe another trip to the GP is long has it been so bad?

When I went fully plant-based I had a pretty gyppy tummy for about two weeks but after that totally fine...I think your body just needs time to get used to the new fiber in your diet.

Hangingover · 18/10/2020 05:22

Oh and btw after my Dad had his bowel cancer surgery he had the use the loo every half hour or so at first, we found the Oust and Fabrezz air fresheners good.

HappyThursdays · 18/10/2020 05:27

He's under consultant care so I'm pretty confident he's not in any danger (apart from being murdered by me). Btw I don't make any comments to him other than jokey ones together as I know it's a health issue (in case anyone thought I was being cruel!).

Thanks - I'll look up those brands too

OP posts:
HappyThursdays · 18/10/2020 05:28

And I hope your dad is feeling better now post his surgery!

OP posts:
YerawizardHarree · 18/10/2020 05:39

I have Crohns and use vipoo 😂

Bornlazy · 18/10/2020 05:52

They are both fine but I'd say Poo Pourri is a bit nicer. You can buy similar products in Home Bargains and other cheap shops that are just over a pound and also work well too. It might be worth trying one of them first to see if he actually uses it properly.

HappyThursdays · 18/10/2020 06:00

Thanks both - I have a home bargains near me so will go and seek out the stinky poo aisle!

OP posts:
FlippinNoah · 18/10/2020 06:02

We have Vipoo Cherry - my Dd9 said she'd "rather smell poo because that's (the Vipoo) gross!"

WhatILoved · 18/10/2020 06:07

Vipoo lavender is nicest. It does work, but I prefer an open window as it's a bit like an air freshener on steroids!

Does your DH take a protein supplement? I'd do get him to change brand/type as sometimes that can make a real difference!

Badabingbadabum · 18/10/2020 06:20

Op, could I ask how your dhs pancreatitis started? Was it linked to any particular food or gallstones? Dh has assumed he had gallstones before and it was confirmed with a gp over the phone when he needed painkillers for it. However a follow up scan showed his gallbladder looked fine, hee never got around to getting the blood tests Hmm. He also has times when his poos are horrific. I just looked up pancreatitis and the tenderness of his abdomen fits; it was actually inflamed.

Have a look at Aesop's Post Poo Drops. Maybe as a Christmas present Grin

ThisIsNotARealAvo · 18/10/2020 06:47

I've used VIPoo but your DH does need to use it before he goes, it doesn't work after. Candles are also good as they use up the stinky air. John Lewis one brand are fantastic.

HappyThursdays · 18/10/2020 07:15

Thanks all. Candles are a good idea, I hadn't thought of those.

@Badabingbadabum it started with stomach upsets accompanied by pain. The GP totally fobbed him off and said it was a bug. This went on and off for 6 months. Looking back on it now, I think it was linked to alcohol and fatty food (dp loves pork belly and he would often get one of these upsets after eating it!). He then got a nasty bout of vomiting and ended up in a shit hospital in London who again just said it was a bug but did an endoscopy (having kept him in overnight) and gave him medication for bad acid reflux Hmm.

About 3 months later, I was out running and luckily (and unusually) I had my phone with me and I got a call from A and E (a good one this time!) to say dp had collapsed in the street and was in resus :(. I rushed there and he was only given a 1 in 2 chance of surviving. They diagnosed him with severe pancreatitis (which they were sure all the stomach upsets were the start of) plus diverticulitis. He was in hospital for ages.

His poos at that time were horrific. Like really smelly. But it was the pain that was the defining factor. In your shoes I would push. The diagnosis is not easy and apparently sometimes it's missed in blood tests and by the time dp was diagnosed he was critical and we nearly lost him. There is so much you can do to prevent it if you catch it early (cutting out fatty foods/alcohol/losing weight/healthier lifestyle) but once it's inflamed, it needs treatment and monitoring. Btw there is no cure for pancreatitis - you either die or get better and all they can do is put you on a drip so it's definitely worth pushing for a diagnosis x

OP posts:
TheAugury · 18/10/2020 07:17

ViPoo smells awful.

Ginfordinner · 18/10/2020 07:19

Why do they stink the whole house out? Surely, you open the loo window, stick some bleach down the loo, and shut the loo door behind you when you have finished?

EerilyDeleted · 18/10/2020 07:21

Lighting a match and letting it burn for a moment post-poo works too.

MenaiMna · 18/10/2020 07:48

Poopourri's smell is less acrid/ chemical and there is a choice of "bouquet" but in the end I starting making my own. (lots of blogs and YouTube to help you) I bought three different essential oils (lavender, bergamot and vetiver), glycerine & alcohol in about 10ml quantities three years ago for an outlay of approx £10 and haven't run out yet! Sorry your DH is ill.

TheAugury · 18/10/2020 07:48

Turning the fan on as soon as he goes into the bathroom will help my dh has a very smally reaction to cheese. We've had words about how being tight fisted about turning the light/fan on will cost him far more in the long run if it results in divorce. He also has to give warning of his bathroom use so anyone else can get in first.

Badabingbadabum · 18/10/2020 07:56

Thank you, OP! It has been after really fatty things that it has happened, the last time was pretty much a year ago actually. He is actively cutting down on fatty things anyway in an effort to get back to being fit.

That must have been frightening for you all. Glad to hear that diet can help.

Coldhandscoldheart · 18/10/2020 07:58

I see someone has beaten me to it, but lighting a match does work.

Rainallnight · 18/10/2020 08:04

OP, you must get Aesop’s post-poo drops. They are the only thing. Not cheap, but really great.

HappyThursdays · 18/10/2020 09:20

I didn't even know there was a difference between post poo and pre poo! But post poo drops sound more likely with dp!

@Ginfordinner I have no idea. Doesn't seem to matter if the door is closed or not. It's like the smell just infiltrates into the adjoining rooms/hall

OP posts:
EmbarrassedUser · 18/10/2020 11:21

We have ViPoo for DH’s shits. What I found helped the best was having a downstairs toilet installed for number 2s 😂

HappyThursdays · 18/10/2020 11:27

His own dedicated shitter is v tempting! @EmbarrassedUser

OP posts:
DinosApple · 18/10/2020 11:29

Get him to strike a match, leave it for a few seconds, then blow it out. It really works, and you don't have to put up with a synthetic sickly sweet smell trying to mask another - especially helpful if you are smell sensitive.

ballsdeep · 18/10/2020 11:29

**To put it into context, we were out the other day and he pooed in a supermarket loo and the bloke who was waiting for the stall gagged and could not go in hmm

For the life of me I don't understand why people have a poo in a public toilet. 🤢🤢🤢

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